Lightwave Phantom

Valorant Lightwave phantom skin

Skin Variants

Lightwave Phantom

Level 2 (Variant 1 Blue)

light wave phantom

Level 3 (Variant 2 Red)

Lightwave Phantom

Level 4 (Variant 3 Gray)

Skin Description

This skin is a part of the battle pass  Formaction: Act 3  that costs 1000 valorant points. The Lightwave Phantom is unlocked at level 25 of the battle pass.

This skin is upgradable. There are different levels that changes the look of the skin, it costs 15 radianite points to unlock each level. The different variations can be seen below.

Find all the insight and weapon stats you need to know about  Phantom  as a gun in our weapon page.

Part of the Lightwave Bundle

Lightwave Bucky

Lightwave Bucky

Lightwave Frenzy

Lightwave Frenzy

Lightwave Odin

Lightwave Odin

Lightwave Phantom

Lightwave Sheriff

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Lightwave Collection

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The Lightwave Collection is a collection of cosmetics in VALORANT . Its contents were available to be obtained using the FORMATION: Act 3 Battle Pass .

Cosmetics [ ]

  • 2 VALORANT Points
  • 3 Weapon Skins


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Valorant Lightwave Phantom

valorant lightwave phantom

Lightwave Collection

Battepass: Act 2, Episode 3

Release: April 27th 2021

lightwave phantom blue variant

The Lightwave Phantom is part of the new Act 3 episode 2 battlepass featuring three new sets, including the Lightwave collection. These skin sets are unlockable through gaining xp after purchasing the battlepass. This collection features three variants for each skin in green, blue and red. 

lightwave frenzy skin

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