1. Overview of new yachts for 2021 (Azimut, Sunseeker, Princess Yachts

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker

  2. Overview of new yachts for 2021 (Azimut, Sunseeker, Princess Yachts

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker

  3. Princess Yachts Unveils the Sleek and Speedy Princess 30M

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker

  4. Hall of fame: Top 10 greatest Princess Yachts of all time

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker

  5. New Princess Yachts Y75 Motor Yacht

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker

  6. Princess Y95 yacht tour: Access all areas of this new British superyacht

    is princess yachts better than sunseeker


  1. Princess vs Sunseeker

    Both Princess and Sunseeker are doing reasonably well in the market as their quality has ensured the satisfaction of the consumers. Sunseeker's revenue is around 297.4 million USD, whereas Princess's revenue is about 334.10 million USD. The reason behind Princess yacht's success is its affordability. They provide a great deal compared to ...

  2. Are Sunseeker Boats Any Good?

    Sunseeker Yachts are widely considered a good boat builder as they are often recognized through marine industry awards, like the World Yacht Trophies, but there have also been more than 450 used Sunseekers sold since the beginning of 2021. "Builders like Sunseeker, Princess, Fairline, Azimut, and others are all pretty similar in their styles ...

  3. Princess or Sunseeker?

    However, Sunseeker has definitely better overall quality and certainly better performance and seakeeping ability from what I've seen. I run both brands, however, mostly in the 60-80' range. Fishtigua , Apr 22, 2018. #3.

  4. Princess F55 or Sunseeker Manhattan 55? We help you decide

    Reporting from the 2023 British Motor Yacht Show, MBY editor Hugo Andreae takes us on a back-to-back tour of the Princess F55 and Sunseeker Manhattan 55 to s...

  5. Princess F55 or Sunseeker Manhattan 55? Head-to-head yacht tour

    Slightly larger than the Sunseeker, the Princess F55 measures 58ft LOA and weighs in at around 31 tons. To make up for that extra weight, the boat is powered by twin 900hp Volvo D13 engines (100hp a side more than the Sunseeker) to ensure it can achieve a similar top speed of 32.5 knots.

  6. The 8 Best New British Yachts on the Water, From Sunseeker to Fairline

    The Oyster 495 is a 52-foot, 8-inch sailing yacht that entered the U.S. market earlier this year. A new design from the keel up, the U.K. builder was thinking global circumnavigation, or at least ...

  7. Sunseeker or Princess

    Sunseeker helms are atrocious and the p46 is a prime example. There is only one chair so you are billy no mates, and on passage or at night you cannot have a helmsman and a screensman (or woman). You'll miss that. Furthermore the postion of the screens is just awful, ergonomically. The v50 dash is 100x better than p46.

  8. Choosing a Yacht: Five Great Boating Brands From Sealine to Sunseeker

    The brand would eventually find its way into the Brunswick Group in 2001, under whose tenure Sealine's largest ever yacht emerged in the form of the eight berth T60 flybridge cruiser. After another change of hands, the company went into administration in 2013 but when it was bought by the Hanse Group, some really effective designs again began ...

  9. Princess or Sunseeker

    The boats I do like in stye and quality feel are the Princess and Sunseeker. I just like the solid feeling. Am I right in that? But, price.....Will I be better of with a 2-3 year newer boat from Princess, than more used and older from Sunseeker. Some tip/help is good for me.

  10. Princess F55 Yacht Test Drive & Full Review

    Princess quotes a 31-33 knot top speed and, depending on load, that is perfectly achievable. The 12.8-litre in-line 6s have plenty of punch and make easy work of shifting the F55's 31-tonne (at half load) weight on to the plane, where it will happily sit at 25 knots with noise readings in the saloon of just 73 dB (A).

  11. All-New Princess S72 Review (2022 Edition)

    The Princess S72 may be based on the Y72 but it feels very different. Sleeker and more powerful, this 50-tonne, four-cabin cruiser will reach a top speed of nearly 40 knots and look very good while it's doing it.The sportsbridge design incorporates both a large flybridge deck and a sizeable glass sunroof over the saloon with a cabin arrangement that is shared with the Y72 and incorporates ...

  12. Princess X95 review: Widebody design ushers in a brave new world

    There is really no need to exaggerate when it comes to the Princess X95, inside or out. The hull is no beamier than it needs to be, and the lower deck layout has to make do with the same volume as any conventional 95-footer, but on both the main deck and flybridge, the impression of size is extraordinary.

  13. Princess F65 review: Behind the wheel of a brand new £3m flybridge

    Fairline Phantom 65 review: Full sea trial of this £3million luxury sportsfly yacht. Instead, the Plymouth boatbuilder picks up where the previous boat left off, in this case the five-year-old Princess F62, looks hard at what it could improve and then creates something usefully better in almost every regard. Space is a key part of that.

  14. The 8 Best New British Yachts on the Water, From Sunseeker to Fairline

    2.-Pearl-lead-Screen-Shot-2023-08-23-at-8.18.46-AM ©Pearl Yachts. As an island, boats have always been the lifeblood of Great Britain. And many British yacht builders continue to uphold the ...

  15. Sunseeker 100 Yacht Full Tour & Review

    The Princess Y95, which is based on the hugely successful X95, is slightly smaller than the Sunseeker and its design is more big flybridge rather than a mini superyacht but it boasts an efficient hull design and a good variety of layout options. It doesn't have the linked fore and aft top decks of the likes of the Sunseeker and Ferretti, with ...

  16. Princess or Sunseeker

    Princess or Sunseeker. Discussion in 'Princess Yacht' started by dino_dino, Jun 17, 2010. Page 2 of 2 < Prev 1 2. MaxPower, Jun 21, 2010 #21. MaxPower Senior ... it does give a kind of basement feeling. What is better on a flybridge is the lower helm/saloon space. That IS better than the one on the V42. Also, the hardtop is great, but it does ...

  17. Overview of new yachts for 2021 (Azimut, Sunseeker, Princess Yachts)

    Sunseeker Manhattan 68 Sunseeker 100 Yacht. New Predator 60 EVO . At Princess Yachts, there is also plenty to view with the new X series including the X95 and the new X80. Also in the new lineup is the Y95, Y85 and the V40, V55, V65, the F55 and the last but not least the F70, but, the release of the new Y72 will certainly succeed in the game ...

  18. A Review Of The Princess Yachts S80

    Yet some boat owners prefer the main deck to be the focal point of the yacht, complete with an expansive aft deck, and more speed. The Sportbridge is the perfect compromise and no one does it better than Princess Yachts. On the S80, you will enjoy these amenities on board: U-shaped leather sofa with coffee table; Teak-laid deck

  19. Princess 32m

    View Additional Extras. Princess 32M was built in 2013 and has undergone the 2021-2022 refit. The black and gray color planing hull is 32 m long and 7.11 m wide. The highlight of the yacht - textiles, upholstery and bedding - are done by Fendi, giving a classic style interior a luxury feel. The sun deck with entertainment areas is equipped with ...

  20. Princess vs ferretti vs fairlane

    The Princess 64, the same. The 62' Princess seems considerably smaller to me than the 65 Ferretti, Fairlane, and Sunseeker. Less usable space. 3' +6" gives you ultimately 90 sq ft or so x 3 levels = 270 potential sq feet and it shows on both the main deck and the lower deck.

  21. Bigger ship, better views: 3 takeaways from Princess Cruises ...

    The overall effect helped to bring the outside in. 2. The ship is bigger but still intimate. Sun Princess is the largest ship in the Princess fleet, and the 21-deck vessel can accommodate 4,300 ...

  22. Sun Princess Fact Sheet

    The Princess Arena, the most technologically advanced Princess Theater design, has three configurations to maximize sight lines and deliver a truly captivating experience. With a pool by sunlight and a stage for shows by starlight, the glass-enclosed Dome, inspired by the hills of Santorini, features acrobatic performances created in ...

  23. Looking for insight on Princess 62 and 65

    Go with a 66' Sunseeker Manhattan. Much better sea boat, and better build quality. I ran a 62' Princess Flybridge back from the Panama Canal to Ft. Laud and a few others, it is not that great of a seaboat and the build quality leaves little to be desired....pounds and rolls a good bit.....Cabin doors coming unlatched and slamming open on their own in very moderate seas because the interior ...

  24. Azimut, Marquis or Princess

    Italian boats have more space in the interior because of the not so V hull and they have plenty of space, on the other hand English boats such as Princess or Sunseeker(which i would prefer Sunseeker instead of Princess) have deep V hull that means less space in the interior but much better way acting on waves, but i believe that deeper V hull ...