poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Pale Seraphim HellscapePaleElite2
  • Pale Seraphim HellscapePaleElite2Spectre

poe spectre pale seraphim

Object Type

Object type codes, stance movement speed +% final [-69].

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PoE 3.23 Spectre Tier List - Best Spectres for SRS in Path of Exile Affliction

New spectres are coming to Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League. A bunch of new spectres was changed into support spectres and they are very good. Read our PoE 3.23 spectre tier list, we’re ranking the best spectres for SRS Poison!

PoE 3.23 Best Spectres For SRS Poison - Path of Exile SRS Spectre Tier List 3.23

Spectres are special monster monsters that you can resurrect and command as minions in Path of Exile. You use the Summon Spectre gem to resurrect a fallen monster as a spectre under your control. They will follow you and attack enemies. Popular spectres include Pale Seraphim for its damage debuff, and Carnage Chieftain for its buffs. Different spectres provide different skills. There are imperfect versions, regular versions, and perfect versions of the new spectres in Path of Exile 3.23. The truth is the imperfect and normal versions are completely worthless, just ignore them. Now, let's check our PoE 3.23 Afflition spectres tier list for SRS Poison!

S Tier - Pale Seraphim

Reduces enemy action speed and increases damage taken, very strong defense buff. The main reason it is used is for its Malediction ability. When near an enemy, it applies a debuff reducing their action speed by 20% and increasing damage taken by 20%. Pale Seraphim is the premier support spectre due to its overpowered yet reliable damage amp and defensive debuff abilities. It is invaluable for minion builds.

S Tier - Perfect Forest Warrior 

Gives allies an Onslaught buff and culling strike passive, great utility. Its main ability is granting allies the Onslaught buff. This provides 20% increased attack speed, cast speed and movement speed.  Has a cooldown of 12 seconds but the buff lasts 4 seconds, so near 100% uptime on Onslaught. It's the new top best PoE 3.23 DPS support spectre due to its powerful buffs and immortal qualities. A go-to guy for every minion build that has support spectres.

A Tier - Warlord

This spectre is interesting. He casts a vitality and Enduring Cry. He uses Immortal Call and shares his endurance charges so he has quite a lot of life. 20 all base resistance which is respectable that's fine. The numbers he brings at least when he's a high level are quite good. If we go to level 84, he does have a 316 life regen on his vitality which is amazing. If we have him we don't have to run vitality. Once every 8 seconds, he will do his Enduring Cry. His enduring cry regenerates 40% of his life and grants 3 endurance charges. He's going to share those endurance charges with not just you but also all your other minions making them all tank. This guy can't die and will give you maybe not permanent but quite a good uptime on endurance charges plus the vitality.

A Tier - Thunderbird

This one casts grace since now grace is not something we can afford in Poison SRS and not something we use in the Guardian SRS either. However, we can go with determination and grace by just bringing Primal Thunderbird. He has a good grace aura, 4,000 flat evasions, and 30% more evasion. The only downside about him is he has no resistance to fire and no resistance to cold base and only 188% life so he could be an issue. This one needs testing and it's also very cheap. If he lives, grace is amazing.

B Tier - Meatsack

Meatsack is an amazing name for a minion. It has very high life, it releases a caustic cloud on hit but the caustic cloud doesn't do anything. What we do care though is owner’s minions have a 40% increased maximum life so this guy's job is just to give increased maximum life to all of your minions. Making everything else tankier, making your animate guardian tankier, your other specters tankier. Increasing the life of your raging spirits if you happen to be like pop exploding them. He's got 800% on his life but otherwise he does practically nothing. He does do some chaos ground damage which is like an okay number but not enough to matter. This new PoE 3.23 Affliction spectre could be worth playing around with.

B Tier - Guardian Turtle

Guardian Turtle is only usable by a guardian, Poison SRS Necro is out of luck with this. He is huge and he is also incredibly slow. He does give the Determination Aura, a stronger version of what we give and he gives the owner 5% physical mitigation which is great. However he's unusable, you'll never be inside of his aura unless you're a Guardian. He's got a good amount of life, and good defense and he has a 4K armor and 30% more armor. So Guardians have an option for getting determination.

C Tier - Naval Officer

This spectre is a question mark because his life himself is pretty low. He's only got 60k to begin with and it's only a 146% increase. He also is missing two resistances. But he casts great precision. More importantly nearby allies have plus 10 fortifications that's the same buff the Kingmaker gives. So that is good for making us more tanky. 

The best  Path of Exile 3.23 Spectre for Poison SRS is going to be Pale Seraphim and the Forest Warrior. Or either the Warlord for the endurance charges or the Grace.

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  • POE 3.23 Affliction Best Kinetic Bolt Leveling Guide - How to Easy & Fast Level Kinetic Bolt Deadeye

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poe spectre pale seraphim

Skill Gems & Passive Tree

Last Updated: September 13th 2023

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Poison SRS Necromancer Endgame Skill Gems, Auras, Jewels & Passive Skill Tree.

Ensure your skill gems are of the right quality (normal, anomalous, divergent or phantasmal).

Some gems need to be a certain level to function. This is especially important for some Auras and certain defensive setups.

Follow the guides instructions to get the specifics on what levels and qualities are needed. Not every gem needs to be at maximum level.

Skill Breakdown

Summon raging spirits.

  • Divergent Summon Raging Spirit summons your main damage minions, which aggressively chase down enemies.
  • Awakened Unleash Support allows you to cast several minions at a time, provided we wait in between casts.
  • Withering Touch Support gives physical damage as extra chaos damage to your SRS. Further, this gem gives a chance to inflict wither for your minions, which ensures 100% uptime of maximum Wither stacks.
  • Awakened Unbound Ailments Support greatly increases damage and duration of Poisons on the enemy.
  • Awakened Minion Damage Support provides generic damage for minions.
  • Awakened Melee Splash Support causes our SRS minions to deal splash damage, which greatly increases our clear speed. This should be swapped out for Multistrike on Pinnacles and Ubers.
  • Awakened Multistrike Support is for single target on large bosses. Divergent Multistrike Support is a substantially cheaper replacement for the high priced awakened version.

Utility Minions

Core minions.

  • Divergent Animate Guardian provides a number of bonuses from his gear (explained in the Gear section).
  • Empower Support gives additional gem levels for our utility minion, which provides a huge bonus to their life.
  • Anomalous Raise Spectre allow you to summon a choice of 3 Spectres for some great benefits. Prioritize the Arena Master and Pale Seraphim Spectres. The third Spectre can be another Arena Master (for higher uptime on his action speed buff) or Carnage Chieftain (for frenzy charges).
  • Anomalous Minion Life Support provides a massive life bonus so your utility minions survive the most challenging content.

Secondary Minions

  • Anomalous Summon Stone Golem is a massive source of life regeneration.
  • Feeding Frenzy Support grants the Feeding Frenzy buff, which gives 10% more Minion Damage , 10% increased Minion Movement Speed and 10% increased Minion Attack, and Cast Speed .
  • Divergent Tempest Shield provides a huge source of spell block.
  • Divergent Malevolence is a significant boost to your Damage over Time.
  • Determination scales your physical damage reduction.
  • Vitality provides life regeneration to your character.

Divine Blessing Aura

  • Vaal Haste and Haste are boosts to your movement speed. More importantly, there is a massive boost to movement speed and attack speed of your minions, resulting in substantial DPS and better uptime.
  • Divine Blessing Support allows an additional Aura, since you don't need to reserve mana, you can spend your energy shield with Eldritch Battery .

Bone Armour

  • Bone Armour is your guard skill, provided by the Necromancer Ascendancy. Bone Armour is similar to Steelskin , in that it provides a shield that takes damage for you and your minions when active.
  • Flame Dash is a movement spell that causes the player to teleport to a target location. It is essential for mobility and dodging attacks.
  • Arcanist Brand casts the linked skills when attached to an enemy.
  • Divergent Bone Offering provides huge block chance to your minions and character.
  • Anomalous Despair is a huge boost to your minions' Poison damage by reducing enemies Chaos resistance and making enemies take increased Chaos damage.
  • Desecrate spawns corpses for your Bone Offering to consume, increasing its duration.
  • Awakened Generosity Support amplifies the effect of Envy and makes it apply only to your minions.

Passive Tree Progression

Jewel locations.

Certain Jewels require specific placement on the passive tree, you can find these locations below.

Cluster Jewel 1

The Jewel Socket on the left side of the Passive Tree near Divine Shield should only be allocated after you have acquired the Large Cluster Jewel Jewel to socket within it.

Cluster Jewel 2

The Jewel Socket on the top right of the Passive Tree near Eldritch Battery should only be allocated after you have acquired the Large Cluster Jewel Jewel to socket within it.

The Green Nightmare

The Jewel Socket next to Eternal Youth should only be allocated after you have acquired The Green Nightmare Jewel to socket within it.

Passive Skill Tree Tattoos redefine character building in Path of Exile! They excel at covering for a build's weaknesses by converting unneeded Attributes into Resistances, damage, and quality of life. Choosing the ideal Tattoos for your build often comes down to your specific gearing choices, to learn more about optimizing Passive Skill Tree Tattoos check out our full guide here .

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Raise Spectre

Raise Spectre

Raise Spectre is a minion spell skill that summons a defeated enemy as an allied minion .

  • 1 Skill functions and interactions
  • 2 Gem level progression
  • 3 Gem quality
  • 4.1 Recipes
  • 4.2 Quest reward
  • 4.3 Vendor reward
  • 5.1 Popular Spectres
  • 5.2 Party-friendly
  • 5.3 Ranged multi-shot and AoE
  • 5.4 Combat Support and Distraction
  • 5.5 Curse Specialists
  • 5.6 Special corpse spectres
  • 6 Finding Spectres in Maps
  • 7 "Spectre bank"
  • 8 Threshold jewels
  • 9 Related unique items
  • 10.1 Delve Drop-only modifiers
  • 10.2 Legacy mods
  • 11 Related helmet enchantments
  • 12.1 Passive skills
  • 12.2 Unique items
  • 13 Alternate skill effects
  • 14 Version history
  • 15 References

Skill functions and interactions

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Corpse targeting : Holding down the corpse targeting toggle (defaults to the "A" key) makes it easier to choose a corpse to raise. Note that you must continue targeting the corpse while raising the spectre. If you let go of your corpse target button you may raise a different spectre.
  • Monster level : Spectres no longer have their level reduced to the level of the area they are in. Instead, the level of a Spectre is now based on the level of the Raise Spectre skill gem.

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Loss Protection : Spectres persist after logout or disconnection. If lose your spectres in a town or hideout such as by removing the gem or missing attribute requirements, corpses of your spectres will spawn at the entrance of the next hostile area you enter. Only the owner of the spectres can use Raise Spectre on these corpses.

Gem level progression

Gem quality, item acquisition.

Raise Spectre can drop anywhere.

Raise Spectre can be created from the following recipes:

Quest reward

This item is given as a quest reward for the following quests:

Vendor reward

This item can be bought at the listed NPC vendors , after completing the following quests:

As players progress through the game, there are several monsters that present interesting choices to supplement summoner and hybrid-summon builds alike. Even for a non-summoner build, a single curse-casting spectre whose AI helps them stay away can be quite useful. In practice, it's not that easy to keep a sole spectre alive without having other bodies around to shield it - this means parties and hybrid/full-summon builds.

Popular Spectres

These Spectres are used often due to their strong AI, damage, or mechanics:


The following list are a small sample of Spectres that are compatible with parties in general since they are both useful and have a relatively low graphics load for the sake of others:

  • Snow Cloak - They of Tul found in Tul's Domain
  • 15% increased Damage taken + 15% reduced action speed - Pale Seraphim ( Beyond )
  • 3% increased Physical Damage taken (stacks to 20) - Demon Harpy ( Beyond )
  • Cold Damage taken - Primal Crushclaw ( Harvest )
  • Lightning Damage taken - Primal Rhex Matriarch ( Harvest )
  • 20% increased Chaos Damage taken - Gilded Arach from Hunter-influenced Maps [3]
  • Applies a green Shock that always increase Damage Taken by 20% - Senior Heretech ( Heist )
  • Covers Enemies in Ash (Fire Damage taken) - Xoph's Loyal ( Breach ) - (Only used once when on low life, and unable to be used again) [4]
  • Fire Exposure (-25% Fire Res ( Scorching Ray )) - Tukohama's Vanguard ( Act 6 )

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Enrage (+20% Move speed, attack speed, cast speed) - Arena Master found from Warlord-influenced Maps
  • Rallying Cry (increased damage and reduced damage taken to allies) - Ruins Hellion
  • 20% of Physical Damage gained as Fire - Trial Chieftain ( The Tower of Ordeals )
  • 20% of Physical Damage gained as Fire - Xoph's Favoured ( Breach ) [6]
  • 20% of Physical Damage gained as Lightning - Baranite Cleric from Crusader-influenced Maps
  • Grants Frenzy Charges - Carnage Chieftain , Stygian Silverback (Act 2); Aboriginal Chieftain ( Untainted Paradise , larger)
  • Grants Power Charges - Host Chieftain (Act 6)
  • Curse-specialists (see below)
  • Other (see below)

Ranged multi-shot and AoE

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Arc - Blackguard Arcmage
  • Arc (single-target channel) - Galvanic Ribbon
  • Spark - Sparking Mage
  • Spark and Lightning Thorns - Blackguard Mage
  • Lightning Arrow - Brittle Poacher , Sin Archer , Restless Archer , Flayed Archer
  • Fireballs (LMP/Fork) - Flame Sentinel
  • Elemental projectiles (LMP) - Solar Guard , Stygian Revenant , Frost Harbinger , Incinerated Mage
  • Chaos Bolts (LMP) - Ancient Construct
  • Flamebreath attack - Voidbearer , Cannibal Fire-Eater
  • Machinegun fire-bolts - Tentacle Miscreation , Plumed Chimeral
  • Corpse Vomit - Avian Retch , Gluttonous Gull
  • Delayed Blast, AoE Physical spell and Proximity Shield - Undying Evangelist
  • Puncture - Brittle Bleeder , Spectral Bowman , Knitted Horror
  • Siren Screech - Merveil's Attendant , Singing Siren
  • Discharge - Undying Grappler
  • Slow moving Fire Orb and Fire Meteor - Solarsworn Archmage

Combat Support and Distraction

These Spectres have defensive buffs or are tanky.

  • Flicker Strike - Cursed Mariner , Leaping Spider , Undying Grappler
  • Leap Slam - Goatman , Bearded Devil , Murk Fiend , Fetid Maw
  • Whirling Blades - Undying Outcast , Undying Impaler
  • Roll-attacks - Rock elementals (doesn’t seem to hit many, use Crematorium versions).
  • Fire Rolls - Cinder Elementals
  • Enduring Cry - Hairy Bonecrusher
  • Unrighteous Fire - Burning Miscreation
  • Long-ranged Vulnerability-on-hit attack - Whipping Miscreation .
  • Raise Zombie - Reanimator
  • Detonate Dead - Mortality Experimenter , Flesh Sculptor
  • 30% Chill - Snow Rhex (Redeemer-influenced maps)
  • Proximity Shield - Undying Evangelist (Act 3), Templar Guardian (Act 5), Heretical Guardian (Act 5/10)
  • Suppressing Fire (reduces cast speed and ranged attack speed) - Chrome-Infused Chimeral ( Act 8 )
  • Maim and Blind - Scorpion Sentinel (Maraketh Legion )
  • Bone Spire Walls (can block projectiles) - Uul-Netol's Trophy ( Breach )

Curse Specialists

These Spectres come with curses (note: spectres share player's curse limit).

poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Warlord's Mark - Oak's Devoted , Oak's Fist
  • Elemental Weakness - Defiler (-20%)
  • Flammability - Ash Prophet
  • Frostbite - Death Bishop
  • Conductivity - Sin Lord
  • Enfeeble - Diabolist , Reanimator
  • Vulnerability - Necromancer (certain versions @ The Coward's Trial or The Dungeon of Necromancy), Merveil's Retainer (The Frozen Abyss / Leyline Map / Crater Map)

poe spectre pale seraphim

These Spectres come with curses and have +1 curse mod

  • Enfeeble - Ancient Wraith
  • Temporal Chains - Ancient Suffering

The +1 curse mod is independent so having both Spectres allows both Enfeeble and Temporal Chains on monsters on top of what the player can apply.

Special corpse spectres

The Breaker of Oaths in the Affliction league sells corpse items that create a monster corpse on the ground. Many of these monsters cannot be found as raisable enemies and rare corpses come with abilities that buff the player or party. Their corpses will need to be bought again should you lose them, however.

poe spectre pale seraphim

Finding Spectres in Maps

Some guidance on Spectre corpse availability when raising Spectres in maps:

  • Maps have a default sub-set of mob-types that will spawn, usually related to the tileset.
  • Mobs like Stygian Revenants (Undead) and Undying Evangelists (Humanoid) will have better chance to be spawned with a map mod that changes the allowed mob-types.
  • Taking existing Spectres into a map adds them to the list of spawnable corpses via Desecrate if allowed by the map, even if there are no mobs of that type present. This seems to be related to the default sub-set above. E.g. taking Flame Sentinels into a white Temple will allow their corpses to be spawned by Desecrate . Note that mods changing the spawn-type such as Bipedal will prevent Flame Sentinel corpses from spawning. Also note that some instances will be more difficult than others to obtain the matching corpses, probably because the actual monster variety in the map tileset is higher. Sometimes this takes dozens of casts, in which case using traps and mines to multiply the number of corpses can be useful.

"Spectre bank"


poe spectre pale seraphim

  • Swap your character to your spectre bank, and return to the area you chose. Use Desecrate until you find the correct corpse, and Spectre it.
  • Now, whenever your spectre bank enters that area, the spectre'd monsters will be added to your Desecrate pool again for your primary character to utilize.

You may also create a Spectre Bank by utilizing a second account. Instructions for that method are below:

  • When still in the same instance at the same time, use you second account to raise the desired corpse as a Spectre.
  • You can now retrieved the banked spectre by again open 2 clients of the game, using the second account to Desecrate the desired corpse to allow the first account to raise them as Spectre.

Note that each character has a cap on how many spectre corpse types they can store. This is the same as the number of spectres that they can have at the same time.

Threshold jewels

The following threshold jewels augment Raise Spectre:

Note that the jewels may be drop disabled and only be found in the permanent leagues as legacy items .

Related unique items

The following unique items are related to Spectres:

Related mods

The following non-unique item mods are related to Spectres:

Delve Drop-only modifiers

The following mods are related to Spectres and only able to drop from specific Delve node:

Legacy mods

The following mods are related to Spectres and only able to craft on item by using fossil . However such ability was removed from the fossil in version 3.10.0 :

Related helmet enchantments

The following helmet enchantments affect Raise Spectre.

Note that helmet enchantments are no longer obtainable since version 3.23.0 and can only be obtained in permanent leagues as already enchanted items from before this patch.

Spectre limit

By default, the player can summon only one Spectre at a given time at gem level 1. This limit can be increased with certain passive skills or items.

Passive skills

The following passive skill increase the player's Spectre limit:

Unique items

The following unique items affect the player's Spectre limit:

Players can have a maximum of 10 (or more) Spectres at once:

  • 2 (3) from the level 20 (25+) active skill
  • 1 from the passive skill

poe spectre pale seraphim

Alternate skill effects

Raise Spectre has the following alternate skill effects :

Navigation menu

  • Necromancer
  • Elementalist

GhazzyTV's Dominating Blow Necromancer Animate Guardian & Spectres (PoE Affliction)

  • Boss Killer

poe spectre pale seraphim

December 28th, 2023, 18:30

You can either find & summon the Spectres yourself or swing by my in-game global channel and ask for them there, you can join that channel by typing “/global 6666” in-game.

Spectres for Dominating Blow:

  • Arena Master: provides us with 20% increased damage dealt, they also make us take 20% increased damage besides giving us 20% increased attack & cast speed for ourselves & our minions! They can be found in Drox influenced maps.
  • Pale Seraphim: makes enemies take 15% increased damage taken. This is the first Scourge Spectre.
  • Demon Harpy: This is the second Scourge Spectre.

Animate Guardian

For the Animate Guardian I also have a written guide you can find here

Hey Exiles, Not long to go now for the new Path of Exile league to launch this Friday 8th Dec...

Hey exiles, the path of exile 3.23 affliction league is revealed and it’s looking reall..., hey exiles, the trial of the ancestors league is postponed to early december, but grinding ge..., hey exiles, the latest path of exile league trial of the ancestors 3.22, is upon us and launc..., hey exiles, along with the path of exile 2 announcement on exilecon 2023, we also have the..., related guides.

  • Necromancer Guide GhazzyTV's Chains Of Command Necromancer Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23)
  • Necromancer Guide CasualDan's Minion Army Necromancer Pantheon, Ascendancies & Bandits (PoE Affliction)
  • Necromancer Guide GhazzyTV's Dark Pact Necromancer Build Guide (PoE Affliction 3.23)
  • Necromancer Guide GhazzyTV's Poison Animate Weapon Necromancer PoB, Passive Skill Tree & Gem Links (PoE Affliction)
  • Necromancer Guide GhazzyTV's Absolution Necromancer Ascendancy, Bandits & Pantheon Powers (PoE Affliction)

poe spectre pale seraphim

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Pale Seraphim - Path of Exile

Poe pale seraphim.

Pale Seraphim is a Scourge Spectre.

  • Min Level: 16
  • Location: random

Pale Seraphim Rarity: Rare

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The following values do not include map affix bonuses, monster buff bonuses, altar bonuses, atlas skill bonuses(ex: Thirst for Knowledge -70% damage taken).

The following values are skill base values and do not include map affix bonuses, monster buff bonuses, altar bonuses, atlas skill bonuses, monster base damage(ex: The Maven 150% multiplier), monster rarity bonuses (ex: unique 70% more, unique 33% less).

List of Scourge Spectre

There is a total of 16 Spectres in the Scourge league. Challenge: Defeat each of the following Scourge monsters.

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Spectre dissapearing from desecrate pool

Report forum post.

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    poe spectre pale seraphim

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  1. Pale Seraphim

    Pale Seraphim is a monster introduced in Scourge league. It can be found as a beyond demon . Contents 1 Abilities 2 List of variants 3 Items found from this monster 4 Monster stats 5 Trivia 6 Gallery 7 Version history 8 See also Abilities Lunging web attack that applies an increased damage taken and reduced action speed debuff for 3 seconds

  2. tips and advice needed to get pale seraphim in ssf : r/pathofexile

    Check the monsters from beyond until you see it's a Pale Seraphim Spectre it once it dies (from what I know, the corpses from beyond monsters disappear after a few seconds, so you have to spectre them fast) Xacalite • 1 yr. ago What is zdps? SwagtimusPrime • 1 yr. ago An endearing abbreviation for zero dps mayonnaisewater • 1 yr. ago

  3. NEW SPECTRE "Pale Seraphim" w/ Thunder Web in 3.16 Scourge League Poe

    I'm streaming on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/thegam3reportNEW SPECTRE "Pale Seraphim" w/ Thunder Web in 3.16 Scourge League Poe (15% ACTION SPEED SLOW) - 876Th...

  4. PoEDB, Path of Exile Wiki

    Pale Seraphim HellscapePaleElite2Spectre Pale Seraphim Demon stance movement speed +% final [-69] Life 304% Armour +66% Evasion +33% Ailment Threshold 304% Resistance 0 75 0 0 Damage 291% Accuracy 100% Critical Strike Chance +5% Critical Strike Multiplier +130% Attack Distance 4 ~ 13 Attack Time 1.5 Second Damage Spread ±20% Experience 160%

  5. Gameplay Help and Discussion

    Looking for Pale Seraphim! As necro im looking for Pale Seraphim minion to have it but dk where to find it is this can be find in map or act can someone plz tell me where are they at. Its a beyond mob but its super tricky to get because the corpse despawns VERY fast. So you have to run a beyond and have the specter button ready to go whenever ...

  6. PoE 3.23 Spectre Tier List

    Pale Seraphim is the premier support spectre due to its overpowered yet reliable damage amp and defensive debuff abilities. It is invaluable for minion builds. S Tier - Perfect Forest Warrior Gives allies an Onslaught buff and culling strike passive, great utility. Its main ability is granting allies the Onslaught buff.

  7. GhazzyTV's Poison Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer, PoB ...

    First priority of spectre to pick up as we'll only be running 2 is the Pale Seraphim it's a monster from the Beyond/Scourge encounters that debuffs enemies with 15% increased damage taken. The 2nd spectre we'll use is an Arena Master this will increase both damage dealt & taken by 20% and 20% increased attack/cast speed for 4 seconds with ...

  8. POE Pale Seraphim Spectre

    POE Pale Seraphim Spectre - YouTube These use quite a few abilities, they arent too bad as a melee physical option.They use an attack combo which seems to do multiple hits.These are mostly...


    This new Utility Spectres is INSANE! Feel free to test these spectres out and comment down below how you feel about them!Link to the Thunder Web ability: htt...

  10. Poison SRS Necromancer Skill Gems & Passive Tree

    Anomalous Raise Spectre allow you to summon a choice of 3 Spectres for some great benefits. Prioritize the Arena Master and Pale Seraphim Spectres. The third Spectre can be another Arena Master (for higher uptime on his action speed buff) or Carnage Chieftain (for frenzy charges).

  11. Personally tested ~100 different rare spectres. Here are my notes

    My favorite nonmeta spectres nobody else uses from the list are 1) Aurid Synthete 2) Turong 3) Winged Synthete 4) Knight of the Sun 5) Karui Firespeaker 6) Vivid Vulture 7) Azurite Widow 8) Senior Heretech. Turongs are good fun. I made a summoner for the delve event last season. Very underrated.

  12. Pale Seraphim

    The infobox assumes the condition found in map and as a normal monster. In theory the monster can also be found in [[part one]] of the storyline, such as during [[flashback]].Feel free to change the parameter such as monster level.

  13. How to get Pale Seraphim Spectres in SSF : r/PathOfExileSSF

    Hey, guys! I'm playing ele srs and I'm trying to get a Pale Seraphim Spectre for some dmg, but I can't seem to get one. Every beyond map I've done, the dead mobs despawn 2-3s after I've killed them, which makes it very hard to check if I got the right one, let alone raise it as a spectre.

  14. GhazzyTV's Physical Golem Necromancer PoB, Passive Skill ...

    Last spectre we'll add to the army is also from the Scourge/Beyond encounters and is named Pale Seraphim they apply a debuff on enemies making them take 15% increased damage. The combination of these 3 significantly increase your damage capabilities. Main Page / TL;DR. Detailed PoB, skill tree and gem links for the Physical Golem Necromancer ...

  15. What are the go to support spectres at the moment?

    1 Carnage Chieftain, 1 Host Chieftain, 1 Demon Harpy (Scourge Minion Phys Debuff) and when you got your Spectre lvl 25 i add a Pale Seraphim (also Scourge Minion,debuff for all kinds of Damage) For further Information you should take a look at YT videos from GhazzyTv or TheGAM3Report1. Edit: it's worth noting that you need to link these with ...

  16. Raise Spectre

    Raise Spectre is a minion spell skill that summons a defeated enemy as an allied minion . Contents 1 Skill functions and interactions 2 Gem level progression 3 Gem quality 4 Item acquisition 4.1 Recipes 4.2 Quest reward 4.3 Vendor reward 5 Strategy 5.1 Popular Spectres 5.2 Party-friendly 5.3 Ranged multi-shot and AoE

  17. GhazzyTV's Dominating Blow Necromancer Animate Guardian & Spectres (PoE

    Spectres for Dominating Blow: Arena Master: provides us with 20% increased damage dealt, they also make us take 20% increased damage besides giving us 20% increased attack & cast speed for ourselves & our minions! They can be found in Drox influenced maps. Pale Seraphim: makes enemies take 15% increased damage taken.

  18. [3.23]g00fy_goober's Poison SRS Necromancer (Easily ...

    Spectres we simply go for arena master (found in drox maps) and pale seraphim (which is a beyond mob) if/when you push raise spectre to level 25 you then pick up carnage chieftain. As for Animate Guardian. There is a quick breakdown in notes in the POB however the "end game" setup is: Helmet - Crown of the tyrant with white socket Weapon ...

  19. Pale Seraphim PoE

    Pale Seraphim is a Scourge Spectre. Min Level: 16 Location: random Pale Seraphim Rarity: Rare Buy PoE Currency Cheap Buy PoE Currency and Items (6% off coupon: z123 ). Safe and Instant Delivery. Server: PC, Xbox, PS. Payment: Visa, PayPal, Skrill, Cryptocurrencies. Divine Orbs for Sale (6% off coupon: vhpg ). Best site to buy PoE currency. Lvl 84

  20. Is the Pale Seraphim spectre RIP because of no more Scourge?

    Turned out to be useless anyway because they didnt let u pvp in those events sadge. 1. SyfaOmnis. • 2 yr. ago. Phantasmal quality desecrate has a low chance to spawn "unavailable" spectres. Whether the [pale horde] monsters are on this list right now is unknown. 1. r/PathOfExileBuilds.

  21. New buffing Spectre: 'Arena Master' (and what you need to know ...

    What & whereabouts: Arena Master is the guy you see in the awkwardly stuttering video above, wearing a horned helmet, a red glowing gladius sword and a shield, which they bang to apply their buff. Arena Masters step out of the portals in maps that are influence by Drox, The Warlord (yellow influence).

  22. Spectre dissapearing from desecrate pool

    Spectre dissapearing from desecrate pool. Hi, Im playing SSF and getting for example "Pale Seraphim" is pretty hard. When I finally got it I started to multicraft my helmet, which has +2 all minion skills. So when I unequiped it my max spectre count went from 4 to 3 because my spectres were exactly lvl 25 which grants you another spectre.

  23. which third spectre for SRS : r/pathofexile

    my raise spectre gem is level 25, it allows you to summon 3 spectres. 2. A_Horny_Pancake. • 1 yr. ago. Get a point on passive tree or level your gem higher. 2. AleksanderSteelhart. • 1 yr. ago. I'm poor, so I went with Anointing Death Attunement on my Ammy.