Best Luxury Yacht Brands: 25 Shipyards Which Build The Best Superyachts

By Brody Patterson

Updated on January 14, 2023

Heesen Yachts Project Altea

The superyacht industry is a world that offers you luxurious adventures around the globe, from the United States, all the way to the UK, Netherlands, Germany, or the beautiful Italian coast. From the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the Mediterranean, these stunning yachts are built by highly skilled professionals, who provide you with nothing but the best craftsmanship.

As a potential yacht owner, you can get inspiration from any of these companies and choose what is best suited to your needs. There is so much to take into consideration, hence we compiled a detailed list of the 25 best yacht building companies in the world to help you out.

For example, you need to figure out first what size yacht you want, as they range from 30-50 feet vessels, all the way to the larger than 260 feet superyachts, and everything in between. Are Eco-friendly details important to you, or is cutting-edge technology and speed an absolute must to you?

We will do our best to cover all these points and more, so let’s start looking at the best yacht brands in the world right now. 

Wally 118 WALLYPOWER Yacht

One of the best yacht brands in the 30-50’ range, Wally is an Italian company that specializes in fast motor yachts, but they’re also buiding gorgeous sailing vessels. For those of you who enjoy speed, you will be happy to hear that most of their yachts are made out of angular carbon composite and fiberglass, which enables you to blast through the waves.


Not so much for leisurely cruising, their 36-meter superyacht has luxurious accommodations for up to six guests and six crew members. Its prowess is due to the three Vericor TF50 gas turbines, which have a total power output of 16,800 hp. With its 60 knots top speed, it is one of the fastest yachts in the world.

Riva Dolceriva yacht

Founded in 1842 on Lake Iseo of Italy, Riva quickly became a racing yacht legend, and it has upheld its reputation since. One of the best cruising yachts in the world in the 30-50 feet category, Riva offers sleek looks and impressive performance.

Riva Aquariva Super

Solid stainless steel bow rails, an 800 hp engine, a 13-foot beam, and a 3-foot draft along a non-skid deck make this a very desirable vessel. Customizable to your tastes, you can cruise the waters in style.

Azimut Grande Trideck yacht

Aesthetic appeal along with classic Italian design makes this company one of the most sought after. The Italian shipyard develops innovative solutions like crafting hybrid engines and using nanotechnologies, which make the long-lasting coatings on their vessels have a lower impact on marine life.

Azimut Grande 35 Metri yacht

Equipped with options such as Twin Gens, Twin Watermakers, Stabilizers, Bow Thrusters and powered by DDEC 12V92’s with Ulstein forward-facing drives, the Grande 35 Metri reaches 25.5-knot max speeds. A stylish, yet competitive yacht.

  • 22. Dynamiq

Dynamiq-GTT135-CARAT yacht

An Italian superyacht brand located on the Tuscan coast, with yachts engineered to the highest standards set by naval architects in the Netherlands. Designed in Monaco, Dynamiq’s vessels will surely meet the needs of the forward thinkers in the yacht building industry. Some of the options available are hybrid technology, with chic and efficient features that are easy to customize.

Dynamiq GTT 160 yacht

Ranging from 90 to 165 feet, you can build your own vessel according to your needs. Not only do they look impressive with their cool design, but they also offer you great performance. Impressive specs such as the aluminum hull, with a range that varies from 900nm at 15 knots all the way up to 5000nm at 10 knots and two engines Man at 882 kW.

  • 21. Sunreef

Sunreef 49m Power yacht

Leading the world of catamaran yacht brands, the company produces its signature models, 60 to 100 feet vessels, along with the supreme models and the 150-210 feet power trimarans superyachts. Their shipyard is located in Gdansk, Poland, a seafaring city rich in naval building traditions.

Sunreef 40m Explorer Catamaran yacht

They are also known for building eco-friendly electric engines that are great for the environment with their innovative propulsion solutions. Their sustainable materials feature basalt and linen-based structures in the production of their hulls, superstructures, and yacht manufacturing.

  • 20. Ferretti

Ferretti Yachts 500 Yacht

Another famed Italian shipyard is innovative with its human interface, which makes their vessels super easy to use. Ferretti’s fleet varies from the 500 to the 1000 projects, but they are all designed with your wellbeing and comfort in mind. You can choose from different mood palettes for your interiors, such as classic or contemporary.

Ferretti Yachts 1000 Yacht

Their MTU engine, with a cruising speed of 20 knots and a max speed of 24 knots, along with many other impressive specs, makes this brand an experience that embodies luxurious style and performance in one.

  • 19. Fincantieri

Fincantieri Concept Blanche Yacht

Fincantieri has a network of 18 shipyards across four continents, two design centers, and a research center, and throughout their 230-year history they have built more than 7,000 vessels. If that is not impressive enough, they will surely convince you with their luxury yachts, designed to your pleasure.

Fincantieri 113m Ganimede Yacht

High-tech, high quality, and high performance – these would be the features they stand for, and their unique designs are complemented by state-of-the-art technology. Aesthetic perfection along with the best technological expertise in the industry will deliver the luxury you crave.

  • 18. Nautor’s Swan

Nautor’s Swan ClubSwan 125 Sailing Yacht

A Finnish yacht brand founded by Pekka Koskenkyla back in 1966, they specialize in high-performance sailing yachts . Beautiful wood interiors are their signature touch, and their high-tech amenities are up-to-date in order to keep up with a very competitive industry.

Nautor’s Swan Solleone Yacht

Their fiberglass material has brought them to the top in the racing sailboats category, along with the ingenuity of Sparkman & Stephens. They eventually partnered with German Frers Design, who is responsible for many of their Swan designs.

  • 17. Sanlorenzo

Sanlorenzo SX112 Yacht

Ranked in the top three over 80-feet yachts builders in their category, Sanlorenzo has introduced a variety of new yachts in the last couple of years. Their signature light-blue steel hull is predominant in all their models, such as the SL102 Asymmetric yacht, or their 171-foot custom Seven Sins.

Sanlorenzo 44 Alloy Yacht

Among other designs worth mentioning are their new additions SX112, 164-foot 500EXP Ocean Dreamwalker lll, or the 210-foot 64Steel. One thing they all have in common is that they cater to the American lifestyle.

  • 16. Rossinavi

Rossinavi Enrico Gobbi Alfa 50 Yacht Concept

Rossinavi has worked with some of the world’s best designers available to come up with unique and futuristic designs. Some of their most popular superyachts in the last few years have got to be 160-foot Endeavour ll and the 161-foot Aurora. Achille Salvagni is responsible for both designs, but they are quite different from one another.

Rossinavi Pininfarina Aurea Concept

The Alfa 50, with its sleek modern look, was designed by Enrico Gobbi. Pininfarina, who has put their signature touch on Ferrari, has unveiled some of Rossinavi’s new concepts, which make them stand out from other brands.

  • 15. Baglietto

Baglietto 38M

Another Italian company, they have been around since 1840, when Pietro Baglietto started building wooden fishing ships in his backyard. He expanded his company by manufacturing boats for kings and popes, and in 1906 built his first combustion engine.


Eventually, the company was saved from bankruptcy by the Gavio Group and they got a facelift with the introduction of their new model line, which ranges from 43 to 230 feet yachts. Their Silver Fox, which was launched in 2018, is designed by Francesco Paszkowski and it could easily be considered a true work of art.

  • 14. Mangusta

Mangusta Sport 104

The company is owned by the Balducci family and it was started in 1985. They specialize in luxury sports yachts and voyage superyachts, all of which you can customize to your personal tastes. They have built more than 300 yachts in their 34 year career, and they are still going strong.

Mangusta Oceano 50m

The Mangusta Oceano, for example, is one of their long-range yachts with ranges up to 5,000 miles. The Mangusta Maxi Open series offers speed, stability and quietness. And their GranSports is a fast-displacement series that covers long distances.

  • 13. Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts 25m X80

Established in 1965, this British company has grown into a conglomerate with multiple production sites over the years. They build contemporary yachts in seven classes, ranging from open boats to megayachts. Their flagship Imperial Princess, a 131-foot 40M superyacht, has a large interior and lots of natural light.

Princess Yachts Y95

It is built on the South Yard, which was formerly a 17th century naval yard. Their R35, one of their most innovative models, is built with a foil system which reduces drag and can revolutionize yachting, and was designed by Pininfarina, the same acclaimed design studio that works with Rossinavi as well.

CRN 142 Superyacht

The crown jewel of the Ferretti group, CRN is famous for their landmark Chopi Chopi, a 262-foot megayacht. The different ranges of the military style 180-foot Atlante, the sleek hull of the 239-foot Yalla, or even the high-tech Cloud 9 yacht show the different customizable possibilities from CRN Yachts.

CRN Atlante Yacht

Ferretti invested lots of money into their Ancona Yard, and their tri-deck motor yacht, as well as the Superconero are just some of the upgraded versions of the staples that brought them on the map in the first place.

  • 11. Sunseeker

Sunseeker 161 Yacht

One of the UK’s most important shipyards, Sunseeker manufactures most of its vessels in Poole, Dorset. Their place in the yachting world is secured with four superyacht models ranging from 116 to 161-foot, and their 76 to 100-foot motor yachts. They also manufacture high performance boats, alongside sports and 52 to 744-foot cruise yachts.

Sunseeker Ocean Club 42 Yacht

It used to only build out of composite, but has since expanded to aluminum with its 161 Yachts. Their ICON expertise, design and market savvy is keeping them competitive in the yachting world.

  • 10. Royal Huisman

Royal Huisman Sea Eagle II

One of the oldest shipyards from Holland, they have been around since 1884. They have three large facilities, one in Vollenhove, one in Amsterdam, and a third in Emden, where they can build large yachts up to 266 feet. Their fleet is well known for their sailing superyachts Gliss, Antares and Sea Eagle among many others.

Royal Huisman Apex 850

The Ngoni, a 190-foot is built with an eclectic interior, and the 184-foot classic Aquarius are some of their popular models. Project Phi is their newest addition to an already solid fleet and the Apex 850 concept will be probably turned into reality too. 

  • 9. Perini Navi

Perini Navi Maltese Falcon

Two yards in Italy and a third in Turkey are the places where the newest additions to their line up are being built right now. Restructuring of the company’s management in 2017 resulted in a major refresh of their fleet too. New lines such as the E-volution Yacht series, the Argonaut, Heritage and Voyager are going to be the new focus for Perini Navi.

Perini Navi 47m E-volution Yacht

Sometimes a change is needed, and their new innovations have proven successful. Their hybrid-powered models such as the Eco-tender are built to keep up with the changes necessary for the environment.

  • 8. Nobiskrug

Nobiskrug Sailing Yacht A

Located in Northern Germany, Nobiskrug operates from two facilities which build vessels ranging from 197 to 1,398 feet. The 115 year old company is a pioneer in the superyacht division with their 2000 Tatoosh model. They employ more than 1,000 professionals who excel in the business.

Nobiskrug 56m Yacht by Vripack

The 262 foot Artefact was launched only last year, and at 2999 GT it is the largest superyacht by volume in the world. It is also the first in the world to meet IMO Tier lll emissions regulations. In-house production of everything from hull construction to mechanical work makes them one of the most diverse and eco-friendly companies in their category.

  • 7. Feadship

Feadship 58m Larisa Yacht

The famous Dutch company comprises De Vooght Naval Architects, De Vries and Van Lent family yards, with locations in Amsterdam, Aalsmeer, Kaag, and Makkum. Responsible for dozens of custom launches over the last seven decades, they are considered Holland’s powerhouse.

Feadship Eco Explorer Yacht Concept

Symphony, a 333-foot pioneer to cross the 100-meter mark, and the 312-foot Faith has its own helicopter pad with hangar on the foredeck, and on the aft deck a glass floor swimming pool. They are just some of their more famous models, they have many others you can research if interested.

Amels 206 Yacht

One of the best superyacht builders in the world, this Dutch company is based in Vlissingen. Operating for more than 100 years, they offer the Full Custom and Limited Editions, ranging from 108 to 272 foot LOA. The facilities are used for both military and commercial vessels, and they employ the most skilled workers in the industry.

Amels 60 Yacht

Their most noteworthy launches in the last couple of years are the 243-foot Universe, the 205-foot Sea & US, along the 189-foot Volpini 2. The potential owners are able to customize both interiors and exteriors according to their taste.

Benetti Oasis 40M

One of the oldest and largest superyacht builders in the world, Benetti has been making custom and semi custom builds since 1875. They currently have 97 yachts under build larger than 78 feet. The Ironman, Metis and Spectre are some of their newest additions. The FB277 351-foot gigayacht is currently being under construction at the Livorno yard.

Benetti Oasis 135

Their Luminosity is believed to be valued at more than 200 million EUR and became one of the top 10 largest Superyachts delivered in 2019. Pretty amazing!

Heesen Yachts Project Maximus

Founded in 1978, this Dutch superyacht brand specializes in custom-made builds. Therefore, their fleet is limited, so there are three different ways to own a Heesen boat. Through the Pure Custom program the buyer can order a unique individual design and engineering.

Heesen Yachts Maia

The Platform Concept program offers custom exterior design but standard engineering, and the third option is to buy a brand new custom superyacht as soon as it is made available for purchase. The Galactica Super Nova is their largest built at 230 feet, and their Maximus, with an open cockpit and a swimming pool with a waterfall is a special yacht someone will surely enjoy.

Oceanco Project-Bravo

A fairly young company, this Dutch company based in Alblasserdam has been around since 1987. They specialize in custom expedition yachts ranging from 262 to 459 feet. The builder launched Project Bravo in 2018, which is a fuel efficient and eco-friendly innovative design. Their green technologies are predominant in their newest addition to their fleet.

Oceanco Esquel Yacht Concept

Their most famous superyachts are the 311-foot Indian Empress and the 300-foot Equanimity. Their Black Pearl, a 350-foot technically advanced designed sailing superyacht stands on its own.

  • 2. Abeking & Rasmussen

Abeking & Rasmussen Soaring

Successful in setting new technological standards, this family business is located across the river from Lurssen in Germany. They have been the best in the making of naval vessels since 1917, and they also specialize in coast guard and patrol vessels, as well as custom yachts. German engineering at its best, A & R has been an innovative company who is not scared of change.

Abeking & Rasmussen Excellence

They are developing a hybrid fuel cell powered by methanol that emits only clean steam, the first hydrocarbon emission free in the world. The Aviva, a 321-foot flagship has its own paddle-tennis court on the premises.

Lurssen ELYSIAN yacht

Lürssen is a family business who believes in producing the best quality yachts in the world. Focused on excellence, this German company is another leader in the luxury yachting world. Their eight shipyards located in the northern part of the country have been responsible for building more than 13.000 vessels since 1875.

Lurssen Azzam Superyacht

They do everything from building new yachts, as well as refitting, repairing and providing maintenance services on the premises. The iconic Azzam, the largest superyacht in the world is 590 feet long , is designed with the best quality woodwork and custom furniture inside a high-tech hull.

One thing is certain if you’re in the market for a luxury yacht, you have so many options available right now. The biggest problem will be choosing only one brand to work with when designing your dream yacht.

We hope you got all the inspiration you needed from our list, so happy sailing.

Abeking & Rasmussen Excellence

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As Royal Huisman proudly state, “If you can dream it, we can build it!”

Those buying a new superyacht will therefore have many questions to ask themselves before settling on a suitable yacht builder and shipyard facility to carry out the project. Thankfully for these prospective owners, there are a number of luxury superyacht brands that have the ability to turn the biggest mega yacht dreams into reality.

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Best luxury superyacht builders

1.  amels, netherlands.

Located in Vlissingen, Amels operates the largest superyacht boatyard in the Netherlands, and is known to be one of the best superyacht builders in the world.

Amels has been operating for over 100 years and offers both Full Custom and Limited Editions, ranging from 55 to 83 metres (180 to 272 feet) LOA. Built on a proven platform and delivered in half the time expected of standard construction superyachts, all 20+ Limited Editions projects have so far been delivered on or ahead of contract, with 55-metre (180-foot) Galene among the most recent to emerge from the yard. With several new projects currently under construction, Amels is likely to be among the top superyacht shipyards for many years to come.

Amels shipyard

2. Benetti, Italy

Founded in 1873 and headquartered in Viareggio, Benetti is the world’s largest builder of superyachts by number built, with a production capacity of 100 units per year.

Most famous for building Sir Philip Green’s 90-metre (295-foot) Lionheart in 2016, 2019 was its breakthrough year with its first 100-metre+ (328-foot+) deliveries of Lana, Luminosity and IJE. This gave Benetti 2 nd , 3 rd and 4 th spots on the Top 10 Largest Superyachts Delivered in 2019 . Luminosity is widely believed to be valued in excess of €200,000,000 and is listed with Fraser and Burgess (as of November 2020).

3. Feadship, Netherlands

The home of full-custom superyachts, Feadship is one of the few shipyards worldwide that works to create completely custom yachts. It has worked with superyacht owners since the 19 th century to create one-off luxury motor yachts that are truly unique.

Feadship currently has four shipyard facilities in the Netherlands, with expansion underway at its Amsterdam facility in Western Harbour to offer the ability to build motor yachts as long as 160 metres (525 feet). To date, there are over 250 Feadship yachts in navigation, including 99-metre (324-foot) Madame Gu, 99.95 (327-foot) Moonrise, 101-metre (333-foot) Symphony and 110-metre (361-foot) Anna.

Feadship yard

4. Fincantieri Yachts, Italy

Fincantieri Yachts specialises in full-custom luxury pleasure yachts over 70 metres (230 feet) with no upper limit to the size or volume that it can produce. The builder currently has a range of concepts and projects, including 70-metre (230-foot) superyacht Blanche.

Having manufactured in excess of 7,000 vessels in its 230-year history, Fincantieri has a network of 18 shipyards across four continents, two design centres and a research centre, making it one of the largest Western shipyards in the world.

Fincantieri shipyard

5. Heesen Yachts, Netherlands

Heesen Yachts is known as one of the world’s luxury yacht builders, specialising in custom superyachts in the 30- to 65-metre (98- to 213-foot) range, but with the additional capability of building vessels of 80 metres (262 feet) and above.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Heesen has created many custom yachts with no two yachts the same. Founded in 1978, it was the first Dutch shipyard to employ aluminium for yacht hulls. In its 42 years, it has delivered more than 170 yachts, with aluminium, steel, displacement, semi-displacement and revolutionary fast displacement yachts making up its fleet. Its most famous vessels include the 65-metre (213-foot) Galatica Star, 70-metre (230-foot) Galatica Super Nova and 55-metre (180-foot) Serenity.

6. Lürssen, Germany

Based in Germany, Lürssen is one of the world's leading shipyards for large luxury yacht building, with a focus on excellence in custom-built superyachts. A family-owned shipyard for four generations, it can claim the accolade of building the world’s first motor yacht back in 1886.

Responsible for building more than 13,000 vessels since 1875, Lürssen currently has eight shipyard facilities in Northern Germany, each specialising in a specific size of yacht ranging from 60 to 220 metres (197 to 722 feet) in length. Together these facilities offer 1,125,000 metres squared of space for new builds, as well as refit, repair and maintenance services.

Lürssen builds some of the largest luxury yachts in the world, including the iconic Azzam, the world’s current largest superyacht at 180 metres (590 feet) LOA.

Lurssen's superyacht Azzam

7. Nobiskrug, Germany

Having just celebrated its 115 th anniversary, Nobiskrug began shipbuilding long before the term ‘superyacht’ was even coined. Drawing on its extensive experience in seagoing vessels, the shipyard turned to yacht building in 2000 with the completion of its inaugural superyacht project, the 92-metre (302-foot) Tatoosh. It has since delivered an impressive portfolio of innovative custom-built superyachts, pledging to work on a single project for a single client to build superyachts ready for the 22 nd century. A big statement of intent.

With two facilities in Northern Germany, the boatyard can currently build vessels ranging from 60 to 426 metres (197 to 1398 feet) in length. Over 1000 in-house employees work across the two sites, where they have developed and built numerous award-winning superyachts, including one of the industry’s most talked about vessels, 142-metre (466-foot) Sailing Yacht A.

2020 saw the launch of 80-metre (262-foot) Artefact. At 2,999 GT, Artefact is now the largest 80-metre superyacht by volume in the world and is one of the world’s first superyachts to meet IMO Tier III emissions regulations.

8. Oceanco, Netherlands

Oceanco specialises in building sophisticated custom yachts ranging from 80 to 140 metres (262 to 459 feet) in length. Offering a highly personal service to clients, Oceanco is positioned with state-of-the-art yacht building facilities in the Netherlands, and a design, sales and marketing office in Monaco.

The builder celebrated its first launch in 1992, and almost 30 years later its portfolio now includes well-known superyachts such as the 95-metre (311-foot) Indian Empress, 82-metre (269-foot) Alfa Nero, 88.5-metre (290-foot) Nirvana and 91.5-metre (300-foot) Equanimity.

9. Perini Navi, Italy

The Perini Navi Group is made up of four independent companies that operate in five specific markets: sailing yachts up to 60 metres (197 feet), large sailing yachts more than 60 metres, racing sailing yachts, fast cruising sailing yachts and Picchiotti motor yachts.

To date, the group has launched 58 sailing yachts and four motor yachts. Its track record for innovative sailing yachts has seen it set the standard for excellence in the sector, launching more yachts over 50 metres (164 feet) than any other builder. It's responsible for the iconic 88-metre (288-foot) three-masted schooner Maltese Falcon, which currently holds the title of the sixth largest sailing yacht in the world, and other award-winning sailing yachts, such as the 73-metre (239-foot) Nautilus, 70-metre (229-foot) Badis I and 64-metre (210-foot) Spirit Of The C’s.

Perini Navini's superyacht Maltese Falcon

10. Royal Huisman, Netherlands

Established in 1884, Royal Huisman is the only shipyard with two entries in the top 10 largest sailing yachts ever built. The 2020 launch of 81-metre (266-foot) Sea Eagle II was its tenth sailing yacht over 50 metres (164 feet) and its biggest yacht since 90-metre (295-foot) Athena in 2004, which was then the largest sailing yacht in the world. Despite being renowned for its luxury performance sailing yachts, Royal Huisman’s largest delivery in 2021 is expected to be “Project 403 PHI”, a featherweight 55-metre (180-foot)+ aluminium motor yacht under 500GT.

Royal Huisman shipyard

Discover how to choose your luxury yacht builder or alternatively  search for superyacht shipyards .

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  • February 11, 2024

Anchor in Luxury: Reviewing the Top Yacht Brands of the Year

Fly Yachts - Fly Yachts Yachts For Sale - Fly Yachts Yachts For Charter - Fly Yachts Aircraft For Sale - Fly Yachts Yacht Brokerage -

When it comes to choosing a yacht, it’s not just about picking a boat; it’s about finding a match that fits your lifestyle and taste. Some yachts are like sports cars on the water—fast and flashy. Others are more like luxury hotels, with every comfort you can imagine. In this article, we’re taking a look at the top yacht brands this year, what makes them special, and how to pick the right one for you.

What’s the Big Deal with Luxury Yacht Brands?

The best yacht brands out there are known for their quality, design, and the total experience they offer. It’s not just about looking good at the dock. These yachts deliver on performance, comfort, and tech to make your time at sea as enjoyable as possible.

Key Things That Make a Yacht Brand Stand Out

  • Quality and Craftsmanship: Top-notch materials and expert construction mean these boats are built to last.
  • Cool Tech: The latest in navigation, entertainment, and comfort tech make these yachts a joy to spend time on.
  • Design: Whether it’s sleek and modern or classic and timeless, great design is a hallmark of the best yacht brands.
  • Customer Service: Buying a yacht should feel special from start to finish. The best brands make sure you’re taken care of, even after you sail away.

Leading the Pack: This Year’s Top Yacht Brands

Now, let’s dive into a few brands that have really made waves this year.

Brand A: High-End All the Way

This brand is all about luxury. Think high-quality materials, custom finishes, and attention to detail. If you want a yacht that feels like a floating five-star hotel, this might be the brand for you.

Fly Yachts - Fly Yachts Yachts For Sale - Fly Yachts Yachts For Charter - Fly Yachts Aircraft For Sale - Fly Yachts Yacht Brokerage -

Brand B: Custom Creations

If having a yacht that’s one-of-a-kind is your thing, look no further. Brand B specializes in making your dream boat a reality, with bespoke designs that reflect your personal style.

Brand C: Eco Warriors

More and more, yacht owners care about protecting the ocean they love to explore. Brand C leads the charge with eco-friendly designs that don’t compromise on luxury or performance.

How to Choose the Right Yacht Brand

Choosing a yacht comes down to what matters most to you. Is it speed, comfort, design, or maybe the environment? Think about how you want to spend your time on the water and let that guide your decision.

Remember, a yacht is a big investment, not just in money, but in your quality of life. Take your time, do your research, and pick a brand that aligns with your values and lifestyle.

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best yacht brands in the world

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The Top 10 Best Yacht Builders In The World

Best yacht builders list

Here is our list of the best yacht builders on earth. Deciding which shipyard will build your luxury yacht is a complex and deeply personal choice, depending on many factors including the level of customization you want, your budget, the location of the shipyard, and the ‘feel’ you get for the yard’s vision and people.

Our list of the best yacht builders is naturally subjective and will not feature every well-known brand. Our short selection includes a range of shipyards, from manufacturers of the some of the most iconic custom-built superyachts to hugely popular production yacht builders.

Here are the best yacht builders on earth, sorted by region.

Usa – best yacht builders.

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Westport

Westport is one of the dominant players in the American yacht-building market, with a hugely popular range of tri-deck and raised pilothouse motoryachts built from composite materials. Their models range from from the 112′ to 164′ (34m to 50m) series, allowing the yacht owner to customize the interior layout without the high cost and long timescale of fully-custom construction. As the largest American yacht building company in operation, Westport has a proud history of high quality yacht manufacturing dating back to 1964, with over 100 superyachts and over 170 fishing vessels launched from their Pacific Northwest Shipyard. Westport yachts are extremely popular in the US brokerage and charter market and have a reputation for holding their value well. View current Westport yachts for sale .

Christensen Yachts prides itself on the construction of American-built custom and semi-custom superyachts from fiberglass, including well known yachts M/Y CASINO ROYALE, M/Y SILVER LINING and award-winning M/Y ODESSA. Founded by superyacht owners, Christensen has a loyal following of yacht owners, many of whom are repeat customers. Currently producing yachts at its Vancouver, WA yard between 100’ to 165’ (35m to 50m) in length, Christensen was bought out in 2015 and is in the process of building America’s largest superyacht facility in Tennessee, which will construct vessels up to 70m. View current Christensen yachts for sale .

Northern Europe – Best Yacht Builders

German superyacht builder Lurssen is the builder of the largest superyacht in existence, the 590’ (180m) M/Y AZZAM, which was completed in an astonishingly quick three years. Known for superb build quality and large projects across its superyacht, naval vessel, as well as its’ yacht refit and management divisions, Lurssen is a family-run shipyard with a prestigious yacht building heritage spanning back to 1875, when it constructed the first ever motoryacht. Lurssen is the builder of 5 of the top 10 largest yachts in the world. View current Lurssen yachts for sale.

Feadship, Netherlands: For some yacht owners, the only name worth knowing is Feadship. This prestigious brand is synonymous with Dutch superyacht quality, and has a legion of steadfast and loyal fans. Dating back to 1849, Feadship creates fully custom yachts from a ‘blank slate’ beginning, priding themselves on creating supremely unique, innovative yachts that stand the test of time. There are 450 bespoke yachts currently afloat in the Feadship fleet, including M/Y HASNA, a 239’ (73m) with a revolutionary layout. Read more on Dutch yacht builders . View current Feadship yachts for sale .

Amels’ vast and high-tech superyacht facility is the largest in the Netherlands, producing iconic, high-value yachts up to 330’ (100m), including their 2017 flagship yacht, 272’ (83m) M/Y HERE COMES THE SUN. Amels offer a fully custom yacht building service, as well as their exceedingly popular Limited Edition Series, whereby the yacht owner retains control over interior and exterior design but the yacht is built on a proven platform, thereby slashing the build time. Amels also builds support yachts through their parent company, DAMEN, a heavyweight in global shipbuilding. View current Amels yachts for sale .

Dutch yacht builder Heesen is known for its aluminum and steel superyachts and innovative use of technology, as seen in the revolutionary fast displacement hull form first seen in the multi-award winning M/Y GALACTICA STAR, and the hybrid propulsion utilized in the 2017 launch of M/Y HOME. With a fleet of over 170 yachts launched since inception in 1978, Heesen is known for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in superyacht design and engineering. Heesen builds motoryachts between 100’ to 265’ (30m to 80m) in length at its Oss shipyard. View current Heesen yachts for sale .

Now owned by Lurssen, Blohm + Voss is a yachting powerhouse in its own right, constructing magnificent large superyachts including the iconic MOTOR YACHT A and 531’ (162m) M/Y ECLIPSE, currently the third-largest yacht in the world. The vast Blohm +Voss facility in Hamburg, Germany creates striking custom motoryachts and sailing yachts. View current Blohm +Voss yachts for sale.

Mediterranean – Best Yacht Builders

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Benetti

Benetti is a powerhouse of luxury yacht building, with a very healthy order list and a boat- building pedigree stretching back to 1873. Since 1960, Benetti has been constructing superyachts in Italy, including iconic yachts MY KINGDOM in 1980, then the largest yacht in the world at 280’ (85m), right through to recent launches such as the award-winning M/Y 11.11. Benetti is part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, the largest producer of luxury yachts in the world, building semi-custom and fully custom yachts between 100′ and 330′ (30m and 100m) long. Known for their Italian style and long history of yacht construction, Benetti has a loyal following of yacht owners who return to the yard each time they upgrade. View current Benetti yachts for sale .

Best yacht builders worldwide list: Perini Navi

The creators of one of the most well-known yachts on the planet, S/Y MALTESE FALCON, Perini Navi enjoys a superb reputation as a sailing superyacht builder, and also entered the large motoryacht market in 2007 under its Pichiotti brand. Perini Navi yachts are known for their superyacht luxuries and interior volume, as well as the technically brilliant sailing systems that allow these large yachts to be operated by a small crew. Perini Navi dominates the sailing superyacht market with its range from 130’ to 200’(40m to 60m), constructed at their three shipyards in Viareggio, La Spezia in Italy and also in Istanbul. View current Perini Navi yachts for sale .

UK – Best Yacht Builders

Sunseeker is one of the most instantly recognizable names in the yachting world, building performance luxury yachts known for their speed and sleek looks. Once better known for their smaller sport yachts, Sunseeker is now a major player in the superyacht market, with customizable yacht models from 75′ to 155′, as well as constructing the Predator range with a top speed of 45 knots. Built and engineered in Dorset, UK, Sunseeker is Britain’s most famous luxury yacht builder, creating the hand-finished yachts regularly featured on James Bond films. View current Sunseeker yachts for sale .

Worth Avenue Yachts has extensive experience with each of these yacht brands. To find out more about the relative advantages of these shipyards or the other high-quality shipyards that we recommend, please contact us for an expert discussion.

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The Best Luxury Yacht Builders in the World

With prices heading into the billions, it pays to know who's who in the world of luxury yachting.

By Kim Ayling

best yacht brands in the world

With each builder claiming to be the best, the world of luxury yachting can be tricky to navigate, even for those who already have a considerable level of expertise. And as the industry continues to rapidly expand , there’s never been a better time to know who’s who within the boat world. From the small-scale boutique builders to the pioneering companies striving for innovation, we’ve narrows down eight of the most renowned luxury yacht builders in the world.

In line with Elite Traveler’s ongoing commitment to responsible luxury, we celebrate the stellar efforts that each of these featured yacht builders have made to reducing the impact of its builds and operations.

From lighter materials and onboard energy solutions, to hybrid motors and marine conservation funding, these luxury yacht builders are not only leading the future of luxury yachting, they’re protecting the oceans too.

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feadship project 817 superyacht

Recognized as a world leader in building pure custom yachts, Feadship has been in pursuit of building the perfect ship since its inception in 1949 – although the brand can trace its roots back another 100 years. With each new ship that Feadship builds, its team employs the most cutting-edge methods and materials available, which when paired with its unpromising attitude toward fulfilling its clients’ desires, promises to deliver some of the most technically advanced yachts in the world – including the recently revealed Project 817 , which has now been delivered as Viva.

Viva remains a groundbreaking yacht build, with Feadship revealing ambitious aims to keep her environmental impact as low as possible. The 308-ft eco-friendly yacht features an advanced hybrid propulsions system that allows the yacht to travel at 12 knots on diesel-electric power. The ship’s hull has been designed with efficiency as a priority to reduce the energy needed to travel through the water.

sialia yachts explorer 80

Sialia Yachts Launches Advanced Electric Explorer Yacht

andBeyond galapagos cruise

andBeyond Launches Expedition Yacht in the Galapagos Islands

Catamaran on the water

The Best Luxury Hotels With Private Yachts

The Dutch company has locations throughout The Netherlands, with its headquarters and design and engineering center found in the northern city of Haarlem.

oceanco yacht builders esquel project on water

Dutch yacht building outfit Oceanco was initially founded in 1987 – but it was only in 2002 (when Oceanco found itself in the hands of new owners) that the switch was made to focusing on 260-foot plus superyachts, drawing on old-world Dutch craftsmanship to build the yachts of the future. The award-winning company prides itself on its design-led builds, and in addition to employing its own forward-thinking design team, works with industry-leader designers such as Andrew Winch, Terence Disdale and Sam Sorgiovanni.

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Environmental awareness is core to each Oceanco project, with the aim of not only meeting but surpassing environmental legislation with each build. Even its largest yacht to date – the 394-foot Redentore, which is still under construction – is impressively efficient thanks to her hybrid propulsions system, which keeps fuel consumption to a minimum. Other noteworthy Oceanco’s builds are the striking three-masted Black Pearl , which is powered by a combination of wind power and electric propulsion motors, and one of its latest concepts, Esquel  – an advanced expedition vessel.

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Electra Superyacht

Dutch luxury shipbuilder Heesen has received worldwide recognition for its engineering and design prowess since launching in 1978. Heesen proudly pioneers the use of aluminum, which is widely regarded as the premium yacht-building material thanks to its lightness owing to better efficiency. As well as full custom builds, Heesen offers a platform concept that features semi-custom yachts already under construction in order to dramatically cut down delivery waits, without compromising on quality.

One of Heesen’s most notable yachts is Alive, which was the first to feature the revolutionary Hull Vane technology (underwater foil) for greater efficiency and speed, resulting in up to 30% less fuel consumption than a regular yacht. Other celebrated Heesen’s builds are Home and Electra , delivered in 2017 and 2020 respectively, both of which were in the award-winning 5000 FHDF aluminum hybrid class and came as a result of Heesen’s strive to limit the environmental impact of yachting.

luminosity yacht benetti

Part of the Azimut-Benetti Group, Benetti Yachts can trace its shipbuilding heritage all the way back to 1873 when the Fratelli Benetti shipyard was founded in the Tuscan city of Viareggio – the center of classic Italian shipbuilding. While much has changed in Benetti’s near 150-year lifetime, its focus on building state-of-the-art yachts to impeccably high standards has not, cementing its status as one of the best luxury yacht builders in the world.

As concerns on the environmental impact of private yachts have grown over time, Benetti has adapted its methods accordingly, utilizing hybrid technology to ensure its ships are at the forefront of sustainability. For example, when the Luminosity was first delivered in 2019 she was hailed as one of the greenest superyachts on the sea. The 352-foot yacht features advanced diesel-electric hybrid power, with her powerful battery providing up to 12 silent and emission-free hours at anchor.

Of course, sustainability doesn’t come at the cost of style: the Luminosity features a stunningly designed interior courtesy of Zaniz Jakubowski, with full-length windows drawing the outside in, and tasteful nods to contemporary artists creating a true home away from home.

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Europe rules the roost when it comes to the top yacht builders in the world – the fifth in our list hails from Germany, with eight yards dotted throughout the country including main sites in Bremen, Hamburg and Rensburg. As with most yacht building companies, Lürssen is family run having been first founded in 1870 by Friedrick Lürssen. Since then the company has developed an esteemed reputation as one of the best in the world, breaking many records along the way, including the longest yacht in the world with Azza in 2015, which measures 592 feet, and Flying Fox which is the largest superyacht available for charter.

Lürssen’s latest superyacht is the sizeable 465.5-foot Nord (previously called Project Opus). Nord transcends the typical design of a superyacht thanks to the work of Italian design studio Nuvolari-Lenard, which was responsible for the yacht’s striking interior and exterior.

As is becoming standard for leading yacht builders, Lürssen is acutely aware of the negative environmental impact of both building and owning yachts. It is taking appropriate action to help mitigate this damage, including providing significant funding to marine life charities and conservation projects and implementing pioneering technologies such as onboard compact silencers and hybrid motor concepts.

Royal Huisman

Ethereal yacht by royal huisman

With a history that dates back to 1884, Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman proudly stakes a claim as one of the oldest yacht builders in the world. While the company was originally founded to build modest wooden fishing boats, its operations have deftly grown with the times, and Royal Huisman is now responsible for some of the finest and most luxurious yachts cruising the ocean today.

Although best known for its stunning sailing yachts ( Sea Eagle II, Ethereal  and  Aquarius  are particular knock-outs) Royal Huisman has also successfully branched out into the world of motor yachts. Its most recent build is the 192-ft Phi,  which was delivered in 2021. This super-slick aluminum yacht has space for up to 12 guests and since her maiden voyage, has been seen cruising on the Thames through London’s financial district. An apt setting for a yacht of this caliber.

Damen Yachting

damen yachting amels 60 on the water

Damen Yachting, which falls under the umbrella of the wider Damen Shipyards Group, is another Dutch yacht builder dominating the world stage. Operating as Damen’s building division, Damen Yachting was only formed in its existing state in 2019 and is now responsible for the building of the famous Amels yachts, as well as the SeaXplorer expedition ships and yacht support vessels. Since moving its Amels building operations to Vlissingen in 2003, Damen Shipyards proudly boasts the largest superyacht facility in the Netherlands.

As a company of this magnitude, Damen Yachting naturally has some impressive builds under its belt, including the newest in the Limited Editions semi-custom range: the Amels 60 . Currently under construction with an estimated delivery of 2022, the 197-foot Amels 60  uses a fuel-efficient hybrid propulsions system to slash emissions, cut noise pollution and minimize fuel and maintenance costs.

Italian-born Sanlorenzo is continuously regarded as being among the best in class when it comes to yacht builders and has been the recipient of numerous awards in its near-65 year lifetime. Despite Sanlorenzo’s longevity and established status, it remains a truly boutique luxury yacht builder at heart. To ensure the attention to detail and high quality for which it is famous for, as well as securing exclusivity for its clients, Sanlorenzo is committed to working with a limited number of customers each year.

In true Italian style, the superyachts that leave Sanlorenzo’s main La Spezia shipyard transcend trends; instead, they exude classic style and authentic craftsmanship. Combined, this guarantees a truly timeless finish – of which the current flagship Attila is a perfect example. Sanlorenzo specializes in fiberglass, steel and aluminum, ensuring that each owner can select a material to befit their needs.

Despite dating back over a hundred years, German luxury yacht builder Nobiskrug always has one eye on the future with a steadfast commitment to innovation. Nobiskrug offers fully custom yacht builds, working directly with owners to fulfill their unique vision, as well as working on ship refits. The company operates out of world-class yacht-building facilities in the city of Rendsburg, which include a climate-controlled superyacht hall.

The need to strive for innovation extends to Nobiskrug’s environmental commitments, where it applies advanced technologies in order to limit the impact of its builds. For example, Artefact – which was first delivered in 2020 – was one of the first superyachts to be built in line with the IMO Tier III regulations (which focus on reducing emissions). Artefact uses onboard solar panels and a battery storage system to allow for a limited period of engineless operation, as well as adopting a waste-water recycling system.

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Photo of Kim Ayling

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Best Yacht Brands: Discovering the Top Choices Today

3rd mar 2023 by samantha wilson.

Rightboat logo

Yachting is big business, and reports state that in the United States alone the recreational boating industry is worth approximately $170 billion. With boating on the rise all across the world, we take a look at the best boat brands of 2023 in several different categories. 

What are the Top 10 Yacht Brands in the United States?

The boating world spans one of the greatest ranges of any industry, with everything from the tiniest of skiffs up to the largest of luxury superyachts in its repertoire. Yet terminology and classification is often a gray area, with lots of overlap. A yacht could be a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, and from there further sub-categorized into superyachts, trawler yachts, sport fishing yachts, and so many more. When we look at the top 10 best yacht brands on the market, it’s easy to end up comparing apples and oranges. The best in one category might not make it onto the best in another, purely because of the style of yachts they produce. So here we have listed – in no particular order - the Top 10 best yacht brands in the United States by their popularity and quantities of yachts sold. More information:  An Overview of the Many Types of Yachts

Boston Whaler

Photo credit: Boston Whaler

1. Boston Whaler : There isn’t a marina in the US that doesn’t have a Boston Whaler in it, such is the huge popularity of this American born manufacturer. With a big inventory of fishing and cruising yachts, and an impressive safety record, Boston Whaler’s are in high demand both new and used. 

2. Grady-White : Established in 1959 in the US, Grady-White are pioneers in the sportfishing and walkaround yacht category, specializing in dual and center console saltwater fishing boats. Renowned for being reliable, safe, elegant and offering high performance, they provide long-term value in both the new and used markets.  

3. Sea Ray Boats : Sea Ray have been building some of the best sport cruiser yachts in the US since their founding in 1959. Today they remain one of the most popular, with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, as well as attention to detail. 

4. Regal Boats : Orlando-based Regal Boats have been manufacturing high quality sport cruiser yachts, bowriders, watersports boats and express cruisers since 1969, and in 1995 launched their revolutionary FasTrac hull which set industry standards and won many awards. Today it continues to form the backbone of their designs. 

5. Carver Yachts : Another all-American company with roots in the 1950s, Carver Yachts specialized in spacious, highly functional, and dependable world-class cruising yachts which stand the tests of time. While they closed their doors in 2021, their yachts, which range from 34 to 50 feet, are highly sought after on the used market. 

6. Bayliner : The super popular Bayliner brand produces some of the smallest boats on this list with their range of luxurious deck, fishing and center console models, but with state of the art engineering and elegant profiles, they are always sought after whether new or used. 

7. Viking Yachts : Based in New Jersey, USA, Viking are a legendary American yacht brand best known for their sportfishing yachts and motor boats in the 37-92 ft. range. For over six decades they have made a name for themselves as world leaders in luxurious, high performance cruising yachts. 

8. Chris-Craft Boats : Chris-Craft is an American cultural icon with nearly 150 years of heritage in creating recreational boats. Today they continue their legacy with their ranges of day boats, overnight cruisers and center consoles which offer timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship. 

9. Westport Yachts : The largest yacht builder in North America, Westport have been leading the industry since 1964. They specialize in the production of large motor yachts, and were pioneers in the use of composite material in boats. 

10. Ocean Alexander : Originally based in Taiwan, Ocean Alexander operates out of its home base in Merritt Island, Florida and has been one of the world’s best loved yacht brands since 1977. Their inventory ranges from the 45 foot Divergence Coupe, a yacht crossed with a sport boat, all the way up to some of the most acclaimed superyachts ever built. 

What are the Best Luxury Yacht Brands in the World?

The superyacht industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the boating world, and the number of superyachts gracing our oceans has more than doubled in the last 10 years. Categorized as yachts (both motor and sail) over 78 feet, they are the largest and most luxurious vessels in the world costing millions of dollars. The heart of the superyacht manufacturing industry is in Europe, with many of the world’s top superyacht brands based in Italy, France, the Netherlands and Germany, but with builders in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia also making big waves. Superyachts set the bar for the entire boating industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and engineering. Here we list (in no particular order) some of the top superyacht manufacturers in the world.


  • Princess Yachts
  • Royal Huisman
  • Ocean Alexander

Difference Between a Superyacht and a Megayacht

What are the Best Trawler Yacht Brands?

The slow, sturdy trawler has had one of the most impressive make overs of any vessel. Once considered a workhorse of a fishing boat, today they are one of the most sought-after long-distance cruising yachts on the market. These impressive ocean-going yachts offer luxury, comfort, space, speed and fuel-efficiency in one highly capable and attractive package. Where they once would have been left in the wake of sportfishers or motoryachts, today’s trawler yachts are differentiated only by their iconic silhouette resembling a mini superyacht. 

Nordic Tugs

Photo credit: Nordic Tugs

1. Nordic Tugs : These American-built trawler yachts are the epitome of what today’s trawlers can be: luxurious, long-range and jaw-droppingly spacious. They are anything but a tug boat, and built with meticulous attention to detail creating reliable, adventure-bound cruisers that offer a real home on the water. 

2. Grand Banks : One of the pioneers of the cruising trawler, Grand Banks have brought these hugely popular yachts to superyacht levels in a compact package. They have six decades of boat building under their belt, offering reliability, customer service and forward-thinking ideas. 

3. Beneteau : Beneteau’s Swift series saw the slow trawler turn into a mini superyacht, and with over 1,300 sales to date, it is one of the most popular brands on the market. Beneteau are world leaders in creating large superyachts, and they have put all of that expertise into this smaller range which culminates in the Grand Trawler 62. 

4. Ranger Tugs : American-born Ranger Tugs brought their expertise of building small cruisers and designed a series of trawlers. And forget pocket yachts, these are full-scale trawlers which promise adventure and long-range exploration. With their CB range, they created a unique flybridge which is home to an upper helm, galley and dinette and pushes conventional trawler design. 

5. Nordhavn : Nordhavn produces well-engineered, high performance trawler yachts ranging from 41 foot pocket cruisers to 120 foot superyachts. Yet each one always retains its trawler image, Nordhavn’s signature look for several decades. 

What are the Best Affordable Yacht Brands?

Yachts are a luxury asset, and where we talk about affordability it ultimately comes down to a buyer’s personal budget. Of course, buying a used boat is always going to be more cost effective than a brand new one, but there are yacht brands which focus on offering quality, affordable yachts including: 


Photo credit: Chris-Craft

1. Carver : Carver Yachts have long been known for their affordability, and even though the company closed in 2021 their used yachts make boating accessible to a wide range of American families. They offer spacious, highly functional, and dependable world-class cruising yachts which stand the tests of time. 

2. SeaRay Boats : Sea Ray have been building some of the best sport cruiser yachts in the US since their founding in 1959. Today they remain one of the most popular, with a strong focus on customer service and satisfaction, as well as attention to detail. While new SeaRays don’t come cheap, their popularity means there are plenty on the used market which can be bought very affordably. 

3. Chris-Craft : Chris-Craft’s center console yachts offer excellent value for money, as well as high performance and plenty of extras. In fact, since the beginning of the 1900’s, Chris-Craft have dedicated themselves to offering boats for the everyday family, whether it was a small skiff or something more luxurious. 

4. Cutwater Boats : Functional, reliable, fun and affordable, Cutwater Boats offer an impressive range of trawler-style cruising boats which do it all, whether that’s cruising off-grid, fishing with friends or spending a day on the water with family. 

5. Ranger Tugs : Ranger Tugs are one of the most affordable yacht brands of 2023, with a great choice of family-friendly pocket yachts and long distance cruisers and trawlers. The R-23 in particular has been built with price at the forefront and allows buyers to purchase an excellent trawler boat at well under the price of most competitors. 

What are the Best Sport Fishing Yacht Brands? 

The United States leads the way when it comes to sportfishing yachts , and their popularity is only gaining. Whether you’re looking to buy used or new, there are some top brands out there producing boats designed for serious fishing pros. Sportfishing yachts need to be fast and reliable, offer plenty of fishing amenities and extras, offer comfort and a great driving experience, and look downright cool in the process. There are many brands out there to choose from, with major players including Grady-White, Boston Whaler and Viking, but here are some of the other top contenders: 

Hatteras Yachts

Photo credit: Hatteras Yachts

1. Huckins Yachts : Huckins pride themselves on creating some serious mean machines, and they were one of the first manufacturers to use fiberglass composites for their hulls. Today they produce a unique range of sportfishing boats that are ultra-sleek and ultra-fast. 

2. Hatteras Yachts : Hatteras Yachts focus on what they do extremely well, and that is making some of the best sportfishing convertible boats in the world. With just four models in their current range (but others on the used market) they have fine-tuned every aspect of their boats to suit the serious angler. 

3. Tiara Yachts : Another major player in the sportfishing yacht sector are Tiara Yachts, who manage to combine a serious fishing vessel with a luxury yacht. The results are a range of mid-sized motor yachts which are modern, beautiful and at the forefront of engineering. 

4. Luhrs Boats : While no longer in production, no sportfishing yacht list would be complete without Luhrs Boats on it. With plenty of models to be found on the used market they offer an affordable and reliable vessel with all the fishing bells and whistles you could need. 

5. Bertram Yachts : If you’re looking for a versatile, reliable and powerful sportfishing yacht then look no further than Bertram Yachts. While they take inspiration from traditional fishing boats, they offer a range of rugged sportfishing and flybridge yachts which can tackle any conditions. 

Written By: Samantha Wilson

Samantha Wilson has spent her entire life on and around boats, from tiny sailing dinghies all the way up to superyachts. She writes for many boating and yachting publications, top charter agencies, and some of the largest travel businesses in the industry, combining her knowledge and passion of boating, travel and writing to create topical, useful and engaging content.


More from: Samantha Wilson

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Best yacht 2023: European yacht of the year winners

  • Toby Hodges
  • January 21, 2023

The European Yacht of the Year 2023 winners have been announced and comprise the best yacht winners in five categories including a special mention award. Toby Hodges was one of the 12 jury members who test sailed each of the 21 shortlisted yachts before deciding on the winners.

best yacht brands in the world

The European Yacht of the Year programme is a highlight of my year as it gives us  jury members the opportunity to assemble our shortlist of the best nominees, seatrial each and every one of them and discuss what works and what doesn’t at sea and in port, in order to choose the best yacht of 2023 in a variety of categories. Our trials were held in La Rochelle and Port Ginesta, Barcelona over the autumn of 2022.

This is the 20th anniversary of the European Yacht of the Year awards, which were presented at a gala event on the opening evening of the Boot Düsseldorf Boat Show on 21 January 2023.

Together we comprise 12 magazines across Europe, each the leading voice on boat testing in their respective countries. The result is indisputably the most thorough, impartial and respected awards programme for new production yachts worldwide.

Best yacht 2023

Best performance yacht.

Nominees: Elan E6 ; Beneteau First 36 ; Grand Soleil 40 ; Italia Y 12.98; Solaris 50

Three Italian pure performance cruisers and two very different yachts built in Slovenia made for a varied and exciting Performance category. Where once we could assume a cruiser-racer was a fairly standard format design, over the last decade it’s been much more the sexy fast cruisers the Italian yards specialise in. But as French yards like Pogo and JPK have proven, we salute lightweight planing yachts – and the Beneteau First 36 is the first real production yacht in that spirit.

Winner: Beneteau First 36

Here’s a yacht that puts the focus firmly back into sailing. The First 36 has been kept inviting and approachable – unlike many yachts that can plane, the look is modest, not aggressive. It’s uncomplicated, unfussy and the result is a pleasure for all to sail. It’s more about what you can’t see, the design and engineering, which should ensure longterm demand.

The small, fiddly heads compartment and lack of tiller options are perhaps the only real detraction from an otherwise brilliant collaboration by Seascape and Beneteau, from concept to build quality.

It was their goal to keep this area of the market relevant and prove a mainstream brand can do it, rather than only niche specialist yards. To create a mass produced yacht at this weight and to this foam-cored quality and one that can bring so much fun is a feather in the cap of the First brand.

Price: (ex VAT) €238,813

Jury comments:

“The complete universal cruiser-racer.” Pasi Nuutinen, Fin.

“The truly modern fast cruiser that dares to be different and that not enough yards dare to build.” Jochen Rieker, Germany.

“Fast but easy going, precise but not nervous, and lightweight, yet comfortable.” Marinus van Sijdenborgh de Jong, Netherlands.

Best Luxury Yacht

Nominees: Oceanis Yachts 60 ; Oyster 495 ; Ice 62 Targa

A spacious production yacht, a premium bluewater cruiser and a highly customised Italian performance cruiser shows the variety on offer in the 50-60ft+ market, while giving the jury some tricky comparisons to make.

Winner: Oyster 495

It is hard to imagine that the decor of a yacht can change its look and feel quite this much, yet the layout of this second 495, Eddie Jordan’s dramatic looking Tuga , is in fact identical to the first boat that I spent several days aboard last summer. At its heart is a wonderfully (Humphreys) designed and engineered luxury bluewater cruiser conceived from the ground up, built in a new dedicated facility to a repeatable quality very few yards are capable of.

The 495 offers consistent passage making speeds in real voluminous comfort – whether enjoyed from the deep cockpit or the best-in-class aft cabin. Deck stowage and mechanical space is also superb. Then factor in the family appeal of Oyster’s after sales and world rally programme and you start to appreciate the premium world this sub 50-footer gives access to.

Price: (ex VAT) £1.35m

Jury comments

“So reassuringly strong, so surprisingly quick in straight line speed, so great to helm, so easy to handle and so, so comfortable if you want to retreat to her living quarters!” Jochen Rieker, Germany

“A true blue water cruiser that makes no compromise in terms of comfort, safety or sailing abilities.” Loic Madeline, France

“The entry level of the Oyster range brings with it the build quality and customisation typical of the yard’s largest models… perfect for a couple’s globetrotting dreams.” Alberto Mariotti, Italy

Best Family Yacht

Nominees: Bente 28; Dufour 37 ; Linjett 39

Typically this category brims with midsize cruising yachts from mainstream manufacturers. And while the Dufour flies that flag, when you put these three nominees together you have a diverse selection of interesting new cruising yachts from 30-40ft to suit significantly different budgets.

Winner: Linjett 39

If you haven’t heard of Linjett before, prepare to be impressed. The 39 offers easy fast family cruising and occasional racing in luxurious comfort and proves that classic needn’t be old fashioned.

Linjett exudes Scandi heritage: a third generation 50-year old brand, it’s run by three brothers and has built 900 yachts from its 19th Century Rosättra yard in Sweden. Sturdy and stable the 39 instils instant confidence and proved a delight to sail. The Linjett is set up to easily shorthand it too, with two winches and a bank of clutches each side positioned aft in reach of the helm.

The interior is offered with two or three cabins and the latter we saw had an excellent layout, including separate shower/wet hanging compartment aft. The joiner work is first class, with traditional mahogany used as standard, or the more contemporary European Oak on the test boat.

This is a premium yacht, but you get what you pay for. It will surprise most and ensure everyone steps ashore smiling.

Price: (ex VAT) SEK 4,208,000 (approx €400,000)

“Practically flawless yacht for offshore, coastal and archipelago cruising, peppered with a big spoonful of performance and a strong flavour of luxury,” Pasi Nuutinen, Finland

“Aesthetically immortal because it is impeccably designed and built with modern construction techniques.” Alberto Mariotti, Italy

“A fast luxury yacht that is also the best family yacht… timeless.” Axel Nissen-Lie, Norway

Best Catamaran

Nominees: Balance 482 ; Catana OC ; C-Cat 48 ; Excess 14; Fountaine Pajot Aura 51 ; Lagoon 51; Nautitech 44 Open

What started out as two separate multihull categories – Family and Performance – merged into one once the jury appreciated the boundaries are quite blurred and that some of these catamarans belong in both camps.

All seven of these 40-50-footers merit close scrutiny for anyone after space and cruising comfort. The decision lies with how much you tweak the performance:comfort ratio.

best yacht brands in the world

Winner: Nautitech Open 44

We saw a good, interesting battle of the aft helm cruising cats this year in the Excess 14 and the Nautitech. For those who cite a lack of visibility and protection as reasons not to choose this route, try sailing this boat! Direct steering brings so much more helming pleasure – you get the enjoyable feeling and communication more associated with a monohull. I consider this 44 Open to be the ideal size to go distance sailing, with good performance, low draught and space for family and friends.

The interior design is smart and inviting – not as voluminous as some, but certainly enough to be smugly comfortable at anchor. Out of all the multihulls nominated or sailed in the last year, this cat impressed me the most.

Price: €560,800 ex VAT. (€818k ex VAT as tested).

Jury Comments

“This is a catamaran that makes the heart beat out at sea rather than at a boat show.” Axel Nissen-Lie, Norway

“Sailing sensation sets the Nautitech apart. She’s delightfully sensitive in light wind and gets more and more convincing with speed – which she picks up to very decent numbers.” Pasi Nuutinen, Finland

“This shows why the desire for catamaran sailing is spreading: It combines the comfort of two hulls with the good sailing characteristics of a modern yacht.”  Lori Schüpbach, Sui

Best Specialist Yacht

Nominees: Astus 22.5 ;  Ecoracer 25; Ace 30

Always the most diverse category, once again this did not disappoint with its contenders comprising a plywood IRC scow, a trailable trimaran and a recyclable sportsboat!

best yacht brands in the world

Special mention: Sustainability – Ecoracer 25

A reusable, recyclable prototype competitive sportsboat. If a ‘garage project’ such as this can successfully prove that the use of more sustainable materials, such as thermoplastic resins, linen fibre, basalt and recyclable carbon, are a viable solution for boatbuilding already, there is no excuse why the mainstream production yards shouldn’t already be employing them!

While most fibre-reinforced boats are destined for landfill, here the composites can be separated from the resin after immersion in a solvent, to make reusable composite products.

This is an on trend one-off racer, which at 1.1 tonnes and 2.7m beam can be towed when tilted and takes one hour from crane to sailing. It’s so much fun to sail, even in the lightest puffs, and won the ORC sportsboat class on Lake Garda on its debut season.

A shame it’s only a prototype, but the future looks bigger and brighter for this startup brand Northern Light Composites, with a 30ft version going into production. Congratulations on taking the initiative.

Price: Circa €80k

“Without changes the leisure boat market will be regulated and potentially fade away. The 100% recyclable Ecoracer 25 has shown that it’s possible to turn green for real.” Morten Brandt-Rasmussen, Denmark

“Shows that a technically complex sailboat can be built in a better way – without compromising on performance.” Axel Nissen-Lie, Norway

European Yacht of the Year Jury

Toby Hodges, Yachting World, GBR Jochen Rieker, YACHT, GER Loic Madeline, Voiles & Voiliers, FRA Pasi Nuutinen, Vene, FIN Roland Duller, YachtRevue, AUT Alberto Mariotti, Vela e Motore, ITA Morten Brandt-Rasmussen, Bådmagasinet, DEN Marinus van Sijdenborgh de Jong, Zeilen, NED Joakim Hermansson, Praktiskt Båtägande, SWE Axel Nissen-Lie, Seilmagasinet, NOR Diego Yriarte, Nautica Y Yates, ESP Lori Schüpbach,, SWI

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best yacht brands in the world

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best yacht brands in the world

The Top 100

A comprehensive and accurate list of the largest luxury yachts set to launch in 2024.

A live list of the Top 100 largest superyachts in the world as it currently stands.

The Top 100 luxury yachts launched in 2023 who defined the last year in large yachting.

Has your yacht ever been in the Top 100? Search any yacht to view its ranking.

Select any year since 1906 to view the ranks of the Top 100 largest yachts at the time.

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The Best Yacht Brands in the World

What is a larger stamp of luxury than a floating fortress atop the ocean blue? Yachts are a declaration of adventure, freedom, travel, luxury, and the finer things in life which can be maintained perfectly at home itself since Divinycell Foam sell Merritt Supply which is quite useful to retain its color. With so many different types of brands of yachts, it can be confusing to know what is the best of the best. For you, we have done the research combing through dozens of different brands. After much research, here is the list of the best yacht brands in the world!

Since 1970, Sunseeker has stolen the attention of the Yacht Industry. As a staple icon for the industry, Sunseeker has a wide selection from sport cruisers and triple deck superyachts. With top of the line technology and stellar stylings, Sunseeker is always a favorite among yachtsmen.

Princess Yachts has built its reputation and name with over 40 years of experience. Their expertise and stylings range from motor yachts, sport yachts, and superyachts. Unlike many other companies, Princess boasts of 80 different models with the most exquisite engineering and luxurious designs.

  • Lazzara Yachts

Lazzarra, an American Yacht Company, took the world by storm when it released their youthful, sleek and extraordinarily fast boats. One of the most attractive features of Lazzarra is their unique coloration of their hulls. On top of that, there is no other brand that can match their technological innovation.

If you are seeking a massive yacht, look no further than Mangusta. Mangusta is known to produce the world’s largest luxury yachts. The most infamous in their lineup is the Mangusta 165, which is the largest open yacht in the world at 163 feet long. Currently, they are on route to shatter that record with a yacht at 205 feet long.

Ferretti is known across the world and industry as the ‘dreamers yacht’. With over eleven different and pristine megayachts, Ferretti recently won the Motor Boat of the Year Award with their 100’ superyacht. If you want to sail as a champion, you go Ferretti.

Most Popular Regions

best yacht brands in the world


best yacht brands in the world

North America

Featured luxury yachts.

Photo of Gale Winds

$49,000/wk 106ft /32.31m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Lotus

$23,500/wk 52ft /15.85m 6 Guests 4 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of Pamango

€16,600/wk 65.62ft /20m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 2 Crew

Photo of World’s End

World’s End

€26,000/wk 65.55ft /19.98m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Princess V85

Princess V85

€45,000/wk 84.97ft /25.9m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Buena Chica

Buena Chica

114.83ft /35m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Blaze II

$22,000/wk 61.98ft /18.89m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

Photo of Hummingbird


98.43ft /30m 7 Guests 3 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Carpe Diem IV

Carpe Diem IV

€28,000/wk 154.20ft /47m 12 Guests 6 Cabins 7 Crew

Photo of Kohuba

€80,000/wk 99.90ft /30.45m 10 Guests 5 Cabins 5 Crew

Photo of Insatiable

$29,500/wk 100ft /30.48m 6 Guests 3 Cabins 4 Crew

Photo of Wizard

€25,500/wk 79.72ft /24.3m 8 Guests 4 Cabins 3 Crew

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photo of The Most Popular Yacht Brands

The Most Popular Yacht Brands

By Robert Bowman | Posted On Feb 21, 2022 Updated On May 18, 2022

After walking around the Miami Boat Show this week, I had the opportunity to speak with several excited future owners, as well as representatives from many of the shipyards in the 40-foot to 100-foot range. While none of this will come as a surprise to anyone who has been following the trends in yacht sales, there were mixed emotions from everyone as inventory shortages continue and demand remains incredibly strong. As you can imagine, even the most popular yacht brands have not been spared from equipment troubles, material shortages, and shipping delays.

(Keep scrolling down to get to the most popular boat brands by number of sold boats.)

The love and passion for boating that has grown this amazing recreation continues to thrive, while the need for relaxation is more important than ever before. What better way to unwind than on your own personal yacht, enjoying the sun and ocean with your favorite guests! I listened to one couple's plans to take on the Great Loop and had brought with them a list of bridge heights, along with requirements they wanted in a boat for their adventure. They planned on spending over a year on the Loop, taking their time along the way to enjoy each stop. Another gentleman perused over a 58-foot motor yacht with future plans of putting it into a yacht charter program in the Bahamas during season and off the New England Coast in the Summer.

The boating dreams and aspirations were generally the same as previous boat shows, but the sales climate was noticeably different. In some new boat displays, 'SOLD' signs could be seen on every single model on display.

Manufacturers, yacht dealers, and boaters alike all complained about the lack of available inventory - both new and used - with many wait times for new builds 18 months out or more. Fueled by shortages in materials and microchips, along with the incredible uptick in boat sales in the U.S., the current climate is one of quick decisions and fast action. Buyers using a professional yacht broker are more likely to be successful in finding the perfect boat as they can not only watch the market for what becomes available, but they also have knowledge of boats not yet currently advertised.

And for sellers, if there ever were a perfect time to sell your yacht quickly and for potentially over-asking price, it's right now!

Consider these facts for a moment :

  • Total U.S. pre-owned sales increased 10% from 2019 to 2021 while the total value increased 57%
  • Sales in the 46' to 55' category grew 34%, while the 56' to 79' category grew 38%
  • Yacht Sales for the 80'+ category grew 61%
  • United Yacht Sales also saw growth of 29% in 2021 , after increasing sales by 31% in 2020 .
  • The average boat value, across both power and sail, has increased 40% since pre-pandemic conditions.

A 10% increase in sales is a tremendous surge for an industry that sees nearly $40 billion in sales each year. According to a 2021 market index report from Boats Group, cruising yachts were the most popular type of yacht searched for on the brokerage market. Coming in second place were center-console boats , followed by motor yachts.

"It makes sense that cruisers are the most popular searched for boat," said Captain Jeff Palmer, UYS co-President. "Not only are there more cruising-style boat builders, but the versatility of this design keeps them relevant. People love to go on trips, whether it's to the islands or up the coastline, and the comfortable accommodations they provide are important to the owners." Our team can assist you in determining how much you should spend on a yacht .

( Seen below: A Pershing 62HT is a perfect example of an express cruiser . )

pershing yachts 62HT

While not a representation of every single boat sold in the marketplace, the below list outlines what boat brands were the most purchased on the brokerage market in 2021 in the United States. If you're looking to sell your boat, whether it's on this list or not, give our main office a call at 1-772-463-3131 to be connected to an expert on the current market.

Here are the most popular boat brands in 2021 *

1. Sea Ray Boats

2. Boston Whaler

3. Grady-White

4. Regal Boats

5. Carver Yachts

*Criteria: U.S. sales only, pre-owned only. Data:

(Seen below: An excellent example of a pre-owned Sea Ray yacht that is currently listed with United Yacht Sales.)

The brands listed above really come as no surprise as there were simply many more of these vessels built in the 90's and 2000's that continually become available for sale on the brokerage market each year. If we move the criteria to 50-feet and up, the top 5 brands change drastically.

Here are the most popular yacht brands over 50-feet:

2. Hatteras Yachts

3. Viking Yachts

4. Azimut Yachts

5. Prestige Yachts

I would also like to note that Carver Yachts and Ocean Alexander would have been included if we excluded the sportfishing brands. Although Hatteras and Viking both build motor yachts, the bulk of their sales continue to be in the fishing category.

Here are the top sportfishing yacht brands in 2021 : (production builders)

1. Viking Yachts

3. Tiara Yachts

5. Bertram Yachts

There are simply more cruising boat builders than sportfishing boats, making it important to break this category out by itself. Even drilling down further would require separating pre-owned custom sportfishing boats out from the production boats since so few of them are built each year.

(Seen below: This Merritt Yachts 58' is an exciting example of a custom sportfish listed with United Yacht Sales.)

The second most sought after category, center-console boats, always seems to be a dominant segment of the industry thanks to their relative affordability when compared to much larger yachts. The ease of handling and maintenance, normally due to having outboard engines, makes this a popular choice for many boat owners.

Here are the most popular center-console brands on the pre-owned market :

1. Boston Whaler

2. Grady-White

4. Edgewater

5. Intrepid

Please note that many boats in this category are sold 'For Sale By Owner' so exact numbers can be hard to quantify. This data represents pre-owned center-consoles sold through brokers and noted in Both Contender Boats and   were close behind Intrepid in terms of number of boats sold.

(Seen below: This Boston Whaler 38 Realm is a great example of a higher-end center-console on the brokerage market.)

Boston Whaler center console boat

No matter what type or brand of boat you own, whether it's considered popular or not, the United Yacht Sales will team will provide the right market analysis for you, a clear plan of action on how to sell it, will follow up with every inquiry promptly, keep you informed on its progress, and continue providing assistance through closing. United Yacht Sales has over 250 yacht brokers worldwide with one of the top support teams in the industry. Our network of boat buyers and sellers is the largest there is and we will put it to work for you whether selling your current boat or on the search for a new one. To get started with UYS, call our main office at 1-772-463-3131 or fill out our What's My Boat Worth form to get a quick pricing analysis.

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  • Used Pilothouse Yachts For Sale
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Trending Brands & Types

  • Jupiter 25 Bay For Sale
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best yacht brands in the world

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From Epic Sailing Vessels to Rugged Explorers: The 10 Best Superyachts That Will Launch This Year

Beyond size, this year's launches are unusually diverse, including motoryachts, sailing vessels, explorers and even a giant sportsfisherman., julia zaltzman, julia zaltzman's most recent stories.

  • This Boatmaker Builds 1960s-Inspired Cruisers With a Modern Twist. Here’s How.
  • This 150-Foot Fishing Trawler Was Transformed Into a Rugged Explorer Yacht
  • These 3 Miniature Explorer Yachts Are Ready to Take You Off-Grid
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Oceanco Koru Superyacht

With a combined length of 2,929 feet, the world’s top 10 superyachts scheduled for delivery this year are moving away from the idea that yachting is about whose boat is bigger. The trend is now more about mission than size. This year’s launches will be wide ranging, from motoryachts to sailing vessels, explorers and even a giant sportfish.

The list includes offerings from German shipyard Lürssen , which has two 400-foot-plus yachts ready to splash this year, with noteworthy deliveries from other shipyards in Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands showcasing different definitions of design, power and performance.

Here are the yachts we can’t wait to see.

‘Koru’ (564 feet) Oceanco

best yacht brands in the world

Jeff Bezos’ first yacht, Koru , was spotted last week on sea trials. The Amazon founder chose to make a bold design statement by commissioning the world’s largest sailing yacht, not to mention the longest pleasure vessel, motor or sail, ever from The Netherlands. Built by Oceanco, the titanic sailing machine is an incredible 3300 GT, powered by kinetic energy generated by the sails. Besides its massive length, its classic canoe stern, a double-deck wooden coach house and navy hull with a red stripe differentiate Koru from any other vessel on the water. The project remains hush-hush. Even the designers remain a secret.

‘Liva’ (387 feet, 1 inch) Abeking & Rasmussen

best yacht brands in the world

Launched late last year and scheduled to be delivered in early 2023, Liva is the largest yacht built by Abeking to date, overtaking the German shipyard’s previous flagship Aviva by 65 feet. The French studio Joseph Dirand Architecture was commissioned to pen both the exterior and interior, which is reported to include a semi-submerged underwater observation room on the lower deck, a supersized pool, helipad, spa with sauna and beauty salon, and a lower-deck beach club.

‘Alchemy’ (216 feet, 5 inches) Rossinavi

best yacht brands in the world

Commissioned by a private American client, the 216-foot multi-deck motoryacht Alchemy is one of three yachts to be launched by Italian shipyard Rossinavi in 2023. Exterior design is by Philippe Briand, with interior styling by Enrico Gobbi’s Team for Design. Little information has yet to be revealed, though it’s visible from images that the custom yacht features an axe bow, drop-down side terraces at the stern and large floor-to-ceiling windows that afford views from all levels.

Project Jag (400 feet) Lürssen

best yacht brands in the world

The 400-foot displacement motoryacht known only as “Project Jag” is reported to be the owner’s third Lürssen. His most recent is Kismet . It is set for delivery in late 2023. Capable of sleeping 20 guests and 40 crew, the gigayacht is equipped with a helipad, spa, swimming pool, two cinemas, gym and storage for a sub. Italian design firm Nuvolari Lenard designed the steel yacht’s exterior, while UK studio Reymond Langton has crafted what is rumored to be a “bespoke homage to the owner’s lifestyle”—whatever that means.

Project Luminance (426 feet, 5 inches) Lürssen

best yacht brands in the world

Project Luminance is a 426.5-foot motor yacht that Lürssen claims will be one of the largest and most technologically advanced boats in the world. It’s also the largest yacht due to deliver in 2023. Construction began in 2018, yet few details have been revealed. What we do know is that the seventh-largest project to ever come out of the German shipyard to date features state-of-the-art propulsion systems, advanced navigation and communication systems, as well as next-generation entertainment.

‘T52’ (170 feet) Baglietto

best yacht brands in the world

The first model in Baglietto’s T52 line, which splashed in February 2023, features sleek lines and aerodynamic grills penned by Francesco Paszkowski Design. Power comes from a diesel-electric-hybrid propulsion system. The yacht celebrates outdoor space, including a large multi-level beach club at the stern with a fold-down transom, oversized sunbeds and a swimming pool with a floor that rises flush with the deck. Sliding windows on the upper deck convert space into an open-air sky lounge and a 78-foot sundeck with a glass-encased hot tub.

Project 406 (170 feet, 6 inches) Royal Huisman

best yacht brands in the world

The Dutch shipyard Royal Huisman made its name building some of the world’s largest sailing yachts, including 296-foot Athena , but now it’s hitting the record books again with the impending launch of Project 406 , the world’s largest sportsfisherman. Naval architecture, exterior and interior are by Dutch studio Vripack. The firm gave the six-decked aluminum yacht a towering profile promising spectacular front-row views of the big game fishing action. The team balanced its height by a long bow, high bulwarks and uncluttered fishing cockpit.

‘Black Shark’ (252 feet, 6 inches) Nobiskrug

best yacht brands in the world

Black Shark first began construction in 2019, but all work ceased when Nobiskrug later filed for insolvency. In March 2022, following the German shipyard’s acquisition by entrepreneur Lars Windhorst, work on Black Shark recommenced, with delivery set for 2023. The 252-foot boat, designed by Winch Design, gets its name from its predatory profile and mast shaped like a dorsal fin. A reverse bow, black matte hull and metallic silver superstructure will also help to enhance the marine connection.

‘Ultra G’ (196 feet, 8 inches) Heesen

best yacht brands in the world

Heesen is renowned for building fast boats, so it’s no surprise that Ultra G , equipped with a propulsion package totaling 22,000 horsepower, with four water jets and a top speed of 37 knots. The Dutch yard hailed this as its most powerful project to date. The motoryacht was commissioned by an avid sportfisherman, with a fighting chair and storage for 40 rods. Entertainment was also a big mandate for the design, stretching from Samsung’s “The Wall” screen, an infinity pool, and a dedicated self-cleaning “dog park” for furry guests.

‘Maverick’ (145 feet, 3 inches) Cantiere delle Marche

best yacht brands in the world

Maverick is the first Flexplorer 142 to soon be delivered by Cantiere delle Marche (CdM), bought by a young German who is a keen sailor and serial owner of both sailing boats and motoryachts. The owner’s itinerary will see him cruising the Mediterranean, before heading to the Northern latitudes to cross the Northwest Passage and put Hydro Tec’s bold exterior design and running surface to the test. Key features include a custom-built A-frame crane that sits flush on the deck when not in use, collapsible bulwarks that fold-down to reveal a 1,450-square-foot beach club, and an infinity pool at the transom.

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best yacht brands in the world

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Best boat brands: Your essential introduction to the boatbuilders of the world

Do you know your Sunseekers from your Sea Rays? Our essential guide explains the best boat brands in the world right now and what makes them different…

The world of boat brands can be baffling at first, with so many names on the market it’s hard to know which are the best boat brands worth investing your hard earned money in.

That’s where MBY comes in – we’ve reviewed thousands of motorboats over more than a century, so we can help you understand what’s hot and what’s not.

If it’s a RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) that you’re after, check out our essential RIB guide instead, while our sister title Yachting World is the place to go to learn all about the best bluewater sailboats .

However, if you want to know about fully-fledged motorboats, read on for our guide to the best boat brands on the market today, including their history, current ranges and star features…

Jump to the best boat brands from the UK

Jump to the best boat brands from mainland Europe

Jump to the best boat brands from Scandinavia

Best boat brands from the USA


The American Tug 485 is the flagship of the range

American Tug

Renowned builders of full displacement trawlers, American Tug was founded in 1999. Based in La Conner, WA, the yard traces its heritage back to the fishing industry.

They build a focussed range of 36-48ft boats, available in either one-cabin or two-cabin layouts. The majority are fitted with single Cummins engines, with the exception of the entry-level American Tug 362, which comes with a 320hp Volvo D4 engine.

Each model has a cruising range in excess of 1,000nm, and that has been put to good use in cruising grounds as diverse as the Bahamas and the Bering Sea. You can expect to find American Tug boats on both coasts of the US, as well as the Great Lakes and far beyond.

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Yacht definitions: What is a yacht? And does it need to have sails?

Electric boats: a-z of the 37 best all-electric models.

Founded in 1957, since 1986 Bayliner has been part of the Brunswick Corporation, one of the world’s largest boatbuilders and the manufacturers of Mercury outboard engines.

Bayliner currently has a very focussed collection of 18-23ft boats, but don’t let the size range fool you, they cover a wide range of styles from watersports boats to fishing boats and from deck boats to overnight cruising boats.

Their international dealer network is supported by a wide range of production facilities – Bayliner boats are built in the USA, Mexico, Brazil and Portugal.

Read more about Bayliner boats

Boston Whaler

With the tagline ‘the unsinkable legend’, Boston Whaler is clearly not messing around – they even boast that you could cut a Boston Whaler in half and drive away in the half that’s got the engine!

The Boston half of their name relates to their 1950s origins in Massachusetts, but since 1996 the Boston Whaler range has been built in Edgewater, Florida by the Brunswick Corporation.

Their current range includes 28 fiberglass models, ranging in size from the 13ft 130 Super Sport, all the way up to the 42ft 420 Outrage center console.

Read more about Boston Whaler boats


One of the oldest and most revered boat brands in the USA, Chris-Craft can trace its history back more than 140 years, when it was known as Chris Smith & Sons Boat Co before adopting its now iconic moniker 15 years later.

These days Chris-Craft boats are built in Sarasota, Florida, and their 24-35ft range is characterized by teak decks, deep-vee hulls, reverse-sloping transoms and stainless steel detailing.

Read more about Chris-Craft boats


The Fleming 53

Founded in Taiwan in 1985 by a Brit who is now based in the USA, Fleming Yachts is a truly international brand, which is reflected in their globetrotting, ocean-crossing range of displacement motorboats.

Ranging in size from 55ft to 85ft, the Fleming range covers the high-end of owner-operated boats. Roughly 340 Flemings have been built to date and each one is highly specified to suit its owner’s style of boating.

Read more about Fleming Yachts

Grand Banks

Another global brand, Grand Banks Yachts was founded in Hong Kong by an American who later moved operations to Singapore and then Malaysia.

Their range of fiberglass-hulled cruising boats spans from 44ft to 85ft and the vast majority of the components are built in-house to ensure they have a firm grip on quality control.

Read more about Grand Banks yachts


Hatteras GT70

A veteran of the Billfish tournament scene, Hatteras has been producing tournament sportfish boats for more than four decades. Based in New Bern, NC and named after a notorious local cape, its models are built to withstand rough sea states with a shrug of the shoulders.

After a brief foray into superyacht building, the yard was acquired in 2021 by White River Marine Group, who consolidated the range down to just four models, ranging from 45ft to 70ft.

British boaters will recognise Hatteras from the 1980s TV series Howards’ Way, whose seductive property tycoon Charles Frere was a Hatteras owner.

Read more about Hatteras Yachts

Founded in 1928 in Southwest Harbor, ME as part of the local lobster boat industry, Hinckley has become one of New England’s most highly regarded boatbuilders.

Renowned as some of the best jet boats in the world, Hinckley Yachts can navigate the shallowest of waters due to the lack of exposed propellers.

Construction involves carbon composites from bow to stern, vacuum-infused with epoxy for exceptional durability that is backed up by a lifetime guarantee.

Their current range runs from the iconic 34ft Picnic Boat up to the 57ft Talaria motor yacht.

Read more about Hinckley Yachts


The Nordhavn N120 is the flagship of the range

Founded in 1978 in Dana Point, California, Nordhavn builds a rugged range of 41-120ft displacement trawler yachts that are renowned for their long-distance cruising capability.

Today the range is built in Taiwan and Turkey, and key features include spacious, practical engine rooms that house a main engine and a wing engine that can be used as an emergency backup.

This kind of technical redundancy underpins the Nordhavn range, giving owners the confidence to cruise all around the world in their home away from home.

Read more about Nordhavn yachts

Built at the Brunswick Corporation headquarters in Knoxsville, Tennessee as well as two further facilities in Florida, the Sea Ray range runs from 19ft to 40ft.

Exported worldwide by a vast network of dealers covering 80 countries, Sea Ray boats are renowned for their early adoption of fiberglass as well as pioneering the fixed swim platform.

Read more about Sea Ray boats

Another sportfish heavyweight, Viking Yachts is based out of Gretna, NJ, and this family-owned yard has been turning out state-of-the art, big-game fishing “battlewagons” for more than half a century.

In this time, more than 4,000 GRP Viking hulls have been delivered, starting with a 37ft wooden boat in 1964 before switching to GRP in the early 1970s.

A vocal opponent of the 1990 luxury tax, the yard was instrumental in overturning this levy three years later, and in 1996 they founded the Recreational Fishing Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable fisheries and a healthy marine environment.

Read more about Viking Yachts

Best boat brands from the UK

Fairline was founded in Oundle, Northamptonshire in 1963 and got its name from a fair line of minerals found in a nearby quarry.

The current range starts with the entry-level F-33 weekender , which was styled by Italian superyacht designer Alberto Mancini.

Fairline is arguably most famous for its Targa sportscruisers (45-65ft) and Squadron flybridge models (50-68ft), with plans afoot to launch a 65ft sportsbridge yacht that is claimed to offer the best of both worlds.

Read more about Fairline Yachts

Once a manufacturer of aft-cabin cruisers, Pearl Yachts has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past decade to become one of Britain’s most stylish designer yacht brands.

Partnerships with Kelly Hoppen and Bill Dixon for interior and exterior design respectively have led to a highly desirable range of 62-95ft flybridges.

Each new yacht comes with a 5-year warranty and their models are built in the UK at the yard’s Warwick headquarters.

Read more about Pearl Yachts

Founded in Plymouth in 1965, Princess Yachts is one of the true titans of the British boating industry with a fiberglass-hulled range that stretches from a 35ft dayboat to a 95ft superyacht.

One of the distinguishing features of Princess is its design partnership with legendary British naval architecture firm Olesinski and Italian styling house Pininfarina.

Currently owned by L Capital, Princess Yachts are part of the same stable of brands as Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy, so their knowledge of the luxury lifestyle is unrivalled.

Read more about Princess Yachts

Founded by Idris Braithwaite in the 1960s as Poole Powerboats, the company was rebranded as Sunseeker in 1979 when it started to sell boats overseas, and so a legendary boating brand was born.

Currently owned by Chinese group Dalian Wanda, Sunseeker remains a British company with manufacturing still based in Poole.

The current Sunseeker collection ranges from the Hawk 38 high-performance sportsboat to the Sunseeker 50M Ocean – a steel-hulled superyacht that is currently under construction at Icon Yachts’ facility in the Netherlands.

Read more about Sunseeker

Best boat brands from mainland Europe

Based in Piacenza, a town in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, roughly 150km north-east of Genoa, Absolute Yachts has been an independent boatbuilder since 2002.

Founded by Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi, the yard’s range of 48-73ft Navetta, Flybridge and sport yachts is internationally renowned and it has a prominent presence at all of the world’s leading boat shows.

Its name and motto (Reaching for the Absolute) reflects its desire to achieve the finest standards in both build quality and seakeeping.

Read more about Absolute Yachts


Alfastreet 32 Cabin

Slovenian boat builder, Alfastreet, has forged a powerful reputation for the courageous ingenuity of its sportsboats.

Ever since it made its UK debut in 2014, its mixture of classical design, custom-ready upgrade paths and pioneering day-boating solutions has made Alfastreet boats feel bespoke and exclusive.

Its heritage in high-end roulette tables may have helped the quality of its cabinetry, but it’s Alfastreet’s famous hydraulic roof that has become something of an icon.

Built from fibreglass and mounted on stainless struts, it can be elevated at the touch of a button for unobstructed views, or closed for security at the end of a day without any of the fuss associated with zips, poppers and canvases.

Read more about Alfastreet sportboats

Azimut Yachts is one of Italy’s foremost boatbuilders, based at a state-of-the-art 100,000 square metre facility in Avigliana, less than 20 miles west of Turin, which can produce up to 300 boats per year and has built more than 10,000 hulls to date.

Azimut has pioneered several key yachting trends over the years, such as large frameless windows, electric helm seats and walnut wood interiors.

The current Azimut collection includes the sporty Verve weekenders (42-47ft), the semi-planing Magellano trawler models (43-82ft) and the signature sportscruiser and flybridge range (50-83ft), all the way up to the Grande superyacht line (87-125ft).

Read more about Azimut Yachts

Founded in 1978 as a sailboat builder, Bavaria Yachtbau is the largest yacht manufacturer in Germany with its headquarters in Giebelstadt.

Since 2001 the firm has also built motorboats and the current range includes open boats, sportscruisers and flybridges, ranging in size from 28ft to 55ft.

Read more about Bavaria boats


The Beneteau Grand Trawler 62 is the current flagship of the range

Dating back to 1884, Bénéteau is one of the oldest family-run boatbuilders in the business and the world’s largest producer of yachts, launching more than 10,000 hulls per year.

Based in the Vendée region of France, with a second manufacturing base in Marion, South Carolina, Bénéteau is a major player in both the motorboat and sailing yacht markets.

Its current collection of seafaring vessels ranges from 14ft to 62ft, while the Bénéteau Group’s wider portfolio includes a variety of boat brands, such as Four Winns , Glastron , Jeanneau , Prestige , Scarab and Wellcraft.

Read more about Beneteau boats

Cantiere Nautico Cranchi, more commonly known as Cranchi Yachts, is one of Italy’s oldest boatbuilders, with a history that can be traced back to 1870.

Its current range runs from a 26ft open bowrider up to the 78ft flagship flybridge that was launched in 2020.

Based in the Lombardy region, Cranchi works closely with designer Christian Grande to ensure a consistent Italian style throughout its range, while its primary engine supplier Volvo Penta has a relationship with the brand that has lasted more than 50 years.

Read more about Cranchi Yachts


The 77m full-custom superyacht Boardwalk was launched by Feadship in 2021

With a history that dates back to 1849, the Feadship brand is as historic as it is prestigious. Formed from the Royal Van Lent and De Vries shipyards, Feadship as we know it today was officially formed in 1949.

Today, the yard is one of the biggest players in the full-custom superyacht sector, working primarily in steel and aluminium, and launching just a handful of models each year, ranging from 50m up to 110m.

Notable owners include Apple founder Steve Jobs, who commissioned the 78m Venus , and Oracle owner Larry Ellison, for whom the 88m Musashi was built.

Read more about Feadship superyachts

Founded in 1968 in Bologna, the Ferretti Group is now based in the Italian city of Forli.

From here it controls a vast group of yachting brands built across six facilities, including CRN , Custom Line , Itama, Mochi Craft , Pershing , Riva and Wally .

Its signature Ferretti Yachts flybridge range currently runs from 50ft to 100ft.

Read more about Ferretti Yachts

Fountaine Pajot

Founded in 1976 by Jean François Fountaine, Yves Pajot and Daniel Givon, Fountaine Pajot is a French yard based in Poitou-Charentes.

Its catamaran collection includes both sailing yachts and, since 1998, powercats. The latter range spans from the 36ft entry-level MY4S to the recently launched 67ft flagship .

A lot of yards speak boldly about sustainability and alternative energy sources, but Fountaine Pajot is rare in that it has set an ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2030.

Read more about Fountaine Pajot powercats

Since 1982, Galeon Yachts has been building luxury motorboats in Straszyn, Poland.

Today its range of 30-80ft models is exported worldwide by a network of 15 dealers. Galeon also builds the entry-level Galia range of 15-25ft leisure boats.

In recent years, Galeon has pioneered the use of fold-out platforms, which massively increase the available deck space when resting at anchor.

Read more about Galeon Yachts

A Dutch manufacturer of steel displacement yachts, Linssen was founded in 1949 as a carpentry and ship repair business.

In the last decade, the yard moved to the town of Maasbracht where it currently builds aft-cabin cruisers and sedans ranging from 9-16m.

Propulsion options include Mercury and Volvo Penta units with the aim of delivering comfortable long-distance cruising, both inland and offshore.

Read more about Linssen Yachts

A relatively new player on the motor yacht scene, Cantiere del Pardo was founded in 2016 by Grand Soleil – a luxury sailboat manufacturer of more than 50 years’ experience, based in the Italian town of Forli.

Since then, its range has grown to five models – the Pardo 38 , 43 and 50 T-top sportscruisers, the Pardo Endurance 60 flagship , and the forthcoming Pardo GT52 , which aims to deliver the best of both styles.

Read more about Pardo Yachts


Though originally famed for its robust offshore RIBs, Parker Poland is also an undisputed powerhouse in the world of recreational sportsboats.

The company’s core ethos is to marry capable, seagoing hulls with high-quality construction and to bring its boats to market at remarkably accessible and reasonable prices.

It also makes a point of leveraging feedback from its customers to bring fresh models and design ideas to market each and every year. And with a global reach that now encompasses 80 dealers in more than 35 countries around the world, it’s clearly an approach that works.

Read more about Parker sportsboats

Founded in 1958, Sanlorenzo has grown to become an Italian boatbuilding behemoth, with facilities in Ameglia, Viareggio, Massa and La Spezia.

Building in GRP, aluminium and steel, the yard produces a wide range of semi-custom yachts from 24-72m.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sanlorenzo acquired Bluegame Yachts in 2018, adding its range of 42-72ft motor yachts to its bulging portfolio.

The future looks bright for Sanlorenzo, with a healthy order book, including a cutting-edge 50m hydrogen-powered superyacht , which has been commissioned by company chairman Massimo Perotti.

Read more about Sanlorenzo Yachts

Founded in the 1970s by Frank Fish, Tom Murrant and Ray Walker, Sealine grew in popularity in the 1980s and 90s to become one of the UK’s most prominent boatbuilders.

Following a buyout by German company Hanse in June 2013, the current 33ft-55ft Sealine range is built in Greifswald on the Baltic coast, including sportcruisers and flybridges.

Thanks to the Hanse Group’s connections, Sealine boats are now sold all across the world by a network of 89 dealers.

Read more about Sealine

Best boat brands from Scandinavia

One of the newer boat brands on our list, but also one of the most successful, Axopar has reinvented the market for outboard-powered dayboats, with a comprehensive range of stylish, practical and attractively priced cabin, open and T-top models, sparking a string of imitators.

Axopar was founded in 2014 by a select group of Finnish entrepreneurs and is now headed up by Jan-Erik Viitala, who brought together everything he had learned from working on Aquador , XO and Paragon , hence the name.

The current Axopar range runs from 22ft-37ft and more than 3,500 boats have been built at its production facilities in Poland over the past 8 years.

Key partnerships include Jobe Watersports and German tuning house Brabus, who have produced the Brabus Shadow range of high-performance outboard boats.

Read more about Axopar Boats

Made in Finland since 1976, the Botnia range is revered for its Targa wheelhouse boats, which boast exceptional seakeeping in almost all conditions.

The uncompromising styling and rugged build quality has earned this range a reputation as the ultimate 4×4 of the sea

The current Botnia leisure range runs from 23ft to 46ft, but the yard also builds water taxis, police boats, sea rescue boats and much more besides.

Read more about Botnia Boats


Finnmaster T9

Founded in 1990, Finnmaster range comprises wheelhouse boats, sportsboats, centre consoles and bow riders, all built from GRP and measuring from 5m to 9m.

The group also includes the Grandezza range of sportsboats and sportscruisers (7.5m-11.5m), and Husky aluminium bow rider boats (5m-8m).

While lots of Nordic boat builders have shifted production to overseas factories over the last decade, Finnmaster has remained profoundly connected to its roots. Now, as ever, it designs and builds its boats at the heart of Finland’s historic Ostrobothnia boat building region.

With the famous Gulf of Bothnia directly on its doorstep, that provides a uniquely varied and challenging testing ground for research and development.

Read more about Finnmaster sportsboats

Very much a family business, Marex Yachts was founded in 1973 by Eyvin Aalrud and handed down to his sons Espen and Thomas 16 years later.

Production of its 31-37ft range is split between two facilities in Arendal, Norway and Kaunas, Lithuania.

The brand name comes from the Latin for ‘king of the sea’ and this motto is reflected in the consistently impressive seakeeping of its boats.

Famous clients include former Top Gear presenter James May, who owns a Marex 310 Sundancer .

Read more about Marex Yachts

Swedish brand Nimbus Group has been building boats since 1968. As well as Nimbus Boats, the group also includes the Aquador , Bella , Falcon , Flipper and Paragon ranges.

Famous owners over the years include tennis player Bjorn Borg and the Swedish King Gustaf XVI. Its influence isn’t limited to Sweden either, with a worldwide network of almost 100 dealers.

The current Nimbus range goes from 26ft to 36ft and covers styles as diverse as superyacht tenders, flybridges and commuter boats.

Read more about Nimbus Boats

Established in 2021 by three highly respected Finnish boat builders, Quarken is named after the brand’s home waters around the Kvarken archipelago in the northern Baltic. Though still young, the brand is already becoming known for its modular approach to boat building, which enables each craft to be customised with a minimum of fuss.

You simply pick the model and the hull colour and then configure it with a range of seating choices, dining layouts, deck fittings and  watersports and fishing features. Clean, simple and understated with modern Nordic designs but very keen pricing, Quarken has already formed a new five-year partnership with Yamaha Motor.

This means every current Quarken 27 will be equipped with Yamaha’s 300hp V6 outboard power and future models will have the option of everything up to Yamaha’s imperious  XTO 425hp V8 .

Read more about Quarken sportsboats


Sargo 28 Explorer

Edy Sarin started building boats under the Minor Offshore brand over 50 years ago in Ostrobothnia, situated along Finland’s West Coast. He and his wife Lillemor developed both the range and the business, which has stayed firmly within the family, now headed up by their son Thomas.

In 2014, Thomas Sarin changed the brand name to Sargo to reflect the brand’s ever increasing global reach (Minor doesn’t translate well into some languages).

The current line-up ranges from 28ft to 45ft and comprises five wheelhouse models and one flybridge yacht.

Read more about Sargo boats

The newest boat brand on our list and arguably the most exciting, Saxdor burst onto the scene in 2021 with its headline grabbing Saxdor 200 Sport offering cutting edge styling and exceptional value for money thanks to production facilities based in Poland.

This was quickly followed up by the Saxdor 320 , which brought with it more space, more performance and features such as fold-out balconies and pilothouse accommodation.

This new Finnish brand is definitely one to watch…

Read more about Saxdor Yachts

Founded in Oslo in 1966, Windy is one of the oldest and most highly venerated Scandinavian boat brands.

Founder Hugo Vold was inspired by his father’s sturdy fishing vessels, and the Windy range aims to uphold those high standards of seakeeping today, albeit with much higher levels of performance, style and luxury.

The current range runs from 26ft to 60ft and incorporates everything from superyacht tenders and luxury day boats to fast and efficient sportscruisers.

Read more about Windy Boats

The irrepressible coolness of an XO sports boat goes way beyond its styling. In terms of its sheer usability, the brand’s designs encompass a range of open, hardtop and cabin options that enable you to fine-tune each model precisely in line with the way you like to go boating.

Tough, lightweight, easy to maintain and simple to mend, XO’s famously robust aluminium deep-V hulls mean that, as polished and refined as they might look, XO boats are also brilliant for the rough stuff – for nosing onto rocky beaches, for rafting up at busy berths, or for the knockabout rigours of offshore passages and everyday family recreation.

There are eight models in the current XO fleet – the EXPLR Series offers five versatile cabin-equipped pilothouse models in 9m and 10m variants. Beneath that, the 9m DSCVR Series is available in either Open or T-Top versions.

Read more about XO sportsboats


Yamarin 88DC

When Finnish Yamaha importer, Kesko, founded Yamarin in 1972, the whole point was to create a line of compact open runabouts that would dovetail perfectly with Yamaha’s outboard motors.

They met with tremendous success, quickly establishing Yamaha engines as the biggest player in the Scandinavian boating market – and 50 years on, Yamarin’s Yamaha-powered fleet remains just as keenly focused as it ever was.

With endless hours of applied on-water testing and customer feedback underpinning each model, Yamarin boats have become justly famous for their novice-friendly hulls, for their impeccable ergonomics and for all the comfort, handling and efficiency gains that come with a balanced boat and a properly matched engine.

Read more about Yamaran sportsboats

Best Riva boats: 10 stunning boats from the famous Italian builder

Buying a used nimbus commuter 9 motor boat, why my motorboat will be the perfect boat for cruises to corsica, latest videos, navan s30 & c30 tour: exceptional new axopar rival, galeon 440 fly sea trial: you won’t believe how much they’ve packed in, parker sorrento yacht tour: 50-knot cruiser with a killer aft cabin, yamarin 80 dc tour: a new direction for the nordic day cruiser.

Zizoo Magazine

Top 10 Luxury Yachts in the World

Need a holiday? Get a free and personalised offer from us!

Ever dreamed of sailing to your favourite travel destinations on the most impressive luxury yachts in the world?

Imagine waking up to a breathtaking orange sunrise over the most beautiful yacht in the world . On board the best luxury yachts in the world, you’ll start your day with a restorative head massage. This is followed by a helicopter ride to a secluded island for lunch, a swim in fragrant indigo waters, and finally, cap the day off with a meal of local cuisine cooked exactly to your taste .

Well, bespoke indulgence might not be so out-of-reach after all — at least for a week! At Zizoo, you can rent a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean for you and your group, and no, it won’t cost you $5 million to $500 million . If you’re curious, just fill out a request form with a few of your preferences and we’ll whip up a few options for you to flirt with.  If you don’t know yet which boat is right for you , we support you to make a suitable decision.

For a little inspiration, check out our list of the top 10 best luxury yachts in the world:

10. luxury yacht christina o (market price: $32.4 million).

Christina O deck view with jacuzzi

She may not be THE most expensive yacht in the world, but she’s certainly one of the most notable ones.

In 1954, Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis took Christina O, a former Canadian naval frigate, and turned her into a playground for the rich and famous . John F. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and many more have since set sail on the Christina O.

This superyacht:

  • can accommodate 34 guests;
  • boasts a massage room;
  • a beauty salon;
  • a sports lounge;
  • a glamorous dining room; and
  • a deck that turns into a dance floor.

This luxurious yacht certainly combines glamour, history and elegance. She might be out of reach for you to set sail, but you can still admire her from a distance.

9. Luxury Yacht Lady Moura (Market price: $210 million)

ladymoura luxury yacht in the world

The Lady Moura:

  • Was built in 1990 for Saudi Arabian businessman Nasser Al-Rashid.
  • The yacht’s name is carved from 24-carat gold lettering:
  • Onboard this 344-foot yacht you find a pool, a helicopter, and a 75-foot dining room table.

But the most outstanding aspect of the Lady Moura is its private extendable beach: a sand-covered hydraulic platform that extends out from the side of the yacht down by the waterline, and comes fully equipped with palm trees, beach chairs, and real sand.

Lady moura best luxury yacht

8. Luxury Yacht Dilbar (Market price: $256 million)

panoramic view over Dilbar yacht

The Dilbar:

  • said to be one of the world’s largest boats at 360-feet long and 50-feet high.
  • was built in 2008 and owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov.

With swimming pools, a helipad and enormous multi-layered decks that can host 20 people on each , the Dilbar is the one luxury yacht for Usmanov to cruise around his many private islands. If you already own a bunch of private islands, you might as well top that with one of the largest yachts in the world.

7. Luxury Yacht Al Said (Market price: $300 million)

al said super yacht

The Al Said houses a concert hall big enough to accommodate a 50-piece orchestra — that’s how big we’re talking. This huge luxury yacht can host up to 70 guests and a crew of 154.

The Al Said:

  • was built by Lürssen Yachts in 2008 .
  • is owned by Qaboos Bin Said Al Said, the Sultan of Orman.
  • can move at up to 22 knots and at the time of her launch was considered the world’s most powerful superyacht.

6. Luxury Motor Yacht A (Market price: $323 million)

motor yacht A luxury yacht

Motor Yacht A :

  • is 390-feet-long.
  • is one of the most unusual-looking luxury yachts on the list, but the Russian billionaire, Andrey Melnichenko, certainly likes this style.
  • it’s got a helicopter pad, three pools (one with a glass bottom that sits over the disco hall), a silver-plated staircase and a 30-foot speedboat.

The interior of Motor Yacht A covers:

  • over 24,000 square feet;
  • the master suite a whopping 2,583; and
  • houses a disco hall and six guest suites that can be converted into four large staterooms thanks to the yacht’s moving walls.

But, believe it or not, Motor Yacht A wasn’t quite lavish enough for the Russian billionaire, so he upgraded to something even more enormous, which you’ll discover below. If you’re already a billionaire, you need to own the top of the tops in terms of yachts.

5. Luxury Yacht Dubai (Market price: $350 million)

Dubai super yacht panoramic view

  • has been owned by the Sheikh of Dubai since 2006, but was originally commissioned 10 years earlier as the Golden Star by Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei.

Guests aboard the Dubai will find:

  • a glass staircase;
  • a swimming pool;
  • a helipad; and
  • several jacuzzis.

The decadent interior is full of mosaics and bold colors, while the spacious deck areas create a large social area and lounge, and numerous VIP and guest suites. The Dubai can host a whopping 115 guests and is currently the world’s third-largest yacht. She definitely deserves it’s spot on the list of the world’s most luxury yachts.

4. Luxury Sailing Yacht A (Market price: $400 million)

super sailing yacht A at night

Here we are. The latest and greatest edition to the superyacht world. Not to be confused with Motor Yacht A, Sailing Yacht A is something of an upgrade for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko .

Considered the world’s largest sailing yacht :

  • at 468 feet in length and with ship masts nearing 300-feet high.
  • has eight floors and an underwater observation room.
  • can hold a crew of 54 attending just 20 guests.
  • can also reach a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour, even with a steel hull and a teak-finish deck. It’s one serious yacht.

3. Top 3 of the world’s most luxurious yachts: Azzam (Market price: $650 million)

Azzam luxury super yacht

  • is another superyacht creation by the people of Lürssen Yachts , who claimed it was “the most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built.”
  • at $650 million and 590-feet long, the Azzam is said to be the largest private yacht in the world.
  • can reach speeds of up to 30 knots and boasts incredibly luxurious interiors designed by French interior decorator Christophe Leoni.

2. Luxury Yacht Streets of Monaco (Market price: $1.1 billion)

Streets-of monaco super yacht luxury sailing

This yacht design has got to be one of the most absurd and unnecessary luxury items we’ve ever seen. But, hey — it’s not our $1.1 billion. As you might have guessed, Streets of Monaco is a floating replica of the city of Monaco. In the picture above you can certainly recognise the capital of the Monegasse.

Luxury Yacht Streets of Monaco :

  • was designed by Yacht Island Design of Derbyshire County in England, and is still waiting to be funded by a billionaire owner.
  • at 500-foot superyacht features the famous Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, as well as Hotel de Paris, Cafe de Paris, La Rascasse and the Loews Hotel.
  • hosts just seven guest suites onboard, all with private reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and balconies.

The main suite is the size of a luxury penthouse, taking up three floors and 4,800 square feet. Streets of Monaco has swimming pools, tennis courts, a mini waterfall, a cafe-bar with underwater views, a helipad and submarines.

1. The top of the luxury yachts in the world: Eclipse (Market price: $1.2 billion)

Eclipse super luxury yacht Zizoo

That’s right — the yacht of yet another Russian billionaire. Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the Eclipse, which was created by Blohm and Voss of Hamburg and measures 536-feet in length.

What the yacht Eclipse has to offer:

  • disco hall;
  • two helipads;
  • 24 guest cabins;
  • 70 crew members;
  • two swimming pools;
  • a mini-submarine;
  • several jacuzzis;
  • three launch boats; and
  • is believed to have several secret exits (one might only wonder what they are used for).

The master suite is 5,000 square feet big, features bulletproof windows, and includes a private garden. This yacht even has an anti-paparazzi laser shield sweeping the surrounding areas!

Find out how the rich and famous spend their sailing holidays on their chosen superyachts.

By the way, if you’ve somehow come into a load of cash and are interested in building a superyacht of your own, you can turn to some of the best luxury yacht brands out there who task themselves with the challenge of building high-quality superyachts on a regular basis.

Big players in the superyacht game hank to their tedious dedication to quality and personalized design.

  • Blohm+Voss;
  • Bertram Yachts;
  • Benetti Yachts; and
  • Riva Yachts.

If you cannot afford to buy a luxurious yacht, you could go on a sailing trip for a week and rent of our luxurious boats instead.

What Documents Do I Need to Charter a Boat?

British virgin islands route: a 7-day boat trip in the bvi, 2 thoughts on “top 10 luxury yachts in the world”.

I love spending time on yachts during the summer, but I will probably never have the opportunity of being on one of these ten yachts. However, I would definitely choose to take a ride on the Streets of Monaco if I had the chance. I would spend my time swimming, playing tennis and, of course, taking a ride in the submarine.

These boats are beautiful, not to mention they’re massive! Holy cow, they’re very expensive too. Which is funny, because my boss would like to rent one and take all the employees on a cruise. I’d like to know how much they’re to rent.

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13 Best Sport Fishing Yachts of 2023

  • By Patrick Sciacca
  • August 30, 2023

It is possible to fish from any type of boat, but a sportfishing yacht is purpose-built for angling aficionados to chase fish of all sizes and species, whether it’s fun fishing for mahi-mahi off the beach in South Florida or campaigning a pro-level crew from the Bahamas to Bermuda and back pursuing billfish during tournament season. The best sport-fishing yachts combine rugged, blue-water construction with performance, range, agile handling, and the comforts of luxury-yacht living. On the outside, sportfish yachts are notable for their dance-floor size cockpits for fish fighting; livewells to keep baits fresh; in-deck fish boxes to keep the catch stowed and cold; and an armada of rod holders for drift fishing, kite fishing or trolling. They also are known for big diesel horsepower and speed, sometimes north of 40-plus knots. Sportfish yachts are also known for luxurious interiors with supple leathers, granite countertops, high-end galley appliances and en suite staterooms. These are highly self-sufficient angling platforms geared for life beyond the horizon where the water is deep and the fish are big.

Top Luxury Fishing Boats

The following 13 sportfish yachts are all vessels we’ve reviewed. They are listed in no particular order.

  • Hatteras GT65 Carolina : A customizable sportfish yacht with Caterpillar diesels
  • Viking Yachts 64C : An eye-watering 42 knots of fish-chasing speed boat 
  • Royal Huisman Project 406 : The biggest sportfish yacht ever built
  • Rybovich 94 : A superyacht-sized angler’s dream
  • Viking 38 Open : A family-sized express sportfisherman loaded for offshore fishing
  • Bertram 61 Convertible : A tournament-ready battlewagon with a distinct look 
  • Hatteras Yachts 45EX : Entry-level sportfish yacht with all the angling amenities of its larger siblings
  • Huckins 45 Sportfisherman : Built for bluewater angling with the patented and sea-taming Quadraconic hull form 
  • Jarrett Bay 46 : A mid-size custom-Carolina sportfisherman with a yacht-level finish
  • Viking Yachts 92 : Designed to travel the world’s oceans chasing behemoth billfish
  • Merritt 72 : An iconic Florida boatbuilder’s high-end fishing boat
  • Bertram 35 : This 35-foot flybridge sportfish pays homage to the builder’s legendary roots.
  • Viking 54 Open : This express-style fish boat also comes in a Sport Tower and Coupe version

Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina

The Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina falls in the middle of the New Bern, North Carolina, boatbuilder’s three-model GT lineup, which also includes a GT59 and GT70 . This sportfish yacht has a solid-fiberglass hull bottom built for blue-water duty and comes with a variety of diesel engine options, which starts with twin 1,622 hp Caterpillar C-32A diesels.

Like all Hatteras GT models, the GT65 has notable bow flare to beat back tempestuous seas as well as a high freeboard to keep decks dry in the slop. The Hatteras GT65 also represent a design evolution for the series with a “stepped-back flybridge” an element found on in earlier Hatteras models, as well as a new window treatment and hull-side vents. With yacht-level luxury on the inside and a fishing-mission design on the outside, the Hatteras Yachts GT65 is a formidable sportfish boat.

Hatteras Yachts GT65 Carolina

Quick Specifications

Viking yachts 64c.

With its 180-square-foot, dance-floor-size, teak cockpit, options for a fighting chair or rocket launcher, a mezzanine perched perfectly for spotting prey in the spread and enough livewell space to keep a gaggle of goggle-eye baits frisky, the 42-knot Viking Yachts 64C is built for battle with big fish.Its impressive speed, which comes via optional 2,022 hp MTU M96X V-12 diesels , ensures that the Viking 64C is likely to be first boat with lines in the water. Cruise speed: 36 knots at 80 percent engine load. (Base powerplants are twin 1,550 hp MAN V-12 diesels.) For the traveling tournament crew, the Viking 64C has four staterooms, including three en suite guest staterooms, plus a crew cabin with upper and lower bunks.

Viking Yachts 64C

Royal Huisman Project 406

A 171-foot sportfisherman? Yes. That’s exactly what the six-deck, Royal Huisman’s Project 406 is. The interior and exterior design of Project 406 is from noted Dutch yacht-design firm Vripack . Vripack calls the vessel a “sportfisher on steroids.” The hull and superstructure of the supersize sportfish is Alustar aluminum, a material known for its strength and relatively light weight.

Even with six decks, Vripack has managed to create sleek lines for Project 406. It starts with a high freeboard forward that seemingly dares the ocean to approach. Transitioning from the bow, the sheerline slopes downwards in a steady cadence. The flowing sheerline resolves seamlessly at the cockpit. The vessel’s raked house and stacked deck are juxtaposed against the long profile, creating a sinewy aesthetic, which is no simple feat in this 171-footer. Add in all of the expected angling accouterments and 30-knot speed, and you have a sportfish yacht ready to chase fish around the world.

Royal Huisman Project 406

Rybovich 94

Size, speed and agility is a unique trifecta in a sportfish boat, but the 94-foot, 41-knot III Amigos from Michael Rybovich checks all those boxes as well as a few more too. The sportfish boat , designed by Patrick Knowles with naval architecture from Dusty Rybovich, is built in cold-molded mahogany. Prop pockets help keep the boat’s half-load draft down to a Bahamas-friendly 5 feet. The Rybovich 94’s impressive speed is helped by a pair of beefy 2,600 hp MTU diesels . 

The owner of II Amigos also owns a 196-foot Feadship superyacht and, while he wanted the sportfish to be all business on the outside, he wanted luxury-yacht finishes on the inside.  “Subtle but telling touches are the solid doors to the staterooms; each mimics the owner’s Feadship with ¾-inch thickness. The doors close flush (each has hidden hinges), and the sound is of a Rolls-Royce door closing.”

Rybovich 94

Viking Yachts 38 Open Billfish

The Viking Yachts 38 Open Billfish is the builder’s entry point to its diesel-propelled sportfish boats. An owner-operator-size angling platform, the 38 Open is powered with twin 550 hp Cummins QSB6.7 diesels, which gives the sportfish boat 36-knot speed. Notable angling features on board the 38 Open include a 109-swqure-foot cockpit, complete with a mezzanine seating flanking the centerline stairs to the bridge deck as well as a laminated backing plate foe either a fighting chair or a rocket launcher. For overnight canyon trips, there is a forepeak stateroom with a double bunk as well as a single above it. Additionally, the salon’s sofa converts to a berth for guests or crew. The galley is outfitted with Corian countertops, two-burner electric cooktop, microwave/convection oven and drawer-style refrigerators and freezers. Some options include a Palm Beach Towers tuna tower and electronics packages from Atlantic Marine Electronics , both are Viking Yachts’ subsidiaries.

Viking Yachts 38 Open Billfish

Bertram 61 Convertible

Bertram’s 61 Convertible leads the builder’s offshore series, which also includes a 35 Convertible and the express-style 50 Sport . Like its 50 Sport sistership, the 61 Convertible has a stepped sheerline, a nod to the legendary boatbuilder’s earlier designs. It also creates an instantly recognizable profile. The 61 Convertible is ready to run out of the box thanks to its twin 1,925 hp Caterpillar C-32A diesels. Top hop is 44 knots.

When it comes to chasing fish, the 61 Convertible has 188 square feet of fish-fighting space. A 100-gallon in-transom livewell is accompanied by twin in-sole fish boxes as well as rod stowage to port and starboard. A tuna door to starboard makes bringing in that bigeye on board a breeze. (Fish not included.) The accommodations layout belowdecks includes three staterooms. There is a full-beam master stateroom amidships.

Bertram 61 Convertible

Hatteras Yachts GT45X

The Hatteras Yachts GT45X express sports twin 1,150-horsepower Cat C18 ACERT diesel engines that deliver 40-plus-knot speeds. During our sea trial, the GT45X showcased remarkable handling, gracefully leaning into turns without any loss of power from the props. Hatteras has equipped the GT45X with a custom-engineered, sound-deadening system. This feature reduces noise and vibration, ensuring a relatively quiet ride for all aboard. Inside, the yacht has a luxe sensibility with its wood sole, sumptuous leather seating, a fully equipped galley and a spacious forward stateroom. On deck, there are two comfortable helm seats, an undercounter fridge, an ice maker, an inviting L-shaped settee and a table, creating the perfect entertainment area for relaxing after a successful day of fishing. The integrated hardtop enhances visibility with its one-piece windshield and large side windows, offering optimal views of the surrounding waters. To adapt to changing weather conditions, simply install clear curtains across the bridge deck aft, transforming the GT45X into an all-season sport-fisherman. Personalization is key with Hatteras Yachts, and the GT45X offers a variety of optional features. From a bow thruster and additional stateroom to teak accents and a flybridge option, you can customize your yacht to meet your specific needs. With a simple ala carte ordering process, just select your must-have options, start the engines and have your next angling adventure.

Hatteras Yachts GT45X

Huckins 45 Sportfisherman

The Huckins 45 Sportfisherman starts with the Florida boatbuilder’s patented Quadraconic hull . The Huckins’ Quadraconic name derives from four conical projections that make up the bottom surface shape. The sport-fisher has a deep forefoot and some measurable flare above the waterline for good buoyancy and dry running. A single chine rises from the waterline and then descends quickly to optimize spray control. The deep-V shape forward warps to a flat running surface far aft for efficient planing and excellent roll resistance.

Power is twin 480 hp Cummins diesels, which give this sportfish boat an easy 28-knot cruise. Top speed is 35 knots, so a 30-knot cruise is easily an option. The owner of the 45 Sportfisherman we got aboard is an avid stand-up angler and set up his boat with three flush-deck insulated fish boxes with macerators, a Dometic ice maker, two 28-foot Rupp outriggers, six gunwale rod holders, saltwater and freshwater washdowns, and a four-rod rocket launcher in lieu of a fighting chair.

Huckins 45 Sportfisherman

Jarrett Bay 46

Originally named Persistence, this Jarrett Bay 46 was built for fishing enthusiast and NASCAR driver Jeff Burton. When creating his fully custom sportfish boat, Burton noted that his vessel would be both a fishing boat and a family boat. Fishing features include an in-transom fish box, a sailfish pod, insulated fish boxes and a tuna door (sans bridge) in the cockpit. Jarrett Bay installed three rod holders in each gunwale and six more across the flybridge rail, plenty of rod room for setting up a trolling spread. With upper and lower helm stations (the latter being an owner request), the Jarrett Bay 46 also gives the skipper options if the weather goes south. The Jarrett Bay 46 has ZF pod drives with underwater exhaust paired to twin 575 hp Caterpillar C9 diesels. At a comfortable 2,000-rpm cruise, this sport-fisher makes about 26 knots while those diesels consume 41 gallons per hour. Dial it up to a top-end speed of 35 knots and consumption goes up to 58.3 gph.

Jarrett Bay 46

Viking Yachts 92

The Viking Yachts 92 is the largest sport-fisher the New Gretna, New Jersey-based boatbuilder has ever constructed. Offered with an open- or enclosed-bridge setup, the hefty sportfish boat (displacing around 205,000 pounds) hits 37-knots-plus when powered with optional 2,600 hp MTU diesels. At 2,100 rpm, this battlewagon cruises easily at 31 knots at 78 percent engine load. Dial it back to 28 knots, and engine load is a mere 70 percent. The 92-footer is also agile thanks to the Viking Independent Programmable Electrohydraulic Rudder (VIPER) steering system, a fly-by-wire setup that lets the helmsman control each rudder individually.

From an angling perspective, the 92 has 55-foot Rupp outriggers , fish stowage large enough for a wolf pack of bigeye tuna, space for a season’s worth of baits, secured gaff stowage and enough tackle drawers to handle all the lures and terminal gear an owner could ever buy. The Viking 92 also has six staterooms to accommodate owners, guests and crew for tournament season and long-haul adventure angling.

Viking Yachts 92

Like some of the other names on this list, Merritt is an iconic Pompano Beach, Florida-based, custom sportfish builder with a current model lineup that includes 66-, 72- and 86-foot convertible designs. The Merritt 72 is a model that has stood the test of time, and one that owners flock to year in and year out, for its fishability, seakindly nature and the ability to tailor the layout to an owner’s angling needs.

Because these boats are custom-built, the specifics can change from one 72 to another, but 30-knot cruise speeds and nearly 40-knot top-end speeds are common in all 72s, as are massive cockpits for fighting Hemingway-worthy marlin, stout construction for chasing those fish in the blue water and superyacht-level finishes inside and outside.

Merritt 72

The entry point into Bertram’s three-model Offshore Series⎯spanning from 35 to 61 feet length overall⎯the Bertram 35 blends a familiar profile with modern power and technology to create a 36-knot angling juggernaut. This owner-operator-sized, Michael Peters -penned, flybridge sport-fisher starts with a wave-slicing, deep-V hull form with 22 degrees transom deadrise. The form is supported by a solid fiberglass hull bottom with cored hull sides for added strength without added weight.

The 35 has a 126-square-foot cockpit ready for any fish-fighting fanatic. Bertram sets up the 35 with rod holders, a livewell, in-deck fish boxes, and a transom door for the big ones. Optional teak decking and covering boards add a custom look. Inside, the salon is accented with teak and maple Amtico soles and overhead dimmer lighting. A wainscot-style ceiling houses rod stowage for big-game gear. Power is twin 500 hp Caterpillar C7.1 diesels matched to ZF drives. At a comfortable 27.5-knot cruise at just 68 percent engine load, the Bertram 35 has a 253-nautical-mile range, making it easily canyon-capable.

Bertram 35

Viking Yachts 54 Open

Many anglers like open- or express-style sportfish designs as they enable the captain and crew to keep in close proximity, and the Viking 54 Open , which also is offered in a Sport Coupe or Sport Tower, does just that. The 54 Open’s bridge deck has a Palm Beach-style helm on centerline, flanked by a double-wide companion seat to port and a single seat to starboard. Abaft the helm and to port is U-shaped seating with a walnut table, creating a respite from the sun on tournament day while still allowing the crew to keep an eye on the spread via the open after bulkhead. Across from that seating is an L-shaped settee.

With a focus on fishing, the 54 Open has 154 square feet of cockpit real estate. Two sets of mezzanine seats offer perches for the crew to watch the spread. Other fishing-friendly features include a transom livewell, an in-deck fish box to starboard (with an optional livewell tub), an insulated in-deck box to port, a deck plate for mounting a rocket launcher or fighting chair, cooler stowage in the mezzanine steps (a bait freezer in the steps is optional), and a tuna door. Power is either twin 1,400 hp or 1,550 hp MAN diesels. For owners who prefer a three-sided fiberglass enclosure to a clear-plastic setup—but still want an open after bulkhead—Viking offers the 54 in the Sport Tower version. The 54 Sport Coupe model closes the after bulkhead, completely protecting the bridge deck from the elements.

Viking Yachts 54 Open

  • More: Bertram , Hatteras , Huckins , Jarrett Bay , Merritt , Royal Huisman , Rybovich , Sportfishing Yachts , Viking , Yachts
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Top 20+ Best Yacht Brands in the World

The yacht is known for having aesthetic qualities, which are often synonymous with luxury. It’s a powerhouse crafted for pleasure and sports.

A yacht is fancier than a ship or boat, and the vessel is made for extravagance, fun, relaxation, and exuberance. It cannot be used for work.

There go the listings of this beautiful racer which has remained a heartbeat even for the royalty. 

We'll cover

Yacht Brands in the World

Country: USA 

Westport stands synonymous with excellence with its age-old innovation in creating the vessel. This brand is engineered by an adept craftsman whose skills and unique accommodations make it more likely to inherit its structural integrity. 

Country: Germany

Lurssen Yachts believe that the night is young with its super luxury customized yachts like the Octopus, Azzam, and Rising Sun, the largest private yachts in the world. The fourth-generation family business of Lurssen shipyard builds the beauty vessel beyond imagination with starting from 40m to over 150m. Apart from superior refined designs, Lurssen’s team of experts also works on refit and repair. 

Country: Netherlands 

Feadship flags the Dutch beauty with fully customized design with innovation, master craftsmanship, and a luxury vessel known for creating supremely unique yachts. Aquarius, Azteca, The Highlander, Symphony are few to be named as superyachts that lull at an amazingly bespoke interior. They have created vessels focusing on both size and substance.


Heesen formulates on Dreams turning to Reality. They are a story of revolution where the yardstick is created with efficiency and performance, bringing out evolution to fulfill the dreams of a stress-free journey. Over the years, Heesen has built 107 superyachts, with the largest being Galvas , featuring 56.0m.

Country: Italy 

Benefit Yachts, Italian beauty is known for winning the ‘Showboats International Magazine’ shipyard no 1 award six times in a row. This is famous for creating private yachts, semi-customized, and customized constructed in FRP, aluminum, and steel. This a work leader brand in creating mega yachts. 

Perini Navi 

Country: Italy

Perini Navi builds luxury racing and cruising sailing yachts from 40 to 60 meters in length. With the launch of Vitruvius in 2007, this brand officially made the luxury motor yacht series. The Italian company has its shipyard in Istanbul,  also providing refits and service work.

Christensen Yachts 

Country: United States 

The vision of Christensen shipyards is to make beautiful, ocean-going yachts to reach new heights in design, dimension, and engineering. Christensen yachts are truly deep water, transoceanic global explorers infused with composite construction. The impeccable steelwork, elaborate stonework, and custom upholstery are all done with master craftsman creating a world-class luxury vessel.

Sunseeker Yachts 

Country: United kingdom 

Sunseeker vouches to show meticulous hand-built design, even in the age of digitalization. The elite luxury, prowess design has earned two International Super Yacht Design awards and the Queen’s Award for export achievement. Models like ‘ Predator’, ‘ Superhawk’ and ‘ Renegade’ evoke the British brand’s high quality and craftsmanship. They are strong and durable in all conditions.

Blohm+ Voss 

Country: Germany 

This vessel is known for the unusual exterior, bold windows, and completely unconventional lines which stands the test of time. Sailing Yacht A is the epitome of beauty, created as 119m motor yacht has garnered much attention. They believe in the concept of ‘smarter thinking’ when it comes to quality and design.

Princess Yachts

Country: United Kingdom 

This is a luxury motor yacht manufacturer owned with greater shares by a French businessman. The vessel includes breathtaking luxurious saloons, spacious cockpits, and outstanding spacious cabin designs. 

Fairline Yachts

Country: United Kingdom

Fair line Yachts completed its first build, a Targa 48 GT for a UK 2018, the company was awarded ‘ Best exterior design’ at the world yacht trophies. Squadron, Targa, and F line are the new vessels to bring out the beauty and new innovation to yacht building. 

Country: Netherlands

Amels is a part of the Daman group of shipbuilding companies. The launch of 48m ‘Katalina’ came as a turning point in building a super luxury yacht. The construction of ‘50m Tigre d’Or, the world’s first MCA compliant certified superyacht was the genesis of Amels’ semi-customized limited editions. The vessels are extensive, climate-controlled covered dry docks capable of housing super yachts tender and toys.

The Nobiskrug Yacht is celebrated throughout the yachting industry for its innovation to work closely with the customers and their choices in creating a world-class luxury combining futuristic design and unparalleled. Comfort. The spectacular vessel has become iconic for its three-tiered hull shape. ARTEFACT is a newly launched 80m Nobiskrug Yacht which was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show, 2018.

Fincantieri Yachts 

Fincantieri Yachts proposes managing large and complex projects. The efficient tram creates mega yachts with their pooling and integrating skills and experiences. The company specializes in constructing mega yachts, repair, and maintenance as well in the manufacture and fabrication of essential mechanical parts and diesel engines. The company has the competency to create prototypes that will implicate innovative concepts and new applications for a broad range of design and production work. 

Country: United States

Derecktor launched a 280 footer largest yacht in the US, with the name ‘ Cakewalk’, which features one of the world’s most innovative bays, packed with custom tenders and toys. Derecktor is known for full-service yacht yard and marina, offering summer slips and moorings, winter storage, yacht sales with popular osprey restaurant. 

The Dutch build quality is visible in this large-sized yachts producing customized superyachts in aluminum and steel. Oceanco truly recognizes the environmental impact of building and operating large yachts, and therefore regularly access their methods and processes to stay ahead of legislation and to surpass the environmental standards. 76m WHEELS formerly knows as ANASTASIA is a classic example of the magnificent yacht built by this brand.

Rahul Panchal

Marketing | Branding | Blogging. These Three Words Describe Me in The Best Way. I Am the founder of Burban Branding and Media, a Self-Taught Marketer with 10 Years of Experience. Helping Startups/ Companies/ and Small Businesses to Enhance Their Business Through Branding and Marketing. On A Mission to Help Small Businesses to Be a Brand.

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best yacht brands in the world

These 3 lesser-known cruise lines offer amazing voyages on sail-powered ships

There is nothing quite as magical — or romantic — as a cruise on a sailing ship.

To stand on the deck of a vessel topped with dozens of billowing sails, propelled through the waves by the power of the wind alone, is to go back in time to an earlier age of travel, when crossing the world's oceans was as adventurous as it was challenging.

It's an experience that's all about the feeling of the wind in your hair, the lean of the vessel (known as the heel) as it's pushed by the wind and the sway from the waves (which is actually smoother than what you get on a motor ship).

For more cruise guides, news and tips, sign up for TPG's cruise newsletter .

In contrast to what you'll find on so many motor-powered ships, cruising on a masted ship is about the simple thrill of traveling across the sea and not about all the many attractions you'll find on board.

Only a handful of small cruise brands — so small that you might never have heard of them — offer trips on sailing ships. Here, we look at the three biggest players in this niche subset of the cruise industry.

Sea Cloud Cruises

If it's an authentic, old-style sailing experience you want, then Sea Cloud Cruises is the line for you. The Germany-based company operates three large sailing ships where the sails are unfurled by hand, just as they were on sailing ships centuries ago.

On the biggest of these three vessels, the 136-passenger Sea Cloud Spirit , 18 deckhands scurry high into the rigging on sea days to manually untie and prepare the sails, an amazing sight. Unveiled in 2021 , it's a full-rigged, three-masted sailing ship of the sort that hasn't been common on the world's oceans for more than a century.

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Sea Cloud Cruises' two other vessels — Sea Cloud 2 and Sea Cloud — are smaller but offer a similar show as the sails are set by hand the old-fashioned way. The former is a 23-year-old, three-masted barque propelled by 23 sails (five fewer than Sea Cloud Spirit); the latter is a 93-year-old, four-masted barque with 30 sails and a storied past.

Now configured to carry 64 paying passengers, Sea Cloud was originally the private yacht of Postum Cereals heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post and her husband, the famed financier E. F. Hutton. At the time, the vessel was the largest private yacht in the world. It later served the U.S. Navy as a weather ship during World War II, after which it became the presidential yacht for the Dominican Republic. It only began sailing as a cruise vessel in the 1980s.

If you have money to spare, you can still book Post's opulent private quarters on Sea Cloud, now its owner's suite. It'll set you back around $5,000 per day per couple. Her husband's slightly smaller quarters are also available to book at a similar rate.

Post, the wealthiest woman in the U.S. during her lifetime, notably also built Mar-a-Lago, the massive estate in Florida that is now the official residence of Donald Trump.

Sea Cloud Cruises is the most all-inclusive and upscale of the three brands listed in this story, with pricing to match. Expect to pay nearly $1,000 per person per day or more for many sailings.

Sea Cloud Cruises' three vessels offer a diverse array of sailings in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Canary Islands and Morocco, the Caribbean or along the west coast of Central America.

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Windstar Cruises

Founded in the 1980s, Windstar Cruises got its start as a sailing ship line. While it now operates traditional motor-powered ships, too, voyages on sailing ships are still a big part of its business.

Three of the Seattle-based brand's six vessels — Wind Spirit, Wind Star and Wind Surf — are sailing vessels, and they all offer a similar yacht-like, small-ship experience.

Two of the three vessels (Wind Spirit and Wind Star) are particularly intimate, measuring 5,407 tons and carrying just 148 passengers with every berth full.

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The line's third sailing vessel, Wind Surf, is nearly three times the size at 14,745 tons. It's one of the biggest sailing ships in the world (only a sister vessel that sails for Club Med is bigger). Wind Surf carries 342 people, an enormous number for a sailing ship.

Unlike on the vessels operated by Sea Cloud, the sails on Windstar's sailing ships aren't unfurled by hand in the old-fashioned way but by the push of a button from the bridge. It's a fully automated system that is much more modern, if less dramatic.

Still, the experience of slicing through the waves by the power of the wind alone on Windstar ships is as glorious and romantic as it is on the Sea Cloud ships.

Windstar Cruises is less all-inclusive and pricey than Sea Cloud but still offers a relatively upscale experience. Its dining program is done in partnership with the food-focused James Beard Foundation, which also brings James Beard Award-winning chefs to the ships regularly for food-themed itineraries.

For an extra $89 per person per day, passengers can also make the experience more all-inclusive with included Wi-Fi, unlimited beer, wine and cocktails, and gratuities (three things that aren't included in regular fares).

The line's three vessels typically spend nearly all of their time sailing in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean or along the west coast of Central America.

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Star Clippers

Like Sea Cloud and Windstar, Star Clippers operates three sailing vessels that are among the biggest and most elegant sailing vessels in the world.

The belle of the ball at the line is Royal Clipper, a stunning five-masted ship that is billed as the largest square-rigged ship in the world. Its enormous array of 42 sails has a sail area of 56,000 square feet — significantly more than the sails atop any of the Sea Cloud or Windstar vessels. (Only Sea Cloud Spirit comes relatively close with a sail area of 44,100 square feet spread across 28 sails.)

Built to resemble Preussen, a legendary tall ship of the 19th century, the 24-year-old Royal Clipper shares the spotlight at Star Clippers with two smaller sister vessels, Star Flyer and Star Clipper.

Carrying 166 passengers apiece, the smaller vessels were designed to resemble the speedy clipper ships of the 19th century, which were known for their narrow profile and large sail area. Each vessel has a sail area of 36,000 square feet spread across 16 sails, a large amount for the size.

When it comes to the setting of sails, Star Clippers vessels offer a level of old-style authenticity that is in between the ships of Sea Cloud and Windstar. Like on Sea Cloud vessels, the sails are pulled into position by a team of deckhands using hand power and winches to tighten the "sheets," or ropes.

Unlike on Sea Cloud vessels, the deck hands don't climb high into the rigging to untie and prepare the sails for winching. That part is done automatically at the push of a button from the bridge, as it is on Windstar vessels.

In one key difference, though, Star Clippers lets passengers harness up and climb into the crow's nest of its vessels — a thrilling experience. Just be prepared for your knees to go a bit wobbly as you get to the top; it's way up there.

Star Clippers sailings are the most affordable option among the three sailing brands, in part because the onboard experience is less all-inclusive and upscale.

The three Star Clippers vessels mostly operate sailings in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean and along the west coast of Central America.

Bottom line

It's still possible to get a taste of what traveling the world's oceans was like in the days before motor power. Three small cruise companies — Sea Cloud Cruises, Windstar Cruises and Star Clippers — offer voyages on large sailing ships that are as majestic as anything that has sailed the seas in centuries past.

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Editorial disclaimer: Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airline or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities.


a can of beer next to a glass on a counter

29 Best Lager Beer Brands In the World

Jack Banton

Politics latest: Chancellor appears to let slip when election could be

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has nodded to when the election could finally be held. It comes after a former minister warned Tory plotters against ousting Rishi Sunak before the vote, as his mooted replacement - Penny Mordaunt - gave short shrift to suggestions she could become prime minister.

Tuesday 19 March 2024 18:27, UK

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  • Coming up on Politics Hub at 7pm
  • Chancellor hints at October election  | The dates PM could pick
  • Drakeford gives emotional resignation statement
  • Mooted Sunak rival responds to leadership rumours
  • Ed Conway: Why Labour's struggling to set itself apart on economy
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  • Live reporting by Tim Baker and (earlier)  Faith Ridler

Earlier this afternoon, Jeremy Hunt suggested to a House of Lords committee the general election could be in October ( see 15.24 post ).

Referring to the need for a government spending review by April 2025, the chancellor said: "And of course, if the general election is in October, that will mean it's very, very tight."

Cabinet ministers have been reluctant to get quite so specific until now, only offering the "working assumption" that it'll be in the autumn, while Rishi Sunak has ruled out holding it with the local elections on 2 May.

"This is the game all MPs are playing at the moment," says our chief political correspondent Jon Craig . 

"Guess the date of the general election."

Is Mr Hunt "playing a little game with us", Jon asks, "or has he let slip the preferred date of a general election?"

If so, what dates in October could the government pick?

By convention, general elections happen on a Thursday.

Running through those dates, Jon says: "Not going to have it on October the 31st - that's a Thursday, but Halloween!

"Can you imagine an election on that date? No, forget that."

The headlines could write themselves, it's fair to say.

Jon continues: "The 24th, the previous Thursday - well, there is the Commonwealth heads of government conference.

"That's in Samoa from the 21st to the 25th.

"King Charles would be attending, and whoever is prime minister, whether Mr Sunak or Sir Keir Starmer, they would be attending as well."

That rules that one out too, then.

If it's October, Jon reckons the 17th is the preferred date.

"Mr Hunt, talking about how timetables are tight and so on - it probably would not be an any earlier than that," he says.

However, it should be noted it's technically possible for an election to be held on 10 October, if the PM calls an election right after MPs return from summer recess at the start of September. 

Jon notes poor local election results in May could see Tories move against the PM even sooner, which may force an election earlier, but the government is "obviously" working towards the second half of the year.

Never mind election speculation, the really big rumour of the day has been who might be the next James Bond.

Reports suggest it's going to be Aaron Taylor-Johnson, the British star who's appeared in films like Tenet, Kick-Ass, Godzilla, and Avengers.

Never mind what casting directors make of him, what about Number 10?

After all, Bond's bosses need a solid relationship with the PM…

"It's an iconic role, and I'm sure he'll do a good job," Rishi Sunak's spokesman said today.

Just make sure you stick to the plan, 007.

One year ago, Rishi Sunak made five pledges for voters to judge him on.

The prime minister met his pledge to halve inflation by the end of 2023, leaving four pledges outstanding.

However, he is faring less well with his other pledges.

It has been confirmed the UK is now in recession, which means the PM's pledge to grow the economy is not being met.

With the general election approaching, how is Mr Sunak doing on delivering his other promises?

You can see the progress for yourself below.

We've been reporting this afternoon on the chancellor's appearance at a House of Lords committee, where he appeared to suggest the general election will happen in October.

Ministers have been coy on specifics until now, only going as far to say that autumn is likely.

Since Jeremy Hunt's comment earlier, we've been narrowing down the potential dates we could finally go to the polls (see pinned post).

You can watch the moment he seemed to let the likely month slip below:

The Sky News live poll tracker - collated and updated by our Data and Forensics team - aggregates various surveys to indicate how voters feel about different political parties.

Labour is still sitting comfortably on a roughly 21-point lead, averaging at 44.1% in the polls, with the Tories on 23.1%.

In third is Reform UK on 11.3%, followed by the Lib Dems on 9.8%.

The Green Party stands at 5.8%, and the SNP on 2.9%.

See the latest update below - and you can read more about the methodology behind the tracker  here .

Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves is set to give a speech on the economy this evening, but already some from the left are criticising her.

Sharon Graham, the general secretary of the Unite union, says "it's time Labour came up with a plan for the real economy rather than the big business lobby".

According to Sky's Westminster Accounts tool , Unite has given close to £11m to Labour since 2019.

Ms Reeves will be speaking in an hour or so.

Ms Graham adds: "Labour needs to be focused on delivering good jobs, public services and dignity in retirement, not more rhetoric about abstract economic concepts, like GDP growth.

"If you stick to phoney fiscal rules, rule out taxing the wealthy and pander to the profiteers, you end up in a straightjacket of your own making.

"Ripping up building regulations and tinkering in the public sector are not going to deliver serious growth – that's for the birds. Only sustained long term public investment in our crumbling infrastructure can turn the tide on decline."

Our  economics and data editor Ed Conway spoke to Ms Reeves earlier, and his takeaway was that she doesn't sound dissimilar to the economic pitch being made by Rishi Sunak and the Tories.

Read what she had to say below…

As well as hinting at a general election date, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt used his appearance at the House of Lords Economics Affairs Committee to talk about defence spending.

During the budget two weeks ago, Mr Hunt would not say when defence outlay would return to the 2.5% target - and has since faced calls from Defence Secretary Grant Shapps to raise spending to 3%.

Mr Hunt tells the Lords that defence spending will need to rise - saying the "world around us" is becoming more dangerous.

He will not commit to the 3% figure, nor will he give a timescale.

The chancellor adds there is "absolutely no doubt" spending needs to go up - but procurement needs to be looked at to make sure projects serve the purpose needed.

He also notes that circumstances are changing, such as the war in Ukraine raging on - and potentially lasting much longer.

Mr Hunt makes an interesting comment there could be "further change" in the situation there with the US presidential election later this year.

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he wants to cut funding to Ukraine and end the war.

A little earlier, we brought you live coverage of Mark Drakeford's final Welsh parliament address as first minister ( see 15.52 post ).

He'll be formally handing in his resignation to the King later.

So, how will he be remembered after five years in office?

Our West of England and Wales correspondent Dan Whitehead   says the pandemic will be "absolutely central" to how many people across the country remember him.

He says the 20mph default speed limit he introduced will also be something many people remember "as his legacy".

It's been "so controversial" for much of the population, Dan says, with a petition calling for it to be overturned.

Mr Drakeford has stood by the scheme, insisting people will eventually understand it's the right way forward.

In his resignation speech earlier, he said his "radical, reforming government" has been committed to doing "the things that are difficult today" to benefit future generations.

For a fuller look back on his career, read this from our chief political correspondent Jon Craig :

Our flagship weeknight politics show will be live on Sky News from 7pm, this time presented by our political editor Beth Rigby .

The fast-paced programme dissects the inner workings of Westminster, with interviews, insights, and analysis - bringing the audience into the corridors of power.

Beth will be joined by Tory MP Stuart Andrew from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, after the government introduced long-awaited legislation to create a football regulator ( read more ).

Also on the show is Labour shadow minister Nick Thomas-Symonds .

On Beth's panel tonight are:

  • Jess Phillips , Labour MP and Beth's Electoral Dysfunction co-host;
  • Jonathan Gullis , Tory MP for Stoke-on-Trent North.

Watch Politics Hub from Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Sky channel 501, Virgin channel 602, Freeview channel 233, on the  Sky News website  and  app  or on  YouTube .

Today is Mark Drakeford's last day as first minister of Wales.

He's handing the reins over to Vaughan Gething, but before he goes has delivered his official resignation statement to the Senedd.

Here are the main points:

  • Having already carried out First Minister's Questions in the Welsh parliament today, he jokes colleagues will be "looking forward to hearing quite a bit less from me" after his resignation speech;
  • He recalls how his first speech in the Senedd as first minister came just before Christmas 2018, starting a period of "perma-crisis" that included the prospect of a no-deal Brexit and the COVID pandemic;
  • Mr Drakeford also refers to the instability at Westminster, noting that he's worked with four prime ministers in his five-year tenure;
  • He says his "radical, reforming government" has been committed to doing "the things that are difficult today" to benefit future generations;
  • Among such decisions he cites was the scrapping of plans for a new M4 relief road and he has of course also introduced a 20mph speed limit;
  • "The last 12 months have been the hardest and the saddest of my life," the outgoing first minister adds through tears - it followed the death of his wife, Clare, in January 2023;
  • He offers thanks to colleagues and the people of Wales, referring to the "thousands of encounters" he's enjoyed over the last five years;
  • "I am most grateful of all to the people we are lucky enough to serve," he adds, prompting warm applause from the rest of the chamber.

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