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    Symmetric spinnakers remain a viable sail type for downwind sailing on boats equipped with spinnaker poles and the necessary running rigging. They fly well when sailing “deep,” with the spinnaker pole squared well aft – or as the dictionary says, “when running before the wind.”

  2. How To Rig, Set Up & Hoist a Spinnaker: Full Guide

    How do you rig, set up and hoist a spinnaker? Prepare the kite by finding the corner and making sure the sail isn't twisted; Run your spinnaker sheets and guys before attaching to tack and clew; Attach the halyard to the head, make sure it is outside the headstay; Set the pole by putting the sheets and guys in the pole's jaws; Hoist the pole

  3. Choosing a Spinnaker for Your Sailboat

    Serious racing boats normally carry a selection of spinnakers, starting with a Code 0—which is a flat-cut close-reaching sail typically constructed of lightweight polyester or a laminate—and including reaching and running kites that can be used in high winds.

  4. The Ultimate Guide to Spinnaker Sailing

    Predominantly used in downwind sailing, spinnakers can significantly enhance boat speed and performance. This section introduces the basics of spinnakers, including the two main types—symmetrical and asymmetrical.

  5. How to Rig a Cruising Spinnaker in 4 Stingy Stages

    A spinnaker is the largest sail you’ll ever use on your sailboat. It can be unwieldy until you learn its peculiar behavior and how to fly it well. Even dousing it can be sketchy, especially if you sail single-handed.


    North Sails expert Brian Janney explains why choosing a spinnaker means first understanding your own sailing style. When it comes to downwind sails, there are a dizzying array of choices for today’s sailor. There are even two types of spinnaker: asymmetric and symmetric.


    06 September. SETTING THE SPINNAKER. How to Accomplish the Perfect Spinnaker Set. Nothing takes as much teamwork and practice as spinnaker handling. Here we’ll cover the skills and techniques needed to handle and control conventional spinnakers, set from poles.

  8. Spinnaker Sails: Navigating the Winds of Adventure

    Discover the art of spinnaker sailing with our in-depth guide. From rigging essentials to flying techniques, explore the world of symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers. Learn how to navigate challenges, choose the right sail for your sailboat, and enhance your sailing skills.