The stealthy excellence of the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in white gold (ref. 226659)

The stealthy excellence of the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in white gold (ref. 226659)

If you weren’t paying close attention you could easily miss the new Rolex Yacht-Master 42 in white gold. And I mean that in the best way. It’s a handsome timepiece, with a quiet presence that (despite its newness) feels reassuringly familiar in some hard-to-define way.

Despite being 2mm bigger than its Everose Gold brother (and a 42mm Oyster case wears quite big), it’s the opposite of in your face. In fact, thanks to the monochrome colour scheme of the dial, bezel and case, and the matt black Oysterflex strap, it may be the most discreet model in Rolex’s entire line-up.

yacht master rolex 42

I’m not suggesting that it can’t be a love-at-first-sight piece – but the more closely you look, the greater the rewards. The absence of colour draws your eye to the details, and emphasises the play of shiny and matt surfaces: the fine band of polished notches around the outer edge of the bezel contrasts with the matt Cerachrom insert, which in turn plays against the shine of the black lacquer dial. The polished surfaces of the raised numerals on the bezel (they are an integral part of the bezel, moulded with the ceramic, rather than applied) cast barely-there shadows on the surrounding matt surface. And when the light plays over the highly polished case-side, with its seamless cutaway from lugs to crown guards – well, it’s a beautiful thing. The curve is perfect and the white gold has a visual softness that you just don’t get with steel or platinum.

The matt black rubber Oysterflex strap is the Goldilocks element, tying everything together in just-right harmony (whereas the hardness and shine of a metal bracelet could throw things off-balance visually).

yacht master rolex 42

Having been introduced in 2015, the Oysterflex strap is no longer news but it’s worth revisiting because it’s such a great piece of design – possibly the most comfortable watch strap known to mankind. That’s thanks to the tiny, flexible ‘blades’ hidden on the underside between a pair of longitudinal cushions. The effect is a feeling of extraordinary lightness on the wrist (balanced in this case by the pleasant heft of the white gold case), absolute stability and … no sweat. Literally, since the air can circulate between skin and strap. The folding clasp has an integrated extension system that enables you to adjust it in 2.5mm increments, up to a total of about 15mm – instantly and without tools.

yacht master rolex 42

On the dial, simplicity of the markers and their assertive size make it highly legible (again, with no colour to distract the eye – not even the line of red text that appears on other Yacht-Masters). Thanks to the Chromalight lume (which glows blue in the dark) none of this clarity is lost at night.

Rolex scores more points by bringing its new-generation Calibre 3235 (launched last year) into the Yacht-Master range for the first time – a technical step up from the Everose Gold model. The key attributes of cal.3235: the patented Chronergy escapement, designed to maximise energy efficiency and made of magnetically neutral nickel-phosphorus, and the Parachrom hairspring, resistant to shocks and also paramagnetic. The benefit: accuracy of +2/-2 seconds per day (tested after casing), more than twice the standard chronometer specification.

yacht master rolex 42

As we expect from Rolex, this is an exceedingly well built and tremendously practical watch, ideally suited to everyday sporting wear. Although it’s water-resistant to 100 metres, it’s designed for above-water not underwater life. The bezel is bi-directional; it’s Yacht-Master, not Dive-Master. It’s not a tool watch. So while I briefly thought – as I’m sure many of you did – “Why not steel?” I no longer ask that (rhetorical) question. White gold is entirely appropriate and, in this handsomely sporty monochrome package, it’s the stealth Rolex par excellence.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 (ref. 226659) price

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 , white gold on Oysterflex, $36,950

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Why the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 Is the Perfect Poster Boy for a New Age

yacht master rolex 42

The watch industry is always changing, always evolving, always reacting to the conditions of the world. But some things seem eternal. Through good times and bad, one brand has, since its foundation in 1905, seemed immune to weakness. A history of constant innovation and textbook PR has resulted in a Rolex watch becoming one of the most desirable products in the world, and the brand name that is easily one of the most recognizable.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 referece 226659

To establish the kind of reputation Rolex has, you have to do things differently. You also have to be ahead of the curve. Rolex has done that with aplomb in the past, and by carefully controlling the supply of steel watches, while moving the brand forward in a slightly different direction through the release of some headline-grabbing pieces at this year’s Baselworld (including the new Rolex Yacht-Master 42), Rolex is continuing to map its own destiny.

It didn’t begin with the renaissance of Tudor, but that event in 2007 now looks in retrospect to be the beginning of a transformation that elevated Rolex from a brand to some kind of looming deity. Simply put, Tudor is the new Rolex, and Rolex is a new thing entirely. When I speak to brand managers the world over (many of whom are trembling and sleep-deprived as the struggle to conceive strategies to lever attention away from the Crown) they all say the same thing in one way or another.

Rolex Submariner Black 116610

Rolex is no longer a brand; Rolex is a phenomenon. Trying to go toe-to-toe with Rolex is like boxing with your reflection, or shooting at smoke. It’s a fight you can’t win. It isn’t about the fact your opponent is stronger than you, it’s about the fact that your opponent is fighting on a different plane of existence entirely.

For three years I managed the sales accounts of a well-known German brand across 17 countries. Despite the vastly differing cultures, tastes, and consumer motivations, the presence and adulation of Rolex were ever-present. The power of the Crown is never more felt than when trying to negotiate space in a retail environment for the product of another brand.

Rolex Pepsi GMT-Master II 126710 BLRO

For example, I once asked a retailer if I could commandeer thirty centimeters of unused counter space in his store. His face screwed up instantly as if suddenly overtaken by a crippling bout of indigestion. “Well,” he said through gritted teeth, “I’ll have to check with Rolex.”

Duly, he made the call. The answer came back as predicted.

“No,” he said, unable to make eye-contact with me. “Rolex wants that space now.”

I had offered him a full collection of watches with an extended payment terms so he could get the models into his store and test the water before making a significant financial investment. In contrast, Rolex had offered him one GMT Master II “Batman” (on the professional bracelet, not the Jubilee). The choice, for him, was simple. The “Batman” was already sold. It was money in the bank. And his relationship with Rolex – the lifeblood of his livelihood – was intact.

Trying to build a brand next to Rolex is like growing a tree in the shadow of a mountain. It’s not impossible, but there isn’t much light left to go around.

Rolex Batman GMT-Master II 116710 BLNR

That kind of power is hard to contend with. Rolex has cultivated it over generations. One way in which they’ve managed this is to have been a tireless inventor. The brand’s watches have always been innovative and eminently practical. With every stone turned over in search of incremental gains, Rolex even changed the type of steel it uses in the production of its watches because it could.

Rolex uses 904L, while most of the industry uses 316L stainless steel. Most notable is 904L’s higher molybdenum content, which reduces the chance that the steel will pit or corrode. Although this kind of benefit is the sort of thing you might imagine other brands trying to cash in on, it isn’t that simple. 904L stainless steel is notoriously difficult to work with. Not only do you need special tools to cut it, you also need to be patient as it has an annoying tendency to overheat while being machined. This means manufacturers using 904L must be patient to avoid it blowing up (almost literally) in their faces.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 resembles Submariner

Despite its foibles, Rolex’s first use of 904L steel was in a 1988 Sea-Dweller, and its collection-wide adoption of it in 2003 has been one of the brand’s calling cards. It makes perfect sense for a rugged sports watch brand that is hell-bent on improving the performance of its products. But the thing is, Rolex is changing. Rolex, for all its insistence that it is still a brand built around endeavor and adventure, is transitioning into something else, and its special steel (Oystersteel as they’ve started calling it since 2018) is no longer as central to the brand’s image as it once was.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 vs Tudor Black Bay

Around the time of the Tudor rebrand (2007), you could still buy a Rolex no-date Submariner for around four and a half grand. Today the price is double that. Even adjusting for inflation won’t make you feel much better about not loading up on Submariners when you had the chance to get them for a relative song.

But crazier than the current retail prices is the current availability. In 2007, you could walk into a store and buy a green dial, green bezel Rolex Submariner “Hulk” out of the cabinet. If you had the money, you could get the watch. Waiting lists, enforced scarcity, and secondary market prices double the ticket just didn’t exist like they do today. Now, finding a retailer that has a professional model in stock is harder than finding a hen with teeth.

Rolex Yacht-Master 42 vs Submariner Hulk

Tudor, meanwhile, has remained very fairly priced. With all the benefits of Rolex’s know-how and freedom to reinvent the brand, Tudor has carved its own niche with its own audience. It is, almost without a doubt, the Rolex of its generation.

Its savvy marketing campaign, excellent build quality, and never-overstated connection to the industry’s Big Brother has made it a hit with the customers discovering the industry for the first time. The Pelagos and Black Bay watches of today will likely be future classics in the way the Submariners and the Datejusts of old are today.

But since Rolex became an industry super-power, removed from the regular concerns of watch companies, it needed a new champion, a poster boy for a new age, a darling that is at once everything Rolex was and everything it is going to be…

Rolex 226659 white gold Yacht-Master 42

The Rolex Yacht-Master 42

The stage could not have been more perfectly set for the release of the Rolex Yacht-Master 42 ref. 226659 at this year’s Baselworld. With its white gold case, simple black dial, matte black Cerachrom bezel, and black Oysterflex rubber strap, it is the epitome of stealth luxury. It also happens to be just about the most hypnotic black/black diver on a rubber band that anyone could imagine.

Rolex white gold Yacht-Master 226659

Why is the Yacht-Master 42 so perfect for this new age? Well, its a barrel load of contradictions packed into a 42mm case. But those contradictions are what make Rolex the brand it is these days. They are what makes it so hard to copy what the brand does. Because, on paper, it just doesn’t add up.

For all intents and purposes, the Yacht-Master 42 is a sports watch. And yet it’s not. Not really – its white gold case puts paid to that idea before the conversation even begins. It is instead, perhaps the most luxurious, desirable, deliciously devil-may-care thing the brand has ever produced.

Within the 18k white gold case of the Yacht-Master 42 is the Rolex Caliber 3235. The recipient of 14 patents, it includes the new Chronergy escapement, which is highly efficient and dependable. It contains all the hallmarks of a Rolex Perpetual movement suited to an active lifestyle, such as the Blue Parachrom hairspring (highly resistant to magnetic fields and temperature interference) and the Paraflex shock absorption system.

Rolex Yacht-Master white gold 226659

When you think of crazily luxurious watches made by Rolex, you’d be forgiven for thinking of a diamond-encrusted case, or even a rainbow bezel. But this trumps them all. The Yacht-Master 42 is the kind of luxury that only people in the know understand. For your investment, you don’t get anything that will scream your wealth across a room. Instead, you get something that is deliberately pared back. Something that is designed to catch the corner of an onlooker’s eye, but not their full attention. The Yacht-Master 42 is a watch that demands awareness to be appreciated. This is something for the wearer themselves to enjoy. Something deeply personal. Something deeply Rolex.

There are many stories as to where the five-pronged logo of Rolex comes from, and even more about what it represents. But if we take it for what it simply appears to be, it could not be more fitting. This brand is king. It may not have the finest movement finishing, the most mind-boggling complications, or price tags on a level with mansions or private jets, but Rolex has a heritage, a character, and a reputation that cannot be usurped. With this new direction with the Yacht-Master 42 carving out an evermore inaccessible niche, the brand next to whom any other would be happy to sit continues to stride further and further away from the pack.

About Rob Nudds

Rob Nudds is a WOSTEP-trained watchmaker, who graduated from the British School of Watchmaking. After working at the bench with brands such as Omega, Longines, Blancpain, and Bremont, he began working for NOMOS Glashütte, managing a retail network covering 17 countries, most notably the UK and USA.

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yacht master rolex 42

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Review: Rolex Yacht-Master 42

The Yacht-Master was, once upon a time, Rolex’s least popular model. Reportedly a botched attempt to rejuvenate the Submariner line for a wealthier audience, it languished for decades at the bottom of the pile, unloved. But something has changed in recent years, something that has revitalised the Yacht-Master into a watch people actually want. Could the latest addition to the collection be the best yet?

Okay, so the story goes that in the early days, post-quartz crisis, Rolex was floundering to realign the brand into something that would catch the attention of a modern audience. Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe had demonstrated a demand for high-end, high-priced sports watches, and by comparison, Rolex’s no-nonsense Submariner et al were a little reserved.

In fact, a little reserved was Rolex’s whole business model. The brand had spent a century building up dominance from scratch by utilising a simple platform to build a series of professional watches that were primarily designed for work and not play. There was no fancy finishing or exquisite designs—it was the utilitarian nature that made a Rolex stand out from its competitors.

But professionals didn’t need these watches any more, and so that left Rolex with a problem. It was time to adapt or go home. That’s when someone at Rolex headquarters had a good idea: why not take the Submariner, give it a polish, dress it up with fancy materials and re-release it as the new-and-improved Submariner for the gentleman who likes to dive not from an oil platform, but a yacht?

So, that’s what Rolex did, but legend has it that right at the last minute a decision was made, and this new watch was released not as the new Submariner, but the Yacht-Master instead. First seen in 1992, all in gold with a dial in rich blue sunburst or white with black markers, the new Yacht-Master was destined to make a splash.

yacht master rolex 42

Although—it didn’t. It barely made a plop. This was because a new breed of watch collector had taken a fancy to something else of Rolex’s—the very watches the brand thought it needed to move away from. Vintage Submariners, Explorers, Sea-Dwellers, these were the watches collectors wanted, and so the Rolex way of life went on, safe in the hands of a fresh audience that could only ever want more.

But the Yacht-Master still existed, languishing, at the back of jeweller’s window displays. Not even a refresh in steel with sparkling platinum dial and red accents could attract any takers, and so the Yacht-Master line fell into hibernation for over fifteen years. In 2015, however, something completely unexpected happened.

As your sixteen-year-old school kid self will often remind you through haunting memories as you try to drift off to sleep of an evening, popularity is fleeting. It’s an ethereal concept, a balance of ingredients that no-one has ever quite managed to nail down. What can seem like it should be popular can fall flat on its face, and what shouldn’t can end up as the must-have item of the moment. It’s both precarious and mysterious.

In 2015, Rolex found that magic ingredient, redressing its Yacht-Master once again as the 116655, but this time in rose gold with a black ceramic bezel, matte black dial and, heaven forbid, a rubber strap. When you lay that down in theory, it sounds like the work of a fashion Neanderthal, pairing precious metals with synthetic rubber, but do you know what? It worked. The Yacht-Master went from hero to zero with the 116655, hitting a spot so sweet that it became a watch that Rolex had to let you buy rather you let them sell.

yacht master rolex 42

And now they’ve done it again, taking that delicate balance of secret herbs and spices and adding a dash more chilli pepper, because for 2019, we have the Yacht-Master 42 226659. Sometimes it may seem like Rolex isn’t listening, but believe me, they’ve got their ears glued to the ground, and the Yacht-Master 42 proves it.

The recipe is much the same as the 116655, but with two major differences. The first, more obvious in isolation, is the white gold case, which sets off the monochromatic theme very nicely, and the second, which a glance at the name of this watch will reveal, is the new, upsized case dimensions. Like the Explorer II and the Sky-Dweller, the Yacht-Master 42 is, well, 42mm in diameter.

This is simultaneously such a big deal and such a small one. It’s only two tiny millimetres bigger, yet the impact is somehow dramatic. It has a presence that dominates, like a new-found confidence after years of being the ugly duckling in a flock of swans. It’s like that bit at the end of the movie where the nerd gets a makeover and turns out to be solid ten out of ten after all, giving them a new lease of life. You could almost say it was arrogant, but isn’t that exactly what you want from the most luxurious of sports watches?

The 226659’s namesake has never been about reticence. You want the biggest yacht in the harbour, tender, helipad and all, and that’s why the Yacht-Master 42 has immediately become the king of its collection. There’s no room for tugboats and barges here: only the sleek, shiny and impressive need apply, and the Yacht-Master 42 is exactly that.

yacht master rolex 42

If there’s one thing Rolex has consistently achieved throughout its years making watches, it’s prophecy. The wristwatch, the dive watch, the Daytona—all these things were revealed by the brand before the world was fully ready to understand them. The Yacht-Master is perhaps the most surprising of all, a reaction to a changing market that only came to bloom several decades after inception. With the Yacht-Master 42 now leading the way, I think that’s what Rolex would call a win-win.

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yacht master rolex 42

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yacht master rolex 42

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Hands-On Rolex Made A Wearable Titanium Watch – How Are People Not Freaking Out?

Any other year, the titanium yacht-master 42 would steal the show for rolex. this year, the brand has so many crazy releases that the ym flies under the radar. here's why it still matters..

yacht master rolex 42

A year ago, the very idea of a titanium Rolex was relegated to wild dreams. A prototype had been seen on the wrist of British competitive sailor Sir Ben Ainslie, but the widely circulated online photo had gotten so old that some of us began to wonder if the watch would ever see the light of day.

yacht master rolex 42

The pic that launched our titanium dreams. Image by Ineos Britannia Team / C GREGORY

Now, in less than five months, we've gotten two watches from the Crown cased in RLX Titanium (a grade 5 titanium). The first was last year's 50mm Deep Sea Special , the mega dive watch that obliterated the water-resistance record. And now this week we have the Yacht-Master 42, which unlike the DSS is sized so that a normal human being could conceivably wear it. 

Rolex Yacht-Master titanium watch

Here it is. The first practically sized titanium Rolex, the new Yacht-Master 42. 

It's a big deal. But when seen next to Daytonas with display casebacks, Day-Dates with emojis, a solid-gold GMT-Master II, and an entirely new line of dress watches, a titanium Yacht-Master barely moves the needle of surprise and excitement. What a wild 48 hours this has been for the House of Wilsdorf.

In some ways, it feels like the appropriate response to not be that excited. After all, at this point every other watchmaker under the sun has made a titanium watch, from affordable Citizens in multiple colors of bezels and dials to Jean-Claude Biver's $500,000 minute repeater tourbillon announced Sunday.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

And yet, as soon as the new titanium Yacht-Master ref. 226627 started to be passed around the room of Hodinkee editors during this week's Watches & Wonders trade show, the general reaction was just to laugh with surprise. This 42mm watch, which looks so sturdy, feels so unbelievably light. I mean, that's titanium for you. But still. You can't quite believe this watch is real, on a number of different levels. 

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

For any of us who've ever tried on a steel Submariner (a.k.a. anyone with a passing interest in Rolex), it's kind of comical to find out how much your brain is preconditioned to see a 42mm steel Oyster case, round indices, and Mercedes hands and think about the luxurious heft that awaits you.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

At around 100 grams, according to Rolex, the titanium Yacht-Master is so light it breaks your brain.

For a moment, let's compare the new YM to last year's titanium Pelagos from Rolex's sister brand Tudor. Rolex's choice to put the watch on a bracelet instead of a sportier Oysterflex makes the comparison obvious. I've now spent time with both pieces, and I prefer the Yacht-Master. 

Lume shot of the Yacht-Master titanium

The YM, like the Pelagos, is distinctly a tool watch – something that would have been hard to say about Yacht-Masters in the past. But the finishing a world apart, which is saying something for such an understated metal as titanium.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

Rolex's proprietary grade 5 "RLX Titanium" (stronger than the grade 2 of the Pelagos) has the curious property of being equally able to be brushed satin or polished, which means it has the nice sharp and shiny chamfers that you'd like to see contrasted against the dark grey and relatively matte metal. That combination also works well with the more matte and textured dial – and with the contrast of the raised black numerals against a matte ceramic bezel insert, which is is the main giveaway that this is still squarely a Yacht-Master.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

My main critique (which I share into the void, knowing that Rolex designers will do whatever they think best) is that I wish they'd  stuck to the no-date design of Ainsilie's prototype. In the practical application of most sailing races, there's really no use for a date. If you're blue-water sailing and circumnavigating the globe, maybe its useful, though just like dive watches the practical application gives way to the reality of technology. So why not refine the design further and leave the date off altogether? And while we're at it, a better quick-adjustment option would be great.

Rolex Titanium Yacht-Master

The price is somewhat immaterial – CHF 13,400 – since the average collector won't be able to get it at retail anytime soon. But the new Yacht-Master 42 is more than a solid release. It's a more than a titanium proof of concept. It's a wearable piece that portends at least the possibility of future experiments with this fascinating material. 

For more information visit Rolex. 

yacht master rolex 42

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Die technische und elegante Yacht‑Master ist ein zuverlässiges, am Handgelenk getragenes Instrument für die Seefahrt.

Ihre in beide Richtungen drehbare Lünette mit Graduierung ermöglicht eine präzise Messung sowie ein exaktes Ablesen der Zeitabstände auf hoher See. Diese Funktionsuhr profitiert von Innovationen, die die Ablesbarkeit und den Tragekomfort unter allen Umständen garantieren.

In beide Richtungen drehbare Lünette mit Graduierung Präzision und Ablesbarkeit am Handgelenk

Die in beide Richtungen drehbare Lünette mit 60‑Minuten-Graduierung im Relief ist eines der wichtigsten Merkmale der Yacht‑Master. Sie stellt einen wesentlichen Bestandteil der Identität dieser Uhr dar und wird vollständig in Edelmetall – 18 Karat Everose-Gold oder Platin 950 – gefertigt oder mit einer Cerachrom-Zahlenscheibe aus schwarzer Hightech-Keramik ausgestattet.

Mit ihren polierten Indizes und Ziffern, die sich besonders von der matten Oberfläche abheben, ermöglicht die Lünette das Ablesen von Zeit­intervallen – beispiels­weise einer Segelzeit zwischen zwei Tonnen. Darüber hinaus bietet die detaillierte Graduierung der ersten 15 Minuten zusätzliche Präzision beim Ablesen der Segelzeit.

Der in beide Richtungen drehbare Mechanismus greift auf den Lagerring mit 120 Vertiefungen zurück, um eine präzise und schnelle Anpassung auf die nächstliegende halbe Minute zu garantieren. Zudem verfügt die Lünette über einen gezackten Außenrand, der ihre Bedienung unter allen Bedingungen vereinfacht.

Gold, Rolesor und Rolesium Edle Legierungen und exklusive Kombinationen

Rolex Gold ist ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Identität der Yacht-Master: Das 18 Karat Gelb-, Weiß- oder Everose-Gold besteht aus 750‰ purem Gold und Mischungen aus Silber, Kupfer und Palladium. Sie werden alle vollständig in der hauseigenen Gießerei entwickelt und gegossen.

Die Yacht‑Master in 18 Karat Everose-Gold ist in zwei Größen erhältlich: 37 mm und 40 mm. Jedes dieser Modelle ist auch mit einem Diamantpavé-Zifferblatt erhältlich. Die Versionen in 18 Karat Gelb- und 18 Karat Weißgold sind der Yacht‑Master 42 vorbehalten.

Für die Versionen der Yacht‑Master 37 und Yacht-Master 40 in Rolesor Everose wird Rolex Gold mit Edelstahl Oystersteel – einer besonders korrosionsbeständigen Legierung – kombiniert. Dabei werden die Lünette und die Mittelelemente des Armbands aus Everose-Gold gefertigt, der Mittelteil, der Gehäuseboden und die Außen­elemente des Armbands aus Edelstahl Oystersteel.

Die Yacht‑Master 37 und Yacht‑Master 40 sind ebenso in einer Version in Rolesium – einer Verbindung aus Platin und Stahl – erhältlich. Sie kombinieren eine Lünette aus Platin mit einem Mittelteil, einer Aufzugskrone, einem Gehäuseboden und einem Armband in Edelstahl Oystersteel.

Titan RLX Robustheit und Leichtigkeit

Titan RLX wurde zum ersten Mal 2023 in der Yacht‑Master Modelllinie verwendet. Dabei handelt es sich um eine von Rolex ausgesuchte Grade-5-Titanlegierung, die sich besonders durch geringes Gewicht, Robustheit und Korrosions­beständigkeit auszeichnet. Mit der Verwendung dieses Materials bei Gehäuse und Armband der Yacht‑Master 42 gelang eine Gewichts­reduzierung um 30 Prozent im Vergleich zu ähnlichen, aus Stahl gefertigten Uhren. Titan RLX ist schwer zu bearbeiten und für seinen Einsatz war die Implementierung spezifischer Fertigungsprozesse erforderlich.

Die Finissage, die polierte, glänzende und markant satinierte Oberflächen miteinander kombiniert, spiegelt die Exzellenz unseres Know-hows in der mechanischen Endbearbeitung wider. Sie gefällt mit einem subtilen Spiel aus Texturen und Licht zwischen dem Glanz der polierten Flächen – auf dem Kronenschutz –, dem brillanten Hochglanz – auf den Oberkanten der Hornbügel – und dem Matteffekt der markanten Satinierung – auf dem Gehäuse und Armband.

Armbänder, Schließen und Verlängerungen Komfort und Sicherheit am Handgelenk

Chromalight-anzeige und zykloplupe für optimale ablesbarkeit.

Die Yacht‑Master mit Chromalight-Anzeige und Zykloplupe verfügt über zwei exklusive Rolex Merkmale, die gewährleisten, dass sie sich gut ablesen lässt.

Die Chromalight-Anzeige sorgt unter jeglichen Lichtverhältnissen für optimale Ablesbarkeit. Die Leuchtmasse wird von Experten auf die Zeiger und Indizes in einfachen Formen – Dreiecke, Kreise und Rechtecke –, die typisch für Rolex Professional Uhren sind, aufgetragen. Sie ist bei Tageslicht strahlend weiß und leuchtet im Dunkeln in einem intensiven Blauton.

Die 2008 vorgestellte Chromalight-Anzeige wurde im Jahr 2021 optimiert, um ein längeres Nachleuchten zu ermöglichen. Die Leistung dieser Leuchtmasse übertrifft deutlich die Standard­anforderungen der Uhrmacherei.

Die Zykloplupe, die durch ihren Vergrößerungseffekt die Ablesbarkeit des Datums verbessert, ist sowohl ein ästhetisches als auch ein technisches Markenzeichen von Rolex. Diese Erfindung der Marke wurde zu Beginn der 1950er-Jahre patentiert. Wie auch das Uhrglas besteht sie aus praktisch kratzfestem, doppelt entspiegeltem Saphirglas.

Kaliber 3235 und 2236 Leistungen der Superlative


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